Night at somewhere – Alex – Chapter 14 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex  – Chapter 14

Night at somewhere

Alex got up and looked around, it was completely dark.

He tried to run faster and found himself, he tried to touch himself.

But then his body stood up and stared at him in the garage, he saw Edwin’s face , plus the garage was dark, Alex said “Hey! How did you? give my body back” 

The other Alex waved his hand, and he is now in a dark place again.

Alex said “Oh I am travelling again” this time he saw his dad in his room studying a book. Edwin was standing beside him, Edwin holds his dad’s neck and lifted him. Alex shook his head “please not again” and ran towards him but both of them disappeared as a smoke, he turns to find them again.

His dad asked “Why are you doing this to me Alex?”

He got confused why is he calling him as Alex “Dad, that’s not me, that’s Edwin”

Edwin flipped his dad’s neck in one had and he is dropped dead on floor, Alex ran towards him, before he emotionally reacts to it, he was pulled back and he was in Frank house.

Alex got up frustrated, “You want to kill him right? do it, here.. I can’t keep seeing this shit” he throws a knife at him. Then he looked at his hand shocked where the knife came from.

Edwin holds his hand on chest and smiled at him “Why did you do that?”

Alex asked in shock “What did I do?” Edwin shows his hand to the right, Alex turns left and saw Frank was stabbed by the knife at his chest. Alex in shock moves a few steps back “No! I didn’t do that, I am sorry uncle Frank, I.. I didn’t”

Edwin commented “Yes you did Alex, tomorrow’s hot news is going to be Alex killed his own Dad and his dad’s friend, Mentally ill Alex also stabbed himself and died”

Alex yelled “No!” Alex lifts a small table and tried to throw at him

Edwin waves his hand, Alex saw himself tied in a chair.

Alex looked at Edwin “you want to kill, kill me instead, do it now, stop everything Edwin, let them go, take me”

Edwin laughed at him like cold blooded “You know, I not here to negotiate Alex, and you are stuck here, your stupid friend took you to spirit realm and guess what, I am in your body, I must thank Gabi for that”

Alex sighs and said “I know I am stuck and I also know you are the one pulled me back in here, Gabi will take me out”

Edwin laughed again “Alex, she is the reason you are here, she helped me, we had a deal, she was madly in love with you, and you know what, she challenged me she is going to help you, but look at you” he laughed

Alex said with a confidence “Gabi would’ve never done that”

Edwin smiled “You trust her so much, Let me tell you another secret Alex” Edwin said something whispered in Alex ear

Alex screamed , “No way! Impossible, you are lying”

Edwin made a small clap and whispered “Yes!!!! it’s true….. and you are a brilliant kid isn’t it, discover your other universes, try some research and if you are alive tomorrow, you can share this amazing experience with your friends”

Alex feeling tired sat there without energy and asked him again “let me out of here Edwin, we can sort this out together”

Edwin in a moment came close to him face to face with a devil look “I’m sorry Alex, there is nothing to sort out”

He placed Alex’s hand on the table and looked at Alex, Edwin said “I can show you hell Alex, but I don’t want to do that, you helped me unknowingly, how could I hurt you”

Alex with tears welled up in his eyes “Do anything to me, please don’t do anything to my Dad”

Edwin sits back and made a huge sigh “Alex, I don’t have feelings for anything, and I can’t fulfill your wish I am not a genie, but you can watch them die, maybe I can stop that if you don’t want to watch that”

Alex controls his emotions and asked again “So tell me one thing, why do you want to kill them”

Edwin laughed and starts to disappear whispering “Keep asking Alex… I can hear you”

Poor Alex stuck in the spirit world, waiting for someone to help him.

To be continued….

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11 thoughts on “Night at somewhere – Alex – Chapter 14 – #blogchatterA2Z

  1. Is Graby really responsible for all the troubles? I wish she isn’t. But one can not say at this point in time. Edwin has a lot more to share than is revealed so far.

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  2. You are perfectly on the line. Good followup BTW. Thank you so much for reading 🤗👍 and I must say I’m learning a lot from your works. You are one of an amazing writer! 💐 have a beautiful day ✨


  3. Gabi comes on next part, what she is trying to do 🤔, she can do something 🙄 she is that strong to do talk with spirits 🤔 Thanks for your time Sonia 🤗😉 Happy Reading ✨


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