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Alex  – Chapter 13

Marjorie Help

Gabi turns and found that Alex stood there, she asked “Alex ..?”

Alex did not move, Gabi slowly walked up to him Alex looked at her. Alex looked pale and Gabi asked again “Alex..?” she walked closely to him and tried to touch him she placed her hand on his shoulder.

Alex holds her neck and threw her near a table.

Bob tried to gain some courage and jumped on Alex, but Alex easily grabbed Bob’s leg and threw him out of the basement.

Gabi mean while tried to get up from the things that’s above her.

Alex walked to her and holds her by the neck and lifted her in the air and tried to strangle her to death, Alex warned “I have told you to stop helping them, can’t you listen to me?” Alex yelled.

Gabi now is in the air and she struggled to breath asked “Edwin?”

Alex gave a wicked smile and replied “Thank you Gabi”

Gabi managed to lift her leg and catch his torso with her leg and tried to flip, Alex lost his balance. Gabi did a quick flip and puts down in seconds and closed her eyes for some minutes, Alex tried to shake himself out of her grip but he couldn’t.

Alex gave a strong shake but he couldn’t move and lied there frozen in seconds, she stood up and tapped her hands to get rid of the dust and locked the basement doors and came out of it and searched for Bob, Alex groans loudly.

Bob was lying on the ground looking at the sky, Gabi walked to him and looked at him “Are you okay?”

Bob asked “You look I am fine? I am just shocked for the flying part, is everything is over? Where is Alex?”

Gabi gave a huge sigh with a disappointed face “I have controlled the spirit right now, we lost Alex, and my spell can’t hold Edwin longer, we need to get help to bring Alex back, quickly, or else whatever is going to happen will not be in our hand”

Bob got up from the leaves “But we are leaving Alex?”

Gabi nods her head “I’m sorry Bob, he is not Alex, we have to move now without him, or else he will be chasing both of us”

Bob nods, “I sensed that when he threw me out, don’t want to fly again” holding his back and tried to stretch himself

Gabi continued “things happened so fast Bob, never foreseen this mess” and she started to walk out of her house, Bob followed her.

Bob didn’t reply for a while and asked “I am Sorry, I got emotional and I said all that”

Gabi replied “I got emotional too, I am sorry for that slap”

Bob caressed his cheek “Yup, that hurts, and…. do you like Alex?”

Gabi shrugs her shoulders “What?”

Bob said “nothing” they both started to walk, Gabi looked at the ground and kept walking.

Bob asked again “Were you following him the whole time since the school stared?”

Gabi replied “Yes I was”

Bob asked “How long have you been following him?”

Gabi with a beaming face “I saw him last year and I like him since then, this year I had plans for date, but… life is unpredictable, look where am I now seeking for help”

Bob started to think “So…. you have a crush on him?”

Gabi hides her blushing “May be”

Bob shakes his head in a rhythm and continued watching Gabi’s face “uhuhhhh de da de da uhuhhhh…”

Gabi asked him to stop “Not okay Bob, that was terrible, your friend in danger and what are you doing here?” with a disgusting face.

Bob adjusted his pant and started walking silently “I know, that’s why I people call me dumb, I am just trying to act cool, or pretend like one” Gabi did not commented anything about Bob she walked with a disappointed face.

Gabi and Bob reached her grand mothers house.

Her grandma was sitting outside and looked at her “You supposed to be in school”

Gabi shrugs her shoulders and rolled her eyes, “don’t be mad, I need some help”

Her grandma sensed something stood up from the chair and asked in a serious tone “What you guys were doing since morning?”

Gabi hung her head “I have visited Keepers, and lost someone”

Grandma sits down on her chair “How many times I have told you to not to play with that?”

Gabi argued “No grandma, Let me tell you the whole story” she explained everything

Grandma listens to her seriously and replied  “Alex is stuck there, the other spirit used this chance and took over his soul, may be this is the trick the spirit must have been waiting for, now you gave a chance, it became a favor act for spirit”

Gabi asked “You saying it’s all my fault?” and Gabi was silent for a while, her grandma replied “You will never accept your mistakes, realize your mistakes first and learn to apologize from heart, you are very adamant Gabi, I have told you before I can’t do this again, why are you bringing trouble again and again?”

Gabi looked at her grand ma completely ignoring her words she asked impatiently “How can I bring him from there? Can we talk about that first? we don’t have time”

Grandma said sternly “you’ll learn your lesson very soon, you need to act quick, or else, something bad is going to happen, your spell cannot hold him, it may break anytime and anything bad will happen”

Bob shocked and asked “Is there anyone else that can help now grandma?”

she nodded “Yes! Let me call Marjorie, she can help you bring him back and control Edwin”

Gabi stood up “Give her address, I’ll meet her immediately”

Grandma was in a phone, after few seconds, she gave Gabi the phone, “Look at the address on the phone”

Gabi and Bob notes down the address and rushed to her place. Gabi and Bob enters that room and saw Two old women was sitting, Gabi asked “Can we meet Marjorie?” they both shows their hand to enter inside the room on the right. they both entered the room, there was an old woman but younger than her grandma, she saw both of them enter.

She adjusted her voice and asked “How may I help you kids?”

Gabi starts to explain everything again… Marjorie nods her head as she understood “Just warn all the people to stay somewhere safe”, come back after an hour, we have to start this quick”.

Gabi and Bob waited outside.

Alex on the other side.

Alex was following Gabi and Bob and all of a sudden he was dragged by something and fell down

All of a sudden the clouds disappear and everything turns black and he fell down somewhere dark.

Alex got up and looked around, “who is that? anyone here?”

To be continued….

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  1. Things have got really out of control. Half backed knowledge of Gabi has disastrous results. Hope Marjorie can bring the threesome out of this slippery situation.

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  2. Thanks for reading 😉👍 Hope things will get back normal soon ☺️ Let see that in next chapter. Have a beautiful day ✨💐🤗


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