Her name is Julia – Part 5

“Stop laughing!” I said as I walk down the streets to my home.

She stops laughing now, “Okay, I am not laughing, But it was good fun”

“Fun?” I rolled my eyes, In one day this she is going to kick me out of my job, you will be shocked If I show whatever she did there, but she is too beautiful to ignore, Sigh.

She was silent for a while, I looked at her “I need to know about you, please don’t say all that center of attention, blah blah blah, come to your story please, If my friend Jessica is here she would’ve called for an exorcism”

She looked at me with a stern look “Exorcism? try me, go and get one, It’s you asked me for my story, plus only you can see me, I thought maybe you can help me to rest in peace, that is why agreed to tell the story, if you are not interested, I’ll be glad to disappear”

The ghost is some real serious now, how can I help her to be in peace? How did she died? I want to know that first, but it won’t hurt to hear her whole story right? Let’s listen to it, I replied “Okay, I’m just saying to find out how serious you are about your story, why don’t you continue the story, please” I looked at her with puppy eyes

Julia rolled her eyes “you are unpredictable, as you wish, here it goes”

Julia continued her story..

I was the super smart girl in my class. All my teachers love the way I was super brilliant in class.

I intervened “see this is what I told you” She is looking at me, It’s ten minutes now why is she looking at me like that, I asked her “why don’t you continue, I’m getting scared now”

Her faced turns to a smile now “that’s good, listen without interruption” she continued

There was a school next to my street, and there is a boy’s school. There is this one boy I had crush on, he was so cute. I met him at the age of 7 I still remember that day.

When my mom was taking me in her car I was sitting in front seat and staring at streets, there a sports bike came fast and hit our side mirror and mom stopped the car immediately. I was shocked and stared at the guy, my mom started to yell and picked a fight with that man. I was eating a pocket full of candy at that time, I came down and watched a young boy sitting on that sports bike tank and staring at the fight.

He looked at me for a while, I introduced myself as Julia and he introduced himself as,.

I don’t remember many incidents which I will share, why, at the end of my story, That was the first day I met him, later I found out he was studying the school next street to my place.

After that incident, I use to wave at him every day when my Mom pass by.

We never had the opportunity to meet each other after that incident. But I had the opportunity attending his school annual celebrations every year. He used to do something which I don’t clearly remember.

I wondered if he ever attended my school annual celebrations like I did, Everyday I use to wave at him, and then one fine day he grew up, like I did. But I was still dropped at my school and high school by my mom. But he got his own sports bike when he was 15.

I was jealous, not because he got a bike and I got my Mom to drop me, It is because I couldn’t able to watch him.

It was like that for 2 weeks and on a 3rd week I stopped looking for him through the side window. But then I started to notice my side mirror, I saw a helmet face, It was following me, looking at my face in the mirror. You know when I could see his face, and that means he is looking at me. I was excited, I don’t have to guess who that would be. It is obviously him.

This continued for two years, I should’ve given him my number, or I should’ve taken a bold step to talk with him. I didn’t to any of this. That is my first mistake of high school.

She took a deep breath and was silent. I am in my bedroom, making my beds and she was silent and looking at the city through my window. I feel the same, she should’ve given him a hint to talk with her. What happened to her silent love?

Glad she didn’t gone inside the story in detail, but something I feel like I have heard this story before. I told her I am going for bed, without saying anything she disappeared, she must be feeling sad recalling all her past. I should talk to her next morning.

As I jumped in my bed and closed my eyes, after 2 to 3 hours I am awake in my dream, Her story was running in my head, It felt so real that I imagined myself in the place of the guy she said, I felt like the story is said again from my side and I woke up in the middle of the night.

My head pains now, I searched for her, she is not here, Why do I feel I have a headache? I turned off my AC and closed my eyes.

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16 thoughts on “Her name is Julia – Part 5

  1. Ha ha ha, I thought you would never ask😂😂😂 What do you think? I’ll reveal, or I’ll do that in the end, just experimenting my thoughts 😸 is it even possible 🤔😂.

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  2. 😳🙄 I’ll look at my experiment where I’m going to end it 😂😂 I can’t see any good future Until now 😂😂


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