Helping hand – Alex – Chapter 8 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 8

Helping hand

“Hey Stop! Exchanging a chain? that’s not a good idea, and you can’t sell that” they heard a girl voice from behind.

Alex and Bob turned and looked at her , she continued “You should return the chain to him”

Alex and Bob looked at each other and they both asked her “Who are you?”

Now, Let me introduce Gabriela.

The girl that is sitting like a Buddha in her room and eyes closed, yes she is Gabriela, she is very much interested in doing weird stuff, like calling spirit and try to speak with the dead, that day, she was trying to communicate with a ghost very seriously.

That’s when she heard her grandma yell “What are you doing down there?”

Gabriela was interrupted in the middle of her practice, she groans and walked out her room and asked “What you want in this early morning, can’t you see I am getting ready for school?”

Grandma looked at her head to toe “You are already ready girl, now have your breakfast”

Gabriela tried to skip from her breakfast, but she can’t escape from her, she is as clever as her Gabriela.

Gabriela was kept thinking about the ways to communicate with a spirit. Her grandma interrupted her thoughts “What have you been doing since morning, you were trying to talk with some spirits?”

She commented “What you doing reading my mind?” with a doubt and said “I am not trying to talk with any spirit?”

Her grandma gave a sarcastic smile “you can’t lie to me, how many times I have told you not to practice such things, I should call your Mom”

She commented angrily “Oh come on! don’t call mum here, I don’t want to hear her complaints, you behave like your grandma, I grew up here, and I will be like you only, plus she shows up to house weekly once, no idea where she sleeps rest of the week, and least bothered about me ”

Grand ma looked at her sternly “Don’t you dare talk like that about your Mom!”

She continued now grinning “don’t you dare support your daughter old lady, support your grand daughter” she said with a smile and asked “you read my mind right? don’t lie to me”

Grand ma “I did read your mind” she whispered

She replied “okay, I am not surprised, tell me how did you do that? what did you read?”

Grand ma asked her “how many things you have learned without my knowledge, likewise learn this too! I don’t have enough energy like before, so don’t surprise me with weird happenings because you did, you have no idea how many times I saved you from spirits”

She rolled her eyes “Okay, I am not making any mess alright, Yes I have tried to talk with a spirit, I figured it out how you did, I have been through your stuff and got some tips”

Her grandma rose from her seat “Don’t you dare do such thing young lady, these are not things to be played with, you will have to face consequences if things go out of hand Gabriela, study and grow up and become like your Mom”

She holds her cheek and said “Cutie grandma, become like my mom is the worst advice you ever gave, I won’t follow that, okay?”

Her grandma holds her by the ear and shows her watch, “Time up, you need to leave to your school, I don’t want to spend my morning arguing with you, and don’t miss your bus”

She took a deep breath “Okay! I am leaving bye! bye!, I’ll come this weekend”

She got inside the bus and got down from the bus and joined her class.

After the bell rings, she took her bag and came outside and waited for a kid to cross by. She admires him, he will look a little nerd with his glasses on, she always wanted to talk with him, they both are in same grade but different sections, that day she wanted to follow him and talk to him.

That evening, she followed him, when she was about to call him, a fat boy crossed her line and asked him something, they both started to walk to the park.

Gabriela had plans to join with him in the bus, but this guy interrupted that, Not only that, he took him to the park and they started to discuss something.

Gabriela least bothered about going home and followed them behind and decided to talk with him as soon the fat boy leaves, but she heard what these boys were talking.

Gabriela face changed when she heard what these boys were talking about and as soon as he stopped she said to herself “Damn fat boy, why did you interrupt him” She said Arrgh!! and started walking back to her home.

As soon as she reached home, She enters kitchen for a bottle of water, she found a note the note said “Dinner is on the table, we are busy outside, and may not turn back home – Mom” She squashed the paper and threw it on the dustbin. She ignored her dinner and ran straight up to her bedroom and opens her bag.

She opens a guide and commented “If she finds out all the things that I have taken from there, I am sure she is going to be mad at me”

She opened and continued to search the guide and read about spirits and demons faced by her grandma and along with some ancient spirits details. Gabriela was very much interested to read about them, that day she read that with a purpose. she thought “She needs more information about the spirit and if that boy needs some help, how am I going to volunteer myself as a helping hand?” she started thinking.

Gabriela starts walking here and there and started recalling everything they both said.

Next day she saw them both, followed, and listened to both of them talking, she sits behind them and heard all of their talks, and did the same another day, she sat behind them and heard everything, this time, there were some information missing. The moment she realized these boys are making a mistake, she suddenly jumps inside their conversation “Hey Stop! that’s not a good idea” She commented.

Both of them turns, they both asked her same question “Who are you?”

She stared at Alex for sometime.

To be continued….

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22 thoughts on “Helping hand – Alex – Chapter 8 – #blogchatterA2Z

  1. She appears to be a ray of hope. At the same time wish it does not turn out to be two is company and three is a crowd. Only the upcoming posts would reveal and till such time, I must wait!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yes, she is πŸ˜‰ She will be a ray or hope, or may be a lot of trouble or may be she is the evilπŸ€” too much to think now πŸ€“ Let’s see tomorrow ✨✍️ Happy reading ✨ Have a wonderful day AnaghaπŸ’πŸ€—


  3. She is a strange girl πŸ˜‰ what trouble is she going to bring? Or she is there to help πŸ€” Let’s find out in coming chapters πŸ€“βœοΈ Thanks for your time reading βœ¨πŸ€—


  4. Thank you Ribanna πŸ€— Let’s see what this girl is upto πŸ˜‰ Glad you liked her introduction, hope you’ll like what is about to do too.πŸ˜‰ oops. I didn’t gave any hint right πŸ€”πŸ˜œ. Have a beautiful day Ribanna πŸ€—βœ¨βœοΈπŸ’

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  5. Nice! I love Gabriela and her grandma. They got such a sweet interaction πŸ˜€
    Btw, Simon. I don’t get this part: Gabriela tried to skip from her breakfast, but she can’t escape from her, she is as clever as her Gabriela.
    What do you mean with “she is as clever as her Gabriela.”?

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  6. Yup good question, I am trying to convey that Gabriela is just like her grandma, I am not that good at delivering certain things 😜 May be you can help me on that part😁


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