Investigation Alex – Chapter 9 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 9

Investigation of Gabriela

Bob stopped her “Why are you staring at him like that?”

She snapped out of her world and turns her face serious and said “I happened to listen what you were talking, I though I could help”

Alex asked adjusting his bag “Is this called eavesdropping?”

Bob raised his eyebrows like a serious gangster and folds his hand on his chest.

Gabriela rolled her eyes “Okay, Final offer, you want my help or not?”

Bob interrupted “You can help us with that? are you like.. some sort of..w….?”

Gabriela gave a blank face “Yes I can, and give him back the chain, trying to sell or throwing it out, or giving it to another person, I suspect it will make things worse, I am sure you won’t allow that, right? right Alex?”

Alex looked above and murmur something

She interrupted “Who are you talking with?”

Alex took a deep breath “I said, we don’t need help”

Bob shook his head and commented “We need some help? Yes!”

Alex grunted his teeth and looked at Bob. Bob smiled and looked at her “How about we sit at a coffee shop,  have a snack, while we eat and walk on our way home we can talk about it?”

These three of them started to walk out of the school.

She started “So Alex, tell me since when all of this started?”

Alex looked at the ground and kept walking with a serious face.

She poked him “hello! anybody is there?”

Alex asked “Who are you? what is your name? how do you know our story?”

She continued “My name is Gabriela and people call me Gabi, I am from the other section of your class, and I was there when you started your story with Bob, and happened to miss some part of your story and continued to hearing it again today”

Alex asked “So you were eavesdropping, what kind of girl are you? Why do you want to help me?”

She stopped and looked at both of them seriously “What kind of girl you are expecting to help you both? It was interesting to listen, and I listened to it, okay! I speak to ghost, So I thought I can help you guys talk to it and do something I can for you”

Alex asked “Just because you can talk to ghost you think you can help?”

Gabriela looked at them both and blinked her eyes “I am not selling anything here, okay?I should have not volunteered, you both decide and let me know. I don’t want to waste your and my time.”

Alex holds Bob hand and whispered to him “Can we believe her?”

Bob whispered him back “I think we can, look at her eyes, she does have that witch look”

Alex looked at bob with a weird look “why did I asked you?”

Bob grinned.

Gabi watched both of them “Excuse me, you guys are talking about me?”

Alex nods and Bob shook his head. She raised her eyebrows “Okay, You both seem a lot weird, I thought I was the only weird in this school, Alex would you start the story”

Alex started his story and both of them were listening sometime, Gabi interrupted in the middle “Did you said, all this has started after you got this chain?”

Alex continued “I think yes, the chain and then the dream”

Gabi asked “So you woke up at a cemetery? are you sure you don’t have history of sleep walking”

Alex said No.

Gabi started to question him “Why would he do that? reveal him to you on day 1 itself?”

Bob interrupted “For that you need to listen to the complete story”

Gabi shrugs her shoulders “Okay”, Alex continued his story and completed until what he shared with Bob.

Gabi replied “So you both think, today frank is in danger?”

Alex and bob continued “We think, if today is the day, Frank is definitely going to die”

Gabi questioned “But how are you so sure, If frank is going to be killed, then that will happen only through Alex,  because you are the one that is got possessed”

Alex answered “But It happened before without me, remember what I said happened to my Dad? In my dream I pulled the carpet and he fell down, but he still fell down without me”

Gabi rolls her eyes “Where it has happened? Alex! you saw your dad fell down and, lose his consciousness. Instead, he only fell, but he did not go unconscious and you were not even there to pull the carpet and your dad called your uncle Frank, I say, that happened only as an accident, not like you predicted”

Alex and Bob looked at each other and Alex commented “If that is the case, why did I woke up in a Cemetery, why I keep dreaming about guy and my dad and Frank”

Gabi continued “I think we need to talk with this ghost, but I can assure you one thing, It is not going to happen tonight, trust me”

Bob asked “How are you so sure? then when it is going to happen”

Gabi replied “I bet that’s not going to happen anytime, and I am not going to let that happen”

Bob asked “how can we believe you?”

Gabi came close to both of them “I don’t have to prove, You will get to know that, eventually!”

Gabi started writing her number in a tissue paper and kept in Alex pocket and she started to walk back home.

Both of them stared at her as she sways her hips and disappeared in the street crowd.

Alex gave Bob the number “If you believe her, here is the number, I am not going to call her” and Alex started to walk away.

Bob looked at the number “For real? Who needs help? me or him? some time he behaves very strange” Bob groans and started to walk back home.

At Gabriela place,

Gabriela walks to her house, drops her bag and refreshes herself and walks inside her room. The house was very silent, she looked at her fridge and found a sticky note “we are going for a party, dinner is on the table, eat and sleep early, no phones!”

She squashed the paper and threw it on the dustbin, opened the fridge and had a bottle of water and closed it and she turned. She stopped and turned to see a new sticky note on the fridge. She slowly walks to the note and took the note seriously and read it, because she was sure she did not saw that note before. it said….

To be continued..

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