Keepers – Alex – Chapter 11 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter – 11


Bob replied “You have no idea what I have been through last night, I am waiting outside, you must come Alex” and he drops the phone.

Alex and Bob reached Gabriela’s house. Gabi came out of her house and waved them to come to the basement. Alex and Bob entered her basement.

Bob looked at Gabi and asked “Did you saw anything last night?”

Gabi looked at Alex and asked same question “Did you saw anything Alex?”

Alex replied “I didn’t saw anything, I was just roaming around the city all night, If I sleep I see gore images and people die, I can’t sleep like that, I was just walking around”

Gabi nods at him and looked at Bob “so you tell me, looks like you saw something?”

Bob adjusted his baggy pants “Can we sit and talk?”

All of them took a chair and box and sits together. Bob took a sandwich and gave it to Gabi and started ..

I have reached my home and had my dinner and I decided to sleep. It was as usual.

But then, After I decided to sleep, I felt the silence. It was very silent, deep silence and it scared me. I closed my eyes and diverted myself singing some songs to myself.

Then the water drop in the bathroom started. I could hear each drop banging at my ears.

I was annoyed, so I stood up and walked to my bathroom and closed the tap tighter and walked inside the bedroom and found me in the bed sound asleep. I looked at myself and touched myself to ensure that is me. I stood there frozen, my heat beats very faster and started to sweat, I didn’t know what to do, I have gone blank.

All of a sudden someone kept a hand on my shoulder. I stood there frozen. Did not made any movement, Alex came in the front. I asked him “How did you get in here?”

Alex stood there with a slight smile. It scared me I asked again “Who are you?”

Alex replied “you said you will help me Bob, I need your help, help me”

I questioned at him, “What help?”

“Come out Bob, I need your help”. I shook my head as “No”.

“Don’t you believe me?” He said, I replied “No”

He then asked me “Are you afraid of me? touch me Bob, I am still your friend”

I turned to my bed to see the other me “did you see tha…? ” then I stopped, there was no one in the bed. I turn around and found no one. I got into my bed and covered myself with my bed sheet and did not sleep the whole night”

Bob stopped and looked at Gabi She started laughing, “How long did you cried?”

Bob commented “This is not a joke Gabi, If you faced it, you would’ve ran out of this city”

Gabi tilts her head “Can I tell you my story?”

Bob eyes came out “No, I have decided to not to hear stories for a while”

Bob holds hand “Why is that crazy spirit is haunting us now?”

Gabi commented “Calm down Bob” and looked at Alex and shows her hand.

Alex asked “What?”

She replied “Give me your hand” and she closed her eyes, Gabi enters the spirit world and saw she was holding Edwin’s hand, the moment she saw him, lot’s of bat flies to her face, she immediately came out of it.

she opens her eyes with a disturbed face she said with some hesitation, “Alex, It is inside you, anything can happen at anytime”

Bob shocked at her answer “Are you saying Alex is not Alex? ”

Alex looked at both of them confused

Gabi replied “He is Alex, for now, but he is possessed, that spirit is inside him hiding for some unknown reason, let’s not risk anything now with this and let’s try another thing just to bring some confidence in both of you I am just sharing this okay? see I’ve learned to talk with spirits from my grandma and I know how some spirits are very tricky at times, or it might have some plans too, Right now we are going to get some help from keepers, where I can go only once in a day to their world. and I am going to take all of you there to find some solution”

Alex stared at her in shock “What do you mean? what if I die here? ”

Gabi shook her head “You are not going to die Alex, It’s more like getting possessed, You will be alive, but you will be under no control of your actions, We need to find out that Edwin watts plan and how to send it back to where it came from”

Bob asked “What? can’t you just proceed some exorcism and close this?”

Gabi replied “Not a good idea Bob, You still don’t know what you are playing with, then how can we proceed?”

Alex interrupted and asked Gabi “Can you tell me, this will kill my dad and Frank as I dream?”

Gabi sighs “I can assure you one thing Alex, it can do nothing to your dad, we are going to do something about it, this will get only worse when it takes over your soul and we don’t know when it is that going to happen,  remember whatever possessed you is listening to what we are talking, and I am sure it got plans”

Alex asked “What if I lose my control now? don’t you have anything to control the ghost?”

Gabi replied “There is always a time to use certain things Alex, you won’t understand. now, Let’s meet these spirits, find a way to send back whatever possessed you”

Bob raised his eyebrows “who is that someone?”

Gabi holds his hand “Keepers, they are the one going to help us now”

Bob asked “Keepers who?”

Gabi explained him “They are like you know, security guards? Only they can allow a soul in or out of heaven and hell, and only the right spell can do that”

Bob stared at her as if like he is frightened of her and asked “So…. what we are going to do?

Gabi asked his chain, She placed it on the floor and 3 of them sits around it.

Gabi looked at both of them, “Just do what I say, don’t get panic with what you going to see, okay? Just act normally”

To be continued….

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21 thoughts on “Keepers – Alex – Chapter 11 – #blogchatterA2Z

  1. Keepers, spirits from the nether world… now it is turning to be very exciting and adventurous! Or is it going to be nerve-wracking scary? Whatever it may be, right now it has me hooked!
    Well weaved!

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  2. Thank you for your time Jessica ✨🤗 Finding time to read and that too from where you left. Don’t be so hard, I’ll email you this complete chapters ✨😉👍

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