Dream again- Alex – Chapter 4 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter – 4

Dream again

Next day morning, Bob waited outside Alex house.

Alex “Why are you here?”

Bob replied “With a break like that on a story, you are asking a wrong question, I am sorry, I won’t interrupt man alright, I know 24 hours is not over yet, is there a discount for my first time mistake”

Alex turns and adjust his glasses “Bob, let’s discuss this today evening”

Bob rolls his eyes and murmurs “Waste of time, at least I would have listened a short story from Uncle Simon”.

Bob looked at his watch frequently for the time to pass by, he was restless whole day.

Bell rings, Alex and Bob came to the same park and sits at the same place. Bob Continued “So tell me Alex, where did you wake up?”

Alex continued…

I was inside this dream Bob, things happened like really fast,

I woke up in a cemetery. Can you believe that, we are doing so much research about teleport and worm holes, here I am just teleport’ed and I did not even feel anything.

I could only hear my heart beat in that peaceful night, I am in a cemetery at a middle of the night, I wondered how could I teleport myself, all the science and reality and superstition ran in my mind. I looked down to find I am sitting above a dead man’s grave. I read the name and the date of death and got up. I started to sweat heavily as I was very much panic in that cool night, No one was there around.

I slowly started to walk out from the cemetery; I felt someone is standing behind. I moved by eyeballs to the left and suddenly turn around and found no one. I made a huge sigh. I jumped when I heard a voice “Looking for something?”

I turned and looked at her in shock “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

She raised her eyebrows “You are in a wrong place, at a wrong time kid”

I started to breathe heavily “What do you mean? like, you know how did I get in here?” I heard a cat cry as soon I finish the sentence from behind. I turn and found nothing and turn again and found she is missing. I opened by mouth in shock, I made a wild ran and came outside the grave, as I was breathing heavily I stopped and tried to relax myself a bit.

I started to walk back to my home and looked around to ensure no one is following. I reached my house and tried to unlock the door but It was locked from inside. I Sighs again, and went to the lawn behind and luckily the door was open, I entered my bedroom and jumped inside the bed. I looked at the time; it was 12:30 am. I had a glass of water and tried to calm myself, but the thought I woke up in the cemetery, that thought itself is enough to haunt me all night, it kept flashing in my eyes.

I close my eyes and tried to sleep. In minutes I was drifted back to the dream again.

I saw my dad again, this time, me and my dad walking towards the house with me, that means someone like me holds my dad’s hand and walking; and I was watching both of them in a corner outside my house, I tried to hide at a corner beside the wall. My dad opens the door, I tried to look out but then the other Alex jumped at the corner where I stood, I closed my eyes. He left as if like he did not noticed me.

I opened my eyes and realized that I was there in this scene before. I followed them, my dad entered the house, the other Alex locks the door, and kept the key on the table and turns in a second, he pulls the carpet. My dad was about to fall, I screamed No!!!

The other Alex turned his head and turns into a black man in a hood. I stood there in shock, Who are you? I asked, and then the hand again on my shoulder, before I realize, I I was pulled back. When I woke up I was in the cemetery again.

I yelled “Shit! How this is happening?”, same place, same name, same grave. I ran out of the cemetery panicked and I was running faster to my home. I told myself, Whatever I saw is a bad dream. I tried to convince myself that this is not happening, and repeated it.

That’s when I got a phone call; I stopped and searched my pocket breathing heavily. There was a mobile phone and it’s my phone, the call is from an unknown number, It was 4 am in the morning, Who will call me at this time?

I answered the phone ….

Phone rings, Alex startled in shock and took out his mobile phone.

He answered “Hello! Yeah I am coming, I need to go Bob” he started to walk.

Bob followed him “What happened then Alex, who is on the call?”

Alex stopped at puts his hand on Bob shoulder “I need to go right now, But, meet me tomorrow morning, we are not going anywhere, I’ll tell you everything, but remember I need your help, Pls don’t forget”

Bob nods his head and starts to wonder “Why he needs my help in his story? May be I can help develop some scenes” Bob laughed and said himself “but, this story seems better, not good, but good”

To be continued…

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