Alex – Chapter 1 – #blogchatterA2Z

Chapter – 1


Somewhere in a sub urban, A school, with a total strength of 170 people. Our 14 year old Alex in grade 9, Joined his class after 2 months of holiday.


Yelled his science teacher, “Where have you been? I have been teaching you about Atom, and is this the way you listen? closing your eyes? tell me what did I teach you?”

Alex looked like he saw a ghost and he took a tissue out of his pocket and wipes his fore head and took a deep breath “Sir, you have asked 4 questions, so let me tell you one by one, and don’t think my attitude is too much, I respect your questions, and I am supposed to answer to you right? so here we go”

Alex placed his notebook aside and faced the students and, He adjusted his glass and started.

Let me answer your first questions Sir.

Where have you been?

I was here right here, in front of you, the moment you opened your mouth, I closed my eyes, and found myself running in a dark space, full of nothing. There was a light, a light that started to expand in pieces in the dark universe. I turn back and started to run away screaming “big bang”!!!

It was hot everywhere, I kept running and running for a long time, I ran and ran and ran and reached a planet, and I called that planet as earth. It was nothing but a hot planet. So I decided to cool it down by swinging my notebook in the air. Finally it calms down.

When I tried to relax in this empty planet, I was startled to find a three little aliens running around together they looked like cloud and cute. I named these cute little aliens as proton, electron, neutron.

All of a sudden these three little aliens danced together and became one. As they became one I called that new alien as an Atom. And this new alien started to get different avatars. I started to feel scary and started to figure how the whole world and everything came out of nothing, and I was pulled out of the dream when our teacher yelled at me.

Next question, Is this the way you listen? Closing your eyes?

Yes, this is how I listen a class, please support, I visualize everything, I leave rest of your content with my imagination and that helps me remember whatever you teach to go straight up into my brain, and remember the way I wanted to be.

What did I teach you?

You taught me about big bang, quark particles, proton, electron, neutron, and how the Atom is formed, I don’t want to surprise the students as we have studied about it before, and in grade 9, you must know we are eligible to go further into our physics and chemistry.

“That’s all sir” Alex took his notebook and got back to his seat and sat down without further reaction on his face.

The teacher kept his book aside and started to clap,

“That’s a great way to tell a story and I appreciate the way you told me” all the other students clapped too and commented “We got a little writer over her, Clap more guys, Thank you Alex”.

And the teacher continued writing down things on board again.

Alex took a deep breath “Glad I could come up with a story” he thought to himself

Alex’s best friend Bob that is sitting next to Alex pinched him “Dude that was the cool story I have ever heard, How did you came up with this?”

Alex whispered back “If I didn’t he will talk for another half hour, the lecture is already boring”

Bob nods his head “Yes indeed!” and chuckled

Alex whispered “I am seeing something Bob, something is disturbing me”

Bob poked at him with a pencil “Like what, is this a thriller story, love the teaser already Alex?”

Alex rolls his eyes and whispers “Hush Bob, I am serious let’s discuss after this class”

Bob replied “okay! I’ll wait for this class to get over”

Alex closed his eyes and a flash back of images crossed his mind, He adjusted his glasses and murmurs “Can I say this to him? will he laugh at me or listen to me? he will believe me and help?”

Alex looks at Bob…

To be continued…



  1. Smart kid who knows how to escape from advice lectures..😝.nice way if imaginations ..
    Different ways of learning is mentioned beautifully in this simple post…

    Gud ways to keep writing on…kudos simon 👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for your time Sonia. Glad you liked that part. The story is yet to begin. Happy reading and happy writing. Best wishes to your a2z challenge. ✨💐


  3. Well, a true friend shouldn’t laugh especially if he sees the friend is serious. On the other side I wouldn’t buy Alex story if I was the teacher. BUt then again, I’m not made to be a teacher 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for your time reading Jessica ☺️🤗 my friends laughed at me, I got such crazy friends around 😂 Well that’s my beleif when you explain certain things like a story it will register in the kids mind. This teacher is a story teller 😁 I’m not made to be one too😂 but if I get a chance this is how I’ll teach 😜 Have a beautiful day ✨💐🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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