Her name is Julia – Part 7

As I fall deep in my dream, chill air touches my skin and I am drawn deeper into my dreams and the goose bumps the hair on my arms rise high it goes even deep like I am falling from a building forever I called Julia and awake with a heavy headache. I holds my head in pain and a drop of blood from my nose. I quickly jumps out of my bed and looks at my mirror, there is blood coming out of my left nostril I quickly took a tissue and wipe, clean my nose and back to bed again, the pain gradually reduces as I sleep for an hour. The time is only 4 am. I recall my dream. It was in bits and pieces, I feel like I am missing something, something bigger. Why I am getting this strange dream? Who is this Julia? why I can see myself in her dreams? I got up and pulls a chair and I sit by the window and looked at the city, I am feeling weak, I couldn’t sit there I jump back to my bed and closed my eyes to sleep again.

I woke up at 6 am, Head ache again, I feel dizzy and I got back in bed again. I couldn’t wake up, I wanted to sleep, I pulled my covers and gone back to sleep. When I opened my eyes she was floating above, I call her to come down. She looked at me and says “you look sick, what happened?”

I gave her a mild smile “Yes I am sick, i have a headache” I replied.

She came down and looked at me “So, can you can listen to my story, or shall I come back in some other time”

I questioned”seriously, what you do out there?”

Julia blushed “I look at the beauty of the world”

I commented “Where there are only handsome men?”

Julia rises her eyebrows and shook her head

I nodded mockingly and said tell me where you go and what you do all night”

She looked at me for sometime “Do I look like having fun at night at a club or casino? Yes I can’t sleep but, I tell you what I do tell you, once I complete this story”

She continued..

That night once I reached home I gone back to bed and did nothing the whole night but to stare at the wall. One sided love has a strong power that one cannot forget a person so easily, I hid my feelings and I pretends to be fine for some days. I started to continue my studies, I talk to Amira few times and each time she went for a date, she called me.

Amira introduced me as her best friend from Senior and their parents thought she will be a responsible kid when she is with me, that was the worst part, every time Amira goes out, I was with her, I hated that security job, I will keep myself busy like eating or doing something, but I won’t lie at here, I see him at times, I always felt that he was watching me, but I know that was only my imagination.

Things were going like this, but on one day, Amira and him had a fight, and in that Amira fought with him and broke up. But things got worse here, Amira fell into depression, whenever I called her to calm her down, she yelled at me. Amira broke the information to her brothers about the guy that cheated her, which I was not aware at the beginning.

Then one day she called me and she wanted me to join her for a meeting, I refused, but she begged me and said sorry at least 100 times and took me there. All I remember was I was with Amira and that guy game Amira stood up and looked at me and said sorry.

After I don’t know how many hours or months I was gone, when I woke up I was like this. Strange that I couldn’t remember my house or Amira or her boyfriend or where I lived, I am just a lost soul with no purpose, then I found you, as you could see me, I now have a very good listener.

She took a deep breath and turns to see that I am looking at her. This time the way I look, I did hope she will understand that look in my eyes. She smiled “So this is it” she replied.

This is it? Are you sure you don’t remember anything? I interrogated

“I don’t know and that is the strange part of my story” she started thinking again staring somewhere through my window. It is dark now.

I stood and sits myself in a comfortable position, “Will you stay here tonight?” I asked

She stared at me in a shock “What for? You are going to sleep isn’t it?”

No Julia “This time I am going to tell you a story”

I looked at her, she looked at me “how about I’ll go somewhere and you take rest for a while, we will discuss this later”

I raised my eyebrows and looked at her “Are you reading my mind?”

She shook her head and took a gulp.

Let me surprise you Julia, I said.

To be continued…

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