Chain & Cemetery – Alex – Chapter 3 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter – 3

Chain & Cemetery

Bob ran behind him “Alex! Alex! Man you said you will tell me a story”

Alex eyes turned white and then black

Bob excited looking at him like he saw a magic show “How did you do that?”

Alex stared at him “What did I do?”

Bob commented “your eyes turned white and then black again”

Alex turns and looks down the floor for a moment and called Bob “I need to tell you something”

Bob nods his head “I know, that’s why I have been calling you,I am all ears man”

Alex turns left and right to see if anyone is watching them “We need to go the park now”

Bob followed Alex, Alex sat their patiently. Bob poked Alex “Come on Man! I ‘m excited What kind of story is this?”

Alex continued “Bob, I am seeing, every day, something, something, and it haunts me”

Bob feels excited “So that’s going to be a thrilling story, I wanted to tell you man, I am all ears to your story, don’t bother about time, whatever you said in the class was amazing, I am sure this is going to be good”

Alex shook his head “Not exciting Bob, Listen to it. But on one condition, do not ever interrupt me” his voice now serious.

Bob raised his eyebrows “Okay, I won’t, Now start it”

Few days ago, Me and my Dad Benjamin walked by the park. He was talking his usual wise words about his young life and was giving advice to me. My eyes and ears were with nature, I was thinking something in my mind, I noticed there was something strange under a bench in the park, I have come there before, But I didn’t saw that before, I could see there is something shiny from a small hole in it. I have walked by the bench, and something wanted to me open it, But I am sure my dad won’t approve for it. So i asked.

“Dad, why don’t we sit near that bench and talk about it” I said

My dad turns and looked at the bench “Sure, why not.”

He started his story and I least bothered about what he was talking. My shoes were digging the grass that covered a wood. I kept digging it with my shoes as my dad spoke. I finally could able to feel it in my shoe and I pushed my shoes inside, it broke.

My dad stopped at the sound of the wood broken. I looked at dad “Dad, it’s me I just pushed my leg and it went inside, let me take it out”

As I pushed my leg out, there were like lot of insect, cockroaches and some kind of worms started to come out, looking at that I got scared and I jumped and kept tapping my shoes on the ground to ensure nothing is on my leg. I took a deep breath. “Sorry dad, I …it just happened” I grinned and looked at it, It was full of sand.

He puts his arm around my shoulder and said “Totally fine Alex, don’t dig something like that, especially in the dark, we may never know what will come from inside” I kept looking at that place and wondered, what did I saw shining.

I nodded my head for my dad’s comment and we both reached our home. As my dad was opening the door I noticed something beside the wall, I gave a close look, it was a hand with damaged nails and full of dried blood slowly drags itself behind, I stared at it for a moment and quickly jumped and looked beside the corner. My dad looked at me “What Alex?”

I shook my head in shock, “Nothing dad, I thought I saw something, It’s nothing” I convinced myself I am over imagining things.

As we both entered, I locked the door and kept the key on the table and my dad walked in the front to his bedroom, that’s when his leg stuck on the carpet and he almost tripped, I quickly caught his shirt and saved him. He laughed “I tripped? I didn’t notice how my leg stuck in the carpet”

I commented, “getting old dad” we both laughed and I entered my bed room and removed my shoes, there was a chain stuck on my socks, I took the chain closely and the dollar on that key chain looked like a walnut, I tried to open it, but it didn’t open. I went to my washroom and washed the chain, this must have been from that box, how did that stuck inside? Strange.

That looked like platinum, a smile formed on my lips and I looked at myself in the mirror, I wore the chain.

I and my dad both had our dinner and we both went to sleep. After few minutes of sleep I felt something whispered in my ears, I woke up in a shock and looked at my chain. I felt warm wearing it, that is strange and I decided to sell this first thing in the morning and tried to sleep back. After a few minutes of my sleep.

I saw myself in dad’s room, He was in deep sleep, all of a sudden he woke up, and started walking. He walked inside the house, he kept walking like something, I felt strange, I called “Dad what are you doing” he did not listen to me. He tripped in the carpet, this time, I couldn’t catch him and he fell and his head hits the corner table and there was a deep injury on his head, I felt like I could see his brain. I called “Dad” as he was there unconscious on the floor. But then something holds me and kept it’s hand on my shoulder, it was that hand I saw, wrinkled skin, injured nails, dried blood, I got Panic, I slowly turn my head, something stood there in front of me in a hood and it came straight to my face in a second and I was blacked out.

I woke up, I was breathing heavily, my shirt was wet, I adjusted my glasses and noticed, that I was not in my bedroom.

Bob interrupted “Then? Where were you?”

Alex stopped and looked at Bob “I told you not to interrupt Bob, I will tell you the rest of the story tomorrow”

Bob cried “No man! That’s not fair, I hate suspense, you know that right?”

Alex replied “Can’t help you Bob, you should listen it seriously. Let’s discuss tomorrow please“ and disappeared in the students crowd.

To be continued…

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  1. Ugh… I hate Alex. Poor Bob. I say that interruption shouldn’t be a reason to torment the man. Seriously. But the insect scene. gyaa! I feel to scratch my skin off!

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