My Inspiration – Lauren Rose

Hey Everyone!

It was a long time idea to write about people i inspire. Today being a holiday i wanted to share this with you all. Hope it will inspire you all too.

This is about a young girl. An active young girl who was so popular in her school being a cheer leader.

She use to go gym everyday and was a cheer leader for 3 years. Then one day 4 years ago  the totally unexpected happens.

The car she was in was jumped in a 300 feet ravine. Everyone from the car was injured.

But this person is the worst. She was thrown out from her seat and she had severe injuries. When she opens up her eyes all she could remember was she was air lifted and she heard what doctor said. She couldn’t believe it.

What doctor said was “she broke her spinal cord and puntured one of her leg, and she cannot walk or stand up in her life forever”

Doctors were rude, maybe they did not want to give this kid a false commitment.

This changed her life completely upside down. An active young girl who use to workout everyday and all of a sudden in a bed not even able to stand. She feels her stomach like a jelly. She couldnt focus.

She was stressed and depressed. She wants to walk back. But NO! she couldn’t. The easiest thing she did few months ago now is a pain.

But she did not give up. She did not believe what doctors told her. She visited people who will train her to stand up again.

They gave her leg braces, she hit the gym again. Trained her upper body as strong as she could. She was asking donations for sometime to help her treatment. Now is she walking? YES!

She is still training everyday, and she is been recognized by business people and sponsor her.

This is the first image i saw an year ago. With just by seeing the image i got goosebumps and felt something, i felt the tears behind the scars is not something easy. I want to know about her.

I looked at her pictures and started reading about her in this link. Some one who made her life an inspiring one through her beautiful post Click the link and read the original source.

What i inspire from this girl?

Back then, i use to be a complainer until someone helped me realise it and i made lot of changes in me, and i see so many people and youngsters everyday for every silly reason they feel they are not worth living and they want to end up their life for no good. This is something bothering me for long. What if they know about people like her?

Here, a young girl who was a cheer leader and was having a normal life is now on chair, she couldve died thinking of her now or she couldve tried suicide for the way she is now. But she did not!

One day, Just one day changed her life completely upside down. If this girl did not have confidence in herself and if this girl just stayed back at her home all her life what wouldve happened? and what is she now today is because she did not give up.

She did not believe what doctors said. She did believe in herself and put all her hard work. And watch her trainer helping her, and she trying first step to walk.

The first time i watched this video, honestly i got tears. Every time i have a bad time or a bad situation i think of people like Lauren Rose.

It is not just Lauren Rose. There are so many Lauren Rose around my place and your place and there is Lauren Rose inside of you too.

All you need to do is believe in you, and don’t you just stop yourself and you dont just give up for any shit.

Hope this is inspiring!

Thanks for reading.

Wish you all a great day ✨🤗

Pass on your thoughts and what i couldve done better on making such posts? Please share it on the comment box would love to read😍 and correct myself✨🤗✍️


  1. So inspiring Simon and as you said not about Lauren Rose but about every person that decided to not give up! This is really important and people need to know about her and about many like her that decided to live and be happy and defy even the impossible like her case!
    As you said some people including us complain about almost anything and many take their life thinking that it’s the end while an entire life is waiting for them! They just need to not give up and keep moving forward…
    Great post 👍😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi huguette✨🤗 Glad you liked the post 😉 Yes she is really inspiring and the important lesson to keep in mind is not to give up and face whatever hurdles come in life. Because there is always good life on the other side of pain. Glad i found such people like you and lauren rose and lot more people in my life. Thank you so much for your time ✨🤗✍️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Exactly! She’s an example that anything is possible 😊 appreciate your words Simon, so kind of you to say this and you are an inspiration as well 😊 my pleasure always 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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