Sorry – Alex – Chapter 19 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 19

Sorry! It’s a mistake

Gabi without any reaction at her face she commented “You made a mistake Edwin”

Bob commented first “do we really need to talk about it now?”

Alex said “What is it Gabi?”

Gabi replied “There is no purpose of killing them, Frank told me something which I believe is true”

Edwin replied with a sarcastic tone “Gabi, Whatever you are trying now, Let me be very clear to you, I am not going to buy that. Alex, You did not believe me when I told you, ask Gabi how I came back after so many years” and smiled “Cat got your tongue Gabi?”

Gabi took a huge breath with a disturbed face “I don’t mind saying that Edwin, Sorry Alex, It’s a mistake okay!”

Bob and Alex watched Gabi and looked at each other not understanding what she meant.

Gabi looked at Alex “I brought him from the other side, okay, I can explain that”

Bob asked  “Not okay! I feel dizzy, no more stories please” Alex stopped him “Stop it Bob”

Alex walked to her “What? you you? I.. I thought you were helping me”

Gabi with a huge sigh “Let me be very straight on that part, I AM helping you Alex”

Alex asked “then why did you bring an evil spirit?”

Gabi replied “I I… let me quickly explain it to you okay?”

Marjorie stayed silent as she knew that before and looked at Gabi to say everything to them.

This happened on my holidays.

I was at my grandmothers place. Unfortunately I was gifted just like my grandma and was able to communicate with spirits. I wanted to learn further and I wanted to become just like her, I tried to know about all spirits, so I spent my holidays on my grandmothers house asking her questions and watch her do strange things and I was learning from her.

I sneaks into her room and read everything about spirits and started practicing it. My grandma is very clever and tried to hide some important notes that will cause lot of trouble. I happened to sneak into that too and found about the spirit realm and bringing the dead, calling spirits voluntarily and talking to them which was easy, but when I found that I can bring back the spirits that is already gone on the other side, I desperately wanted to try, I want to bring a spirit from the other side.

Frank is my uncle. in these holidays I was there too for a day when he told his childhood story about Edwin who is no more, I decided to test my skills by bringing back Edwin and with what I heard by Uncle Frank’s story was Edwin is a kid that has some mental issues and died in an accident, I thought he will be harmless, I never thought this one has come with a killing mindset.

As I started to practice this secretly, One night I was able to use my skills to enter spirit realm, I secretly jumped in the cemetery and used my skills and found Edwin’s grave and I entered spirit realm. I happened to face the Keepers for first time and they have warned me there will be consequences, despite of their warning I brought him back to our world and contained inside a chain’s pendant.

I tried to communicate with Edwin, the moment he was contained I couldn’t able to talk with his spirit, same night, I was interrupted by a call saying my Mom met with a minor accident. I used a spell and I believed that I sealed it inside that chain and buried it in the park, I was in hurry to meet my mom, I was so confident that next day I decided I am going to send it back, but before that I suspected what if uncle Frank lied to me. Next day I did inquire about Edwin to Uncle Frank again and lied to him that I tried to talk with him and told him that Edwin keep denying my calls, Then he warned me to not to try such stuff and said the truth, I was shocked to know he killed his own parents. I realized I made a big mistake.

That evening, ,when I came back to the park, I noticed it was not there, I searched the whole park and decided to go cemetery again. I had a weird feeling something wrong is going to happen, I tried to communicate with Edwin I couldn’t, I saw Alex, I saw him running out scared, I suspected something wrong and used a spell to find Edwin possessed Alex. I have been seeing Alex in school when I realized he should he was haunted, I was broken that the person I love is haunted and decided I do anything to stop, that night I decided to fix my mistake, I tried to call the spirit and failed again. From next day onward I started to research and find about how to send this spirit back, simultaneously I also followed Alex.

I kept trying to talk with the spirit, I did not give up, and on the day school opens I got caught with grandma, I was glad she didn’t asked more about it. I was lucky that I found both of them in park which gave me more information about Alex’s situation, When I thought I had to help Alex, then I introduced myself to both of them and this is where we are standing at. I know this is not the best justification, but I must accept It’s my mistake.

Alex stared at Gabi “I get it Gabi, It is just a mistake okay, it’s like newton’s third law, every action has equal opposite reaction” Gabi raised her eyebrows, Alex continued “Now we need to send this back”

Gabi nodded

Bob joined him “Yes Gabi, time to show off your skills, enough talking, let’s finish this”

Edwin watched them with a smiling face, Marjorie suspects something and kept trying something from her end.

Alex interrupted them “by the way, why did you say there is no reason to kill Dad and Frank, I wanted to be clear on that part”

Bob commented “Seriously Alex, you are talking science and asking doubts a a wrong time? not a good idea Alex!”

Gabi looked at Alex “There is no purpose to kill your Dad and Frank, I also feel he will definitely try to kill them, as far as I got to know from uncle Frank, Your dad and Frank did nothing to hurt his feelings, but he is not going to accept it”

Alex stood up and looked at Edwin “Then why are you trying to kill them?”

Edwin smiled “Fast Gabi, I know what you going to say, I can give you 5 more minutes, I want to hear that little lies from your mouth” Marjorie face reaction changed while he said that…

To be continued…

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12 thoughts on “Sorry – Alex – Chapter 19 – #blogchatterA2Z

  1. Half baked knowledge and immaturity to handle the powers can be disastrous. Cat is finally out of the bag. Had I been Alex, I would not have pardoned Gabi for the mess that she invited in life.

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  2. Thanks for reading Anagha 🤗 💐 Alex is so sweet to forgive her mistakes and seek for solution😜 let’s hope nothing goes Wrong 😉✨👍 Have a beautiful day ✨💐


  3. Thank you Ribanna 🥰😍 I’m glad to have people like you to support, all I need is one spark and that will ignite the fire to do whatever I’m doing 🤗 Have a beautiful day ✨💐

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