Outside or inside – Alex – Chapter 15 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 15

Outside or inside

Gabi starts to explain everything again… Marjorie nods her head as she understood “Just warn all the people to stay somewhere safe”, come back after an hour, we have to start this quick”.

Gabi and Bob waited outside, after an hour..

Gabi and Bob went inside again. This time Gabi wants to talk with Marjorie in private and they both discussed something for a while , Marjorie nods her head and asked “Did you said you learned all this by yourself?”

Gabi nods her head.

Marjorie raised her eyebrows “can’t believe this generation kids and their abilities, but I am glad you learned it”

Gabi told with a sad face “But I somehow made a big mess, my grandma always said there is always consequences when we do things wrongly, and here I am, she told me I never accept my mistakes, I accept it, I know what I did, but I did not do it intentionally”

Marjorie smiled “Kid, your grandma did let you learn everything from her on purpose, she wanted you to learn it, so she did. I would say, it’s none of your mistakes, I would’ve done the same, I would’ve asked some help from keepers too. Handling certain spirits is not easy, even I may not know to fight with certain spirits, But let’s hope we can finish this tonight. And you took him there with a purpose, but this spirit was very clever, it somehow knows that you will perform this and it waited for that opportunity to lure into his body, it’s nobody’s mistake, got it?”

Gabi hung her head low “Yes, but I have created all this”

Marjorie puts her arm around her “Don’t blame yourself kid, look at you, you have learned so much at this young age, you should not give up, instead show this spirit who you are and I can help you, one day your grand ma would be proud of you”

Gabi gained her confidence back “Let’s teach this a lesson”

Marjorie also said “I’m glad you are here, and you will be a great help to finish this, you are young and you will have the energy to hold the spirit, while I try to talk and send it back”

Gabi nods her head

Marjorie asked her assistants to prepare the floor.

In seconds, they made a star symbol on floor. Marjorie sits on one side, and Gabi sits on the other side, she called Bob to sit on the other side.

Bob shook his head “No thanks, I’ll just sit here and watch you”

Marjorie closes her eyes and sits still, the glasses starts to vibrate a wind blew inside the room made the chimneys move and a magnetic wave spread from her

Gabi watched her and after a while she starts to close her eyes and both of them sits there like a statue.

Bob looked at both of them, “what they are doing? this place is looking creepy now”

Edwin’s inside Alex body is now broke the basement door and started to walk out of her basement.

Marjorie and Gabi did not move and they sits on the same place

In a few moments, Alex stood out their place and clapped his hands.

Bob stood from his chair and called “Alex?”

Alex looked at him, Bob eyes came out in fear and he sits silently shivering and looked at Gabi and Marjorie, Bob murmured inside his mouth “he is not Alex… Gabi… this is not time for yoga. Please do something, he is looking at us”

Marjorie and Gabi did not react.

Gabi and Marjorie did not react to Bob’s words and Alex’s entrance around them.

Alex started to walk around the triangle, Alex shakes his body and Edwin came out and gone inside, Alex holds a table and commented kindly “Don’t make me hurt you, just stop this immediately, will you?” Alex reacted as if someone is pulling him somewhere

Alex took a knife “stop this right away” he said seriously this time

Bob starts to sweat watching Alex with knife, but some energy pushed Edwin.

Gabi opens her eyes all of a sudden, it was full of black and turns her head to Alex.

In a moment, Edwin screamed in the Alex body came inside the circle.

Marjorie asked with her eyes closed “Where is Alex?”

Edwin shook his head and laughed “find out yourself” Edwin laughed inside the circle

Edwin throws the knife at Gabi but some energy slows down the knife and it fell on the floor. Edwin commented at them angrily “You witches!”

Alex jumped out of the triangle and opens his eyes “Where am I?”

Bob looked at him in shock “Alex? you are back” Bob hugs him .

Alex and Bob turns and found Edwin standing there and smiling “Oh Shit! did you see him” Alex said “Yes! better than ever”

Gabi and Marjorie did not react much and they still had their eyes closed.

Bob said “Calm down Alex, I’ve been watching this creepy stuff for a while” and he pulled Alex behind him “Glad you are back, just Sit for a while and watch it” .

In moments Edwin was glowing outside and  he was inside the triangle

Edwin tilts his head to the right, then to the left and stretches himself and sits on the triangle “Okay, Alex is outside and I am too, just open your eyes and see for yourself, now Stop this and tell me What do you want”

To be continued….

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  1. Edwin got some interesting story 😉 You’ll soon find out ☺️👍 Thanks for reading, have a beautiful day Sonia ✨💐🤗


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