Her name is Julia – Part 1

It’s hard to know why I didn’t get the job yet. I won’t deny the fact that my effort is not that much as my parents expected, like literally on the bed all the time thinking nothing, can you do that? I can do. This morning the way my mom yelled at me to search for a job, I understand how serious she wants me to search for a job.

Getting angry is easy, just like you get up from a chair, but the consequences, Sigh… I took the resume and came out of my house, here I am in the middle of a park, all I could see is some big restaurants, I’m going to try some job in any of these and let me warm up for my career. My stomach starts to burn, It seems hungry. I remember my good old days, breakfast at my bed, Lunch at my bed, dinner at my bed. It’s a heaven. I like to sleep. I know I am a lazy ass in my house. But why do they want me to earn when they have their pension money to survive. May be it is because they could not able to feed me. Sounds like a valid point.

I should get a job today. I turned my head to see the security started to flower the plants in the garden. I started to walk with my resume rolled in my right hand. I should cross this road by now. I see this young girl, she is familiar, but I should not look at her right now. I need to focus, my first step for my career. I turned my head and waited for signal to turn red. This girl started to walk, I cannot stand and watch this young girl hit with a truck and die. I yelled at her “You there! Stop right there!” I got close to her and stopped the other vehicles and we both crossed the road.

I looked at her “Are you trying to kill yourself?”

She stares at me like she never saw a human, If you look at her eye, you will definitely wanted to stop there and keep talking.

Now she asked me “Why are you staring at me like that? How could you able to do that?”

What can I say to this girl, can I just pass my usual sarcastic comment, Oh! Don’t say thanks that way. That won’t be good, should try out a better answer. I keep staring at her, not a good sign. So I reply “Don’t say thank you, you are so kind, I need to take care of my business, Have a good day bye!”

I shake my head like a dog wiggling to clear out the water from its body, I did it to come out of her trance, Sigh, she is truly a beauty that slim hips and I am not going to talk about her right now. Keep imagining about her beauty.

I walk to the front of the Dunkin Donut shop and all the donuts calling me to kiss it with my teeth, not going to waste my time, Look at the glass, use it as my mirror, yeah that one on the right push it down, there he goes a smart man with a white shirt and blue pant, do I look like a beggar? I hope I am not. Interview first. I walk by each shop and found this notice “Tele caller wanted” it’s the the pizza hut shop, I entered the shop and I sit on a table, one of the staff came to me “what you want sir?” she asks.

I looked at her like I am not here to eat, but yes I am starving how can I tell her my mom sent here to buy a job, I took a slow breath and made my mind calm and I said “I am here for a Job interview”

She signals her fingers to follow her, there I lost that little respect I earned as a customer, I looked at the room she entered and myself entered the tiny room it have a table and a cabin. Looked like an Admin manager cabin, I realized whoever is sitting in front of me is someone going to give me this job, by the way this is not an IT company and I least care about what he is typing there for so long. He introduced himself as Simon, then I realized he must be typing a story, I know one person on that name, he does this typing a lot, and this Simon did shot a lot of questions, and with all the spirit I said “yes” to every question he asked.

There I expected the unexpected from his mouth, “You got selected” my face started to glow, I shouldn’t be happy at his moment, I have studied Engineering in robotics and I got selected as a customer support caller is nothing to be proud of, but least part is got the job. I should hit the home now and fill my hungry intestines.

I walk out of the pizza hut and there she is, I startled to see again that same girl.

“hi” I said looked at her, she looked at me like a kid watching a magician with excitement.

She replied “You can see me” she jumped in excitement.

I raised my eyebrows and how can I tell this beauty it needs a mental therapy. I replied “Hello Miss, I can see people from my child hood and I have not got my vision few moments ago, so don’t ask me questions like I am an eye patient”

She asked “ever seen a ghost”

My face glow again turns to red and about to laugh but I controlled my laugh and said “I never did, and I never believe in one, because technically, godsically, hellically,  it doesn’t exist”

She folds her hand and looked at my eyes “Well you are seeing one now”

I started to laugh; I couldn’t control it, and god, so much beauty but no brain.

After I stopped laughing she stared at me sternly I replied “Sorry miss, I need to feed my intestines, please don’t make me feel hungry. Bye again”

I opened by gate and I walked inside my house and yelled at my mom “You need a job? I got a Job!” there was a plate landed down next to me from the kitchen.

Can I take this as an invitation to my stomach? I said.

I hear that heavenly voice “Come on in and have it”

I am about to enter the kitchen and there she is again, “What the hell are you doing  in my house?” I cried.


Any constructive criticism on my stories are welcome. Love you all….


20 thoughts on “Her name is Julia – Part 1

  1. “He introduced himself as Simon, then I realized he must be typing a story, I know one person on that name, he does this typing a lot…”
    This is great Simon 😉
    Sounds like a very interesting beginning 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks you Ribanna ✨🤗 My all time supporter I’ll try my best to not to disappoint you ✨☺️ This is going to be a ….. 😁 Suspense 😜 read my next story and find out🤗

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hey Simon, I like the start to your story!😀 You have me hooked with only the first one! Hmm, you’re talking to ghosts and I’m talking to skeletons.🤔🙄 This could be bad Simon!😂😹Looking forward to the next one!😃😺

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That means we both are interested too much paranormal stuff 😂😄☺️ Thanks for stopping by Steve, Enjoy the reading 🤗 💐 And part 2 is out already 😉 Take your time Steve, I’m not going to runaway from blogging 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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