Her name is Julia – End

That fateful day, He was waiting in the park. His ex girl friend came, to his surprise there was another girl from behind, his crush, the child hood love.

He decided to open the truth then and there itself, because she already knew she is the one, but he also thought, to apologize to his ex girl friend and make everything solved today.

He stood up and welcomes his ex with a smile, and he gave a hand shake to that girl also. Then the unexpected word came from his ex mouth.

“I am sorry” they both looked at her like, why is she saying sorry.

First he got hit with a rod at the back of his head, the pain shoots at his head and he holds his head and fell down. And there was another hit on her head, she dropped dead without a movement. He screamed “No!!!!”

But then his ex girl friend slit her throat and kills herself, he looked at both of them die and cried there, without much energy to move . The men in the black shirt, his ex girl friends brothers, seeing his sister slit her throat, they got angry and gave another hit on his head he is gone unconscious. He heard only noises after that. People covered all 3 of them and each of them mumbled “All of them are dead, Tears came in his eyes, remembering all the things happened.

He woke up in a hospital with no memories of his past, His mom only reminded him he is studying robotic engineering.

Julia started to cry “I’m sorry”

He continued “Don’t be sorry Julia, He was only unconscious in the hospital, but he did see you standing on the door watching him, as he couldn’t remember you, he did not gave much notice at hospital”

Julia shook her head “I’m sorry Jeffery, I did not forget anything, It’s all my fault, I should have said no when Amira called me that day”

I replied “Julia, it’s none of our fault, you must keep that in mind. We both didn’t know what was about to happen that day, what happened to us is a tragedy, let it be”

I took a deep breath and tried to make her listen to me, I raised my voice a little bit and “Julia”

I said “I could remember everything now” and bit my lips and took a deep breath to control the tears that started to flow from my eyes.

Julia looked at me “I’m sorry I could not even wipe your tears, look at me a dead spirit” she continues to cry

I said “I always wanted to tell this when you are alive Julia, “I Love You”” and kept staring at her, I wiped my eyes with my palms and continued “Also Julia, It’s hard to say..”

When I opened my eyes Julia wasn’t there.

I lied back to my bed and continued to cry, I looked at the ceiling and stopped crying, I stood up and looked through the window, and I put a chair and rested my head on the window. I sat there for sometime and took my last breath.

Next day early morning, I came out of my room and started to walk outside.

I kept walking and reached the park and I could see where she was sitting, I watched her sits there sad and completely lost.

I touched her shoulder, she startled and yelled “How did you? How can you? Is that mean?”

I smiled at her “I had brain concussion Julia, I was counting my last days, and finally I said my love when I was alive”

She hugged him and cried for sometime.

Jeffrey holds her arms and kneels down and opened his heart “I here by propose you on the first day of my ghost life, do you accept me as your ghost boyfriend?”

Julia bit her lip and wiped her tears with a smile and they happily kissed each other and disappeared in the sky….

The end…

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  6. It was a 9 chapter series. It’s over. I had written this long ago. Took time to post as I was busy with challenge. Take ur time, looking forward to your review ✨☺️✍️ thanks for your time 🤗

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  7. Oh thank you Jessica 🥰😍😍😍😍 Thank you so much, I’m glad I did some good work on this. When people like you is there to motivate beginners like me😉 I’m sure I can do more🥰 only when we hav enough time in reality 😳🙄. Anyway I’m glad you liked the series 😍 Keep reading 🤗


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