Edwin – Alex – Chapter 5 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 5


Next morning, Bob reached Alex house, and they both sat in the lawn.

Alex remained silent. Bob kept his hand on his shoulders “Alex, what happened after that?”

Alex turned his head and commented “You want that story?” Bob nodded “Exactly, you discontinued a story, forgotten it already?”

Alex continued

I got a call from uncle Frank, he was one of my Dad’s best friend from the school days.

Frank on the call “Alex, is every thing okay?”

I replied “Fine, any problem?”.

Frank questioned “Sorry to bother you this time, Where are you now?”

I said “I came for a walk, I did not feel sleepy.”

Frank took a deep breath on the other side “Come to your house Alex, Your Dad and I are really worried about you”

I asked him “What happened? Why Dad didn’t call me? Are you there at our house?”

Frank replied “Your dad tried to call you, you were not reachable, and then he called me, will you just say where are you?”

I answered “I am at the cemet….. near cemetery there is a children park right, I was just jogging inside”

Frank took a deep breath and said “Come soon Alex” and he disconnected.

I disconnected my phone call and started to run fast to reach my home. When I entered the gate there was someone in a hood jacket watched me.

I slowed down my walk and gets inside my house, before I lock the door, I gave one good look at the place where I saw that person. No one was there.

I locked the door and entered living room to find Frank and Dad beside staring at me.

I screamed Dad!

Frank holds me “Calm down Alex, it’s nothing, Where do you think you are going at the middle of the night?”

I looked at Dad and stood next to him, “What happened to you?” Completely ignored Frank’s question.

My dad replied “I tripped Alex, Luckily I did not fell on the table, or else, the head injury would’ve been worse”

Frank continued “don’t scare him” he looked at my dad and said, and then he told me “He is fine Alex, Just a sprain, the band I gave, he needs to wear on neck for a week, and he is totally fine”

Dad questioned “Why did you go out for a walk without informing me?”

I rolled my eyes, How can I say it to him?, I replied “I am bored, I mean really bored Dad, so I decided to have a quick jogging, It’s a perfect time now, not warm, not cool” and I fake a grin.

Frank commented “You better call your wife back from Italy, you need help”

Dad interrupted “No, No, I’m totally fine. His mom will be back next month, She is busy with her project, let’s not disturb her for these silly incidents. I’ll take care Frank”

Frank nodded and walked out, I followed him and was about to lock the door. That’s when I saw someone in the hood, under the street light staring at me, It points at me and said ” you” and disappeared in the air like a dust. I shut the door, my face looked scared I saw my dad.

I told him “Dad take rest, I’m feeling sleepy now, do call me for anything”. He nodded, and I saw the black hood man his behind and disappeared, I quickly ran upstairs and opened my diary.

I noted the name “Edwin Watts” Expired on “13-7-1990” and wrote Who is Edwin?

I kept my hand on my forehead and thought about it for a while and kept my diary aside.

Why it is haunting me? Who is Edwin Watts?

Alex stopped and looked at Bob “I need your help Bob”

Bob excitingly asked “What was that?”

Alex replied “I need to find out who is Edwin Watts”

Bob smiled “Why you need to find out someone from a story?”

Alex shook his head looking at the ground “No, This is not a story”

Bob mouth fell open “What do you mean? Are you saying all these are real?” Alex nods.

Bob stood up “For real? I’m Leaving right now” Bob gets panic and started to walk out of his house.

Alex called him “Bob! I need your help, You are the only person I can trust”

Bob stopped and took a deep breath “I love to listen to stories Alex, I don’t want to be a part of exorcism”

Alex finally asked “Bob Will you help me or not, I trust you, and you are the only person that can help me”

Bob scratched his head and adjusted his baggy pants “Okay, Let me try to help you, what you know about him” he walked back to Alex, with a face that was still in shock

Alex replied “His date of death, and his full name is Edwin watts ….”

Bob shrugs his shoulder’s “That’s it? that’s all you know about it?, Alex you can think more than this, You are the super smart story teller”

Alex said “Bob, this is not the one that I cooked, This is real, I need to know who is Edwin, why he wants to kill my Dad, and why he is haunting me?, Is there a link between my dad and Edwin?”

Bob intervened “Stop right there Alex, Is there a link between your dad and Edwin?, First we need to ask your dad, whether he knew anyone in the name of Edwin watts”

Alex looked at him “Now? He will ask me how do I know that name”

Bob scratched his head “That’s a valid point, see this is why Alex required. how about we search your attic and your dad’s old stuff”

Alex nodded, they both now at Alex’s basement. They both searched lot of boxes and found lot of his dad old pictures, Alex sat there and laughed at the pictures he found.

Alex called Bob “Look at that, He looks just like me, We both look alike at this age. Wish I could time travel now”

Bob laughed and asked the names of the persons in the picture.

Alex pointed out one man and few other names, and this is Frank. I did not like him much, but my and Dad and him are close buddies.

Bob asked “We can either ask Frank, or your dad, Take this pictures from 1990 batch and let’s go to Dad’s room”

Alex took the picture of 1990 batch and they both entered his Dad bedroom. He was sitting and sipping a coffee.

Alex asked “Dad, we were just going through your old stuff and found these pictures” he grinned.

Benjamin face brightens up “What you guys are doing with that, Show me”

Alex, Bob and Benjamin together sat and watched each album. Alex asked the name of the persons and asked whether he knew him and he said names of his friends and old memories with them, Alex and Bob were not listening to his flash back, but kept their ears sharp and waited for Edwin watts name. When his dad pointed out a nerd kid and said “he is Edwin Watts”. Alex and Bob looked at each other. Bob shrink his eyes and signaled Alex to ask where is he now.

Alex started to point out other pictures and asked whether they are still in touch, Bob intervened and asked his dad “You are in touch with this nerd kid?”

Benjamin raised his eyebrows and stared to say something, He is …

To be continued.

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  4. You’re going great there Simon, definitely getting scary like for sure!๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ปโ˜  Yeah, I’m way behind in reading again, sigh.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ I’ll catch up though, just watch!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜น

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  6. Wow, this is really good Simon! I love how I can easily tell Alex and Bob apart without even reading the names.
    Just a side note: Maybe “I fake a grin” flows better than “I grinned so fake.”?

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  7. Sounds perfect, let me edit tha right away ๐Ÿค— Thanks for your time Jessica ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐโœจ Have a wonderful day โœจ๐Ÿ’

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