Bob – Alex – Chapter 2 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 2


A boy waiting, looking at the local pawn shop that was few meters away from home and waiting for an old man.

His mom screamed “Bobbbbb!!!!!”

Bob, in his loose t-shirt and baggy pants, he was adjusting his headset when his mom called from her first floor, annoyed mom throws one of his old shoe at him.

Meet Bob, the boy in the loose clothes, and got hit by the shoe. Yes! he is the one.

Bob turns around to find his mom yelling something, he removed the headset and asked “What?”

“Don’t miss the bus, your holidays are over, don’t go to listen to that mad man stories”

Bob puts back his headset and stares at the local pawn shop, completely ignoring what his Mom yells behind.

The old man pulls up the shutter and opens his shop “Uncle Simon, today you promised me you’ll tell a story”

Like other kids, Bob has an addiction, listening to stories, people love to read books, but this kid, wanted to listen to stories. Simon is his old pal, entertained his whole spring holidays by sharing lots of stories. Now the school has been reopened.

Bob said “Uncle, my holidays are over, I’ll be meeting you only on weekends here after. So tell me a story that will keep me entertained for a week”

The old man was beaming and started his story…

It is a monsoon night. His dad wants him to go and buy steak for next day morning. He told his dad that he is scared of dark and especially the water on road in the middle. He smirked at him and says you are 21 years old. His way of sarcasm, to point out that he is old and still scared of dark. But dad, there was this old story of water ghosts and disappearing kids, he said. But his dad rolled his eyes and says you are not a kid and be a man for god sake.

He walked talking to himself in the middle of the dark road. That road is in the down area between two lakes, every time it rains the lake level increases and the road disappears, people have to walk through to reach the other side of the road, The scary thoughts like people disappearing or something pulls them inside flashes in front of him. he must go to that shop, by walk and can’t turn back. He is stuck.

He Sighs! and rolled up his pants up to knees. Looked at the water, and the lakes on both sides, he yelled ‘damn scary as hell’. He rubbed both of his hands to keep himself warm that night. He decided to run fast. He took a deep breath and counted 1, 2, 3 and started running. He crossed the river and reaches faster to the shop bought a Kg of steak and started to walk back.

He came back to the same destination. The water is so calm and shines like a mirror, this time, it was scary and darker than few minutes back, He looks at the water, he can actually look at his own face, again the same feeling, he got goosebumps. This time his heart beats faster than before, he decided to walk patiently after gaining some confidence, He  placed his feet inside water, and slowly walked in the cold water, the chillness just passed like a current to his spine and he shivered. He stopped for a moment, looked at his face in the water.

He looked white, he touched his face and his eyes, he looked sick. He looked at the sky. Full moon between the clouds appeared and He looked again at the water to find the reflection of his face with the moon and the water has no movement. He stood there frozen, how there is no movement in the water, He saw his face in the water started to smile, wait! he didn’t smile, but the image in the water winked at him. Then? his heart beats faster again, he started to sweat. he said to himself, that this must be his imagination, he looked at the water again, the face started to come closer and closer with a smile, he tried to touch the water and see if it’s real, he felt the cold water and disappeared.

Bob jumped in excitement “Omg, What happened to him?”

The old man smiled “He is gone, missing forever Bob!”

Bob loved the story and praised the old man, gave him a hug, waved a bye and catches his school bus.

After 2 months of Holiday, First day in class, Bob was feeling sleepy. When the science teacher yelled at Alex, he lost his sleep and happened to listen to Alex story.

Bob is a close friend of Alex, Bob never knew that he can tell stories, and since he loves to listen stories, after hearing the short story that Alex said in the class, Bob decided he can listen some more stories from Alex.

Bob said “Dude that was the cool story I have ever heard, How did you came up with this?”

Alex whispered back “If I didn’t he will talk for another half hour, the lecture is already boring”

Bob nods his head “Yes indeed!” and chuckled

Alex whispered “I am seeing something Bob, something is disturbing me”

Bob poked at him with a pencil “Like what, is this a thriller story, love the teaser already Alex”

Alex rolls his eyes and whispers “Hush Bob, I am serious let’s discuss after this class”

Bob replied “okay! I’ll wait for this class to get over”

The bells rings, Alex starts to put his bag and went out.

Bob recalled Alex promised him he will tell a story after class.

Bob quickly puts his bag and ran behind him “Alex! Alex! Man you said you will tell me a story.”

To be continued…

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  1. Hi Steve 😁 I have written this 10 days before 🤓. I have completed 26 day chapters. I’m just editing my stories and publishing ☺️ rewriting most parts which I didn’t like. Thanks for the kind words Steve 🥰 I’m glad you liked it.

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  2. Yes Steve, I quickly make a vomit version. But before posting I’ll develop it so that it is okay to read. I’m sure you’ll catch up and go-ahead of me☺️ Happy writing Steve ✍️✨

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