Past Intro – Alex – Chapter 16 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter – 16

Past Intro – Edwin

Edwin tilts his head to the right, then to the left and stretches himself and sits on the triangle “Okay, Alex is outside and I am too, just open your eyes and see for yourself, now Stop this and tell me What do you want”

Marjorie asked in her cracked voice “What you want?”

Edwin with a cool attitude “First, Can I have something to drink? and Second, I can give you time of 20 mins and you can ask me whatever you want”

Marjorie replied “You are in no place to bargain or to talk like that Edwin, You know what I can do, I can push you out to the other side, but you will not be in peace, I promise”

Edwin tried to control his smile “You are not getting it, you will realize it soon, so tell me what I can do for you”

Marjorie commands again “Answer me!”

Gabi started to do something, Marjorie stopped her “No Gabi, wait for it. You need answers right?”

Gabi stopped and looked at him “You tell me now what you really want”

Edwin turns to her “You know right? Alex told you everything isn’t it. That’s what I want”

Gabi replied “I  know what you want, I need to know why?”

Edwin said “I can tell you a long story, but would you be interested to listening to my past?”

Gabi replied “you can, we can help you”

Edwin started to act like he is thinking “Let me think about it”

Marjorie “Stop playing Edwin, open up NOW”

Edwin sighs “Okay, I’ll tell you something, I’ll make it soon okay, I can give only 20 mins and that’s it. Okay?”

Edwin starts his story.

Parents love is the love that is to be treasured isn’t it? but why do they love their kids only with certain qualities? who designed all these rules? When this love gets suddenly lost, what will you do? what did I do?

It was year 1990. I was walking down from the stairs and looked at my Mom. the absolute beauty you girls will beg for that flawless skin of hers, as she hugs and kissed me in the cheek everyday, even after my high school, she still treated me like a kid, she was the best mom.

My dad use to drop me in the school everyday, He never wants me feel lonely or depressed. We both were best friends when I was alive.

I never thought a small act can make them behave totally opposite, I never thought they will react like that. I thought they will think I am their kid irrespective of anything, color, gender, age, I thought they’ll be the same, but they didn’t.

Things did not went well at this year. All this was happened in the year 1990, the year that was cursed for me.

At 1990 March, I was at the final year in my existing school. I was studying in that same boys school since my childhood. I was quiet, a shy and a nerd kind of kid in my school. I studied in boys school. You know how a boys hostel will look like isn’t it?, Just like that, Boys school were always a shit, they tease me for the way I am.

I had only one friend, He is more than a friend, He was there at all my situations, He was the one that supported me whenever I get teased by anyone.His name is Evan, Myself and Evan are thick friends since our childhood. He became a part of my family.

I always spent most of my time with Evan and even most of my evenings will be spent at Evan house. Evan is everything for me, we study together, eat together, sometime I even slept with him at his house. My parents never said no for that.

We both are like together, almost anytime. My dad never bothers about him, because Evan was a good kid. And my dad knows it very well that he is just like me, he doesn’t have any friends.

We both are regular chess players. We use to play one game every day after school. Things started to change a bit, I saw some change in Evan.

Evan starts to avoid me, I was not aware of the reason why he reduced his calls. We spent our time only in our school. Every day after the school ends, Evan always said some excuses to not to come to his house.

Then one day after school, I took my bags and reached my home and informed my Mom that I am leaving to Evan house. It was a bit far from my home, But Evan house is very close to the school.

I reached his home and knocked the door, Evan opens the door and looked at me. He asked me why I came. It was heavy for me, I asked him “What is wrong with you, why are you avoiding me?”

He didn’t open his door fully and disappeared inside, I forced open his door in full and went inside his house, Evan was not there in the hall. I went inside his bedroom. He was sitting in the bed and started crying. I got emotional too, I couldn’t see my best friend sit in front of me and cry.

I sat next to him and placed my hands on his back shoulders and rubbed him.

He wiped his tears and looked at me “I need to tell you something Edwin, But I don’t know how to start or how you will take this. But I can’t control it”

To be continued,..

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