Fake or real? – Alex – Chapter 6 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 6

Fake or Real?

Benjamin raised his eyebrows and stared to think, He is a…

Benjamin finished his sentence  “He is no more Bob, we lost him when we were at our 15” Bob acted like he is feeling sorry and said “I’m sorry uncle, I think I have chosen a wrong question, any idea how he died?”

Benjamin started to think “It was a suicide actually, but rumors said something else”

Alex felt something, everything starts to turns dark for his eyes and he could only see someone was standing few feet apart from him looking at him.

Fear crossed his face, The dark image in front of him tiled it’s head.

Alex starts closed his eyes and said inside himself, “this is just an illusion, this is not real,  not real”, he opens his eyes, he saw himself and Edwin behind him. A knife was slowly pulled out from the table, the knife starts to slice his cheek like slicing a piece of cheese, he came to reality.

Alex started to sweat, he looked at Bob they both were next to his Dad, Alex instantly said  that “I’m sorry dad, we got another stuff to do, We need to go Bob, I have something else to show you” they both waved their hands and started to run back to attic.

Alex was running in the front, Alex took a cover and puked, Bob came behind him and rubbed his back, Alex said “I am feeling sick”

Bob said “Can we go to hospital?”

Alex stared at Bob, Alex face looked very pale, Alex said in a deep voice “I am fine, just come another day”

Disappointed Bob finally agreed and half halfheartedly he replied “I’ll come later Alex, take care, I think you need some sleep” and he went out.

Bob did not called Alex that day and the next day too.

On a Monday, Alex looked like a zombie, his eyes had some black circle on both of his eyes, he looked like he did not slept last two days. Bob looked at his poor friend and realized he needs his help, he sat next to him and asked him “Any clue? about Edwin?”

Alex turns and looked at him and removed his glasses “Do I look sick? I am confused Bob am I overthinking? am I going mad?”

Bob looked at his eyes “You are perfectly fine Alex, plus this is real or not, we have to find this and stop this dream” he said, Bob was really concerned what was happening with Alex, after he saw Alex the way he is right now, he asked “How all of this started Alex?”

Alex shows him his chain, Bob takes a look at it, Bob asked “So this is what you took from the park right?, are you sure you shoved your leg into his coffin?”

Alex shook his head “It was not a coffin Bob, It was a small box, Under a bench. But why would someone bury a chain in a park, what else was there in the box? plus it was very clear, that the box was recently buried, That means, someone else had taken this chain some time ago, and they must have been haunted and what ever I saw they would’ve also seen and tried to get rid of it, then I got it”

Bob intervened “Are we missing something, What happened after I left?”

Alex and Bob reached the park again, Alex continued….

The day you left me, I saw myself. I was right there in the kitchen. I saw Edwin standing beside me it was some dark place again, looked like my house during powercut.

I took a knife and I was standing there like a robot, I saw myself in a trance, and it looked scary and did this scary thing.

My other self looked at me and smiled and started to slice it’s own cheek.

I looked at the plate it was a piece of cheek, It sliced them into pieces and took one and chewed in it’s mouth and the blood came out from the side of it’s cheek, it showed me that plate and asked me to taste it. That’s it. That’s when I came out and puked in front of you.

After you left, I have gone unconscious for a while.

When I woke up, I saw Edwin. The same kid we saw in the pictures. I was in a dark room, I woke up in my room and it was dark, I pulled out my covers and came out of bed I saw him standing close to me smiling at me and then turns into the black man in the hood and disappeared in air into ashes. And then I woke up. It turned night by that time, my dad called me from the hall, I was still in the attic.

I quickly went there, he looked at me asked “why do you look sick?”

I looked at the mirror and said, “I don’t know dad, maybe I am feeling hungry, lets have dinner first” I said. We both finished our dinner and I went back to bed.

My dad called me “Is everything okay? He asked me. I smiled, “fine dad, do call me if you need something” and I jumped on my bed.

I went back to bed thinking what to do, then I remembered the chain on my neck, I removed it and, I kept it aside under a box, hoping I will sleep better that night.

I dozed off to sleep in seconds, then I woke up, my room turned dark cloud, I realized I a in the dream, Edwin was standing closely, he removed his chain and puts it on my neck and he started to walk, I called him. I threw the chain at him, but it flies back to my neck

Edwin turns and looks at me. Edwin waves his hand, and the dark room turns into a street, I saw Edwin came straight to my face in fast motion and disappeared.

Then I found myself in a class room, I watched Edwin walk straight to Dad and Frank and threw his bag on their faces, all other students looked at Edwin, he said something and started to walk of the class room.

Edwin looked angry and screamed, the school turned into his house. then I saw what he did.

Then I woke up on the cemetery again. Before I could react for what I saw, I was forced to react for where I am. I screamed there on the cemetery “Not again!!!”.

I looked at my neck. I saw the chain is on my neck. The remember keeping the chain on the table and is now back on my neck.

Alex raised some questions “What did he want? Is this Edwin a spirit of Edwin? or I am under influence of some random ghost? or is it just illusion”

Alex stopped and turns to Bob “You know anyone who can help me?”

Bob shook his head in confusion  “We need to find someone, but where can we find that one person”

To be continued….

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  1. Every post is making my soul shrink with fear yet I wish to find out what will happen next. I hope the boys get much-needed help from someone who would help them resolve it and not complicate the matter.

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  2. Are you kidding me there 😜 I thought to change that 😂😂. Hope you are enjoying that piece of 🤢😱😂. Have a beautiful day Ribanna, Thanks for reading ✨🤗

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