Girl is listening – Alex – Chapter 7 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 7

Girl is listening!

Bob shook his head in confusion  “We need to find someone, I know lot of story tellers, but who can really do paranormal stuff”

Alex looked at Bob nervously “Why I am seeing myself in every dream Bob? tell me honestly you think I have gone mad?”

Bob started to think “Alex, there is two possibilities, either you are gifted to foresee things so that you can tell stories and become famous, or….” Bob stopped.

Alex turns his head and saw Bob “Or… mad?”

Bob tried to divert him, so he asked “What did he did to himself Alex, what did he do in the dream, you have not completed that?”

Alex took a huge breath.

Bob said “Alex are you hiding something? what did you see?” Alex did not replied, Bob continued “Okay, Let’s meet tomorrow, I know you will say this, I am leaving. Where is my bag, Oh these pants”

Alex holds Bob hand “Sit Bob, Not tomorrow, Let me tell you what I saw”

Alex continued….

I was there Bob, it was scary to watch such things, the school turned into his house.

I saw Edwin attack his dad, them his mom faints after watching her husband on the floor full of blood.

Edwin took a can of gasoline and started to pour on them and with an evil smile he lit them and himself too. He sat on the middle and watched me until he burns, he waves his hand.

Then I saw myself in uncle Frank house.

The other me was sitting inside his house without much reaction. Frank was talking something and making tea and brought two glasses of tea. He walked back to the hall and turns back to find me, but I was missing, I was not there, Frank searched him outside and inside of his house. He was startled to find my face close to him when he turns back inside from outside, the moment he got alert, he got hit by a large pan.

Frank was unconscious, but groaned in pain. There was a knife on my hand, It had blood and it looked like I had stabbed him, but I placed the knife on Frank hand.

I dragged his body to his terrace, and pushed his unconscious body. Frank lands on top of his car. The knife had lost grip from his hand and fell down. Frank is dead.

Then I saw myself smiling, a wicked smile I never do, I looked scared , I took one knife from my back and sliced my throat to death, I saw me dying.

And I woke up in the cemetery again.

Alex face is now completely in shock and asked Bob “Am I going to kill them, and kill myself, If I didn’t do, people will take me to jail right, looking at all this, I am confused Bob, all I do is think too much these days and I hardly sleep”

Bob holds his shoulders “we definitely needs some help Alex, Let’s find some good ghost hunters and seek some help”

Alex replied “Yes we should, all these illusions must come to an end”

Bob continued “I suspect this is a revenge story, a spirit’s revenge”

Alex holds his head “I think so Bob. Because the way he emotionally throws his bag on their face shows, he was really upset, so something disturbing has happened”

Alex walked here and there and said “But Bob, What if it’s not a revenge, what if it’s just some random evil like the one we see in exorcism movies, what if Frank dies tonight because of this spirit, lot of questions in my head Bob”

Bob shocked “You are thinking too much, My good friend Steve once said, wait. He said many times, thinking too much will affect the brain.”

Alex holds Bob’s hand “Wait, If Frank is going to die, I am not going to let that happen, You say something and ask Frank to stay with my Dad tonight”

Bob started at him “Why are you asking me to bring him to your house? You dreamed killing both of them remember?”

Alex replied shrugs his shoulders “Yes I know, I will stay with you”

Bob asked him again with a doubt and asked him sternly “Tell me Alex, Why and how should I convince him to stay at your house? and please prove me you are Alex?”

Alex stood there in shock “Last week I have explained about proton neutron and electron in a way you people can understand, fine? you think I have gone mad? Bob I am not a psycho!” he yelled

Bob took a deep breath and puts his shoulders on Alex and laughed “It was a joke Alex, see told you, you think too much. ”

Alex took his hand from his shoulders “Don’t lie Bob, I know you think I have gone mad,  you expect some super smart idea, which I can’t even think now”

Bob laughs it off and asked “I have an idea, let me take this chain with me and see what happens”

Alex took the chain “are you sure you want to do this?”

Bob looked at the chain “Man, that looks like 24 carat platinum, I am going to sell this man. we will split the money equally, and end this ghost story fine? , let me take a good look on this, wow!”

Alex replied “I thought about selling this too, and now I am standing here”

They did not notice all this time a girl was sitting behind them and listened everything they have been talking.

“Hey Stop! Exchanging a chain? that’s not a good idea, and you can’t sell that” they heard a girl voice from behind.

Alex and Bob turned and looked at her , she continued “You should return the chain to him”

Alex and Bob looked at each other and they both asked her “Who are you?”

To be continued…


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23 thoughts on “Girl is listening – Alex – Chapter 7 – #blogchatterA2Z

  1. When I thought the plot is thick enough with a lot happening, there enters a lady. A new angle to the story that makes me wonder is she the one who could help or is she the one who would make it messier? Can’t wait to find out.

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  2. Hey Anagha, You are following that 😉👌 Yes, let’s find out why she is here, and what mess is she going to make, or is she going to be a help? Or is she a spirit herself 🤔 Lot more to find out. Thanks for reading,✨🤗Have a wonderful day ✨💐


  3. Honestly I’ve prepared the draft between March 25 to 31, the day they announced the challenge. Now I’m rewriting the draft each day. Thanks for your time reading. Have a beautiful day ✨💐🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Ribanna, I think she knows 🤔 what you think 😉 Keep guessing and let me introduce her in next chapter ☺️ Have a beautiful day ✨💐🤗

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  5. Now you know hindi too? “Kya =What?” – Pumping? how do I stop that? Ice water is fine right? 😁😜 😁😜 I’m Glad you are enjoying this😊🤗


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