Losing somewhere – Alex – Chapter 12 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex  – Chapter 12

Losing somewhere

Gabi looked at both of them, “Just do what I say, don’t get panic with what you going to see, okay? Just act normally”Bob raised his eyebrows “Gabi, I am bit scared”

Gabi said  “Bob, I am scared talking to keepers too, they are very serious”

Bob opens his mouth “serious?, now I am scared even more, will they punish If I dint behave there?”

Gabi stops him “Bob, you and I and Alex are going to seek help and come back, simple?”

Bob yelled at her “No way! I am not going to come, why do you need me?”

Gabi  “Bob it has come to you, and me and Alex, we are not sure, it might possess any three of us too, we all three in this right now, plus it’s going to be real quick, you are more like a dead person when you enter that realm, and you going to come back to reality in no time, okay?”

Alex stares at both of them “Are you talking about multiverse? for real? that exists?”

Bob and Gabi looked at each other, Bob said  “Man, stop your science shit! alright, you can talk about that on class”

Alex with a sad face said to Bob “I am the one going to die Bob, plus I don’t believe this trickster yet”

Bob raised his eyebrows “Don’t say that you idiot, I think Gabi can help, don’t you Gabi?”

Gabi sits there and told both of them to “Stay calm, just trust me, it’s going to be real quick, let’s hope we don’t make any mess”

Gabi holds both of their hands and sits straight and closed her eyes.

Bob whispered something, Alex closed his eyes seriously and waited.

Gabi continued “Close your eyes and do not open until I say”

Alex and  Bob replied “Yes”

Gabi starts to murmur something. Some dark cloud surrounds these three of them. Gabi Alex and Bob is now entered into the spirit realm. Gabi says to open eyes. Three of them opened their eyes, “It’s dark, I don’t see anything, we see nothing?” Alex asked

Gabi replied “I’ll explain you later, Now follow me, don’t lose the candle”

The place was dark, Gabi had a candle in her hand so does Alex and Bob. Bob asked “When did you give us candles, there is no use of this small candles in this pitch dark place?”

Gabi replied “That’s all the time we have to return back, once the candle completely melts, we will be stuck here, keep following me”

Alex and Bob walked faster to catch up with Gabi. And very soon, three of them disappeared in a grey cloud, and reaches a place that was so bright, and there was a women suddenly came in front of them, she looked at Gabi and raised her eyebrows “Why are you here again?” before Gabi reply

Alex said “I am possessed by a ghost, I need to escape from it, and I needed to know how”

Bob rolled his eyeballs in all directions and he saw everything amazed as if he is in a heaven, full of bright white clouds with white sky.

The keeper looked at Gabi, Gabi said “I need to find a way to send it back where it came from”

The keeper asked “Why did you them here? you know there are consequences? ready to face that already?”

Gabi replied “But they need help!”

The keeper walks around and looked at Gabi, “what you are asking when you have the answer with you, your grand mother does it, You can do it too, like you did before, but you need a bit of help from some other people at this age, so you do not make any mess with your boldness”

Gabi asked “I  have the answer? Are you asking me to check with my grandma”

She replied “You have learned everything from her and now hesitating to ask help don’t you? and you know what you did and how to fix this, save this kid and learn from it”

Alex asked  “What did you do ?”

Gabi looked at Alex with a doubt face, before she tried to respond

The keepers responded with a smile “In the end, fate seems favorable for you Alex, believe in them and remember, do not leave them at any circumstances, you have trouble ahead”

Alex angrily asked “Then why did we even came here, If I just have to believe some trickster and your advice?” Alex started to search for a way out “How can I get out of here?” he yelled

Gabi looked at him angrily and said sorry to the keeper. The keeper nods her head and waves her hand and they all back to that dark place again.

Gabi started to walk faster “follow me and walk faster ……” Gabi yells and all of them disappeared again into the dark clouds.

Gabi opened her eyes and took a deep breath, and Bob opened his eyes excited “Finally I am back, with complete bone and flesh, Yay!” he was excited that he is back.

They both looked at Alex, He was not moving.

Alex starts to shake, Bob asked now frightened “What is happening to him?”

Gabi exclaimed “Shit! we lost him” she groans “How it has happened?”

Bob asked “What we lost him? come let’s go back and get him”

Gabi replied “Bob, Told you! I can go there only once in a day”

Bob started to walk here and there in tension “So this is you, isn’t it? Alex, never believed you, you tricked him” he yelled

Gabi raised her eyebrows “I didn’t Bob, stop shouting, let me think a way to get him back”

Bob lost his patience “stop acting you witch, that’s it, god, I wish I know someone who can actually help me”

Gabi walked to him and gave a loud slap at his face “Stop whining, I said, I did not do it, okay?” she said clearly.

Bob covers his cheek with his hand and nods his head “Alex…”

Gabi turns and found that Alex stood there, she asked “Alex ..?”

To be continued….

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18 thoughts on “Losing somewhere – Alex – Chapter 12 – #blogchatterA2Z

  1. Is that really Alex or Edwin in Alex’s body? Oh God that’s scary. Do you really have to take the pause at this…

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  2. Did we lost him? Or is it Gabi’s little trick? Or is it Bob’s mistake, 🤔😉 Keep reading Thanks for reading ✨🤗Have a beautiful day Sonia 💐✨


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