Her name is Julia – Part 6

It’s another beautiful day, No one is here to disturb me this morning, well that’s strange, I looked at the time, It is sharp 6 am. How on earth? how can I? Sigh, impossible stuff’s are happening, How can I able to do it, It is time to get back to my work, same routine again, I wonder will I die doing this same thing again and again till the end of my life. A big Sigh.

I managed to self serve as I didn’t find my mom today, You will be shocked to realize what happened to me last night. This ghost is a serious one, you won’t believe that she was telling all her story and at night she also gave me some strange night mares.

I started to walk by the park and looked around, I know she is going to surprise me, I should be ready for it. I have reached the park and tried to sit down and heard a noise and jumped

“you want to sit on me?” she commented.

I looked at her “I would be glad to sit on you, because you are a ghost!”

“That’s rude, I know I am ghost, don’t remind me” she replied and turns her head.

I laughed and asked het “See, You have to continue your story, Let me do my usual job of cleaning and tele-calling, YOU on the other side, without disturbing me, will you finish your story? I want to listen more”

“Sure, you want that in detail?” she asked excited.

I instantly replied “No, no no, Just the outline, I don’t want to type forever to the audience, I mean, I don’t want to drag this for a decade, Let the story complete soon”

She looked at my eyes “I feel like I have known you for years, But I couldn’t remember” now she sighs. Is this a sighing day?

“You have already lost some memories, You don’t even remember your boyfriend past, you sure this is not an imagination? or are you having any hallucination problem? Or is it a curse?”

“I am dead, do ghosts have illusions?” she questioned

“I don’t have a ghost specialist in psychiatric department” I replied

“I’m going to haunt you at night” she replied

“You already did last night” I said

“Okay, enough, let’s get into story” she replied and continued

After high school, before I hit college, I tried so hard to meet him and tell my love on my last day of high school, did waited near a tree where he usually parks and wait for my car to pass by, but I never met him. Two months of holidays passed like a song. Before I realize I got scholarship offer from a college and I happened to join there.

Life was boring, My eyes kept searching for him. I didn’t even know his name, only his face. I had some crazy thoughts and mood swings, I couldn’t able to focus on my studies. After a year, I decided to give up and start focus on my studies, my mom was depressed because of my poor academic scores. But then I saw him one day.

In the month of december, he and a group of his friends with a Santa dancing and wishing others, and there was a girl with him, Amira, a Muslim girl from my high school. Since I know that girl already, I decided to trace her contact and phoned her next day and heard the worst news of my life.

She is in love with him, and she said his name is …

“How could you able to remember the incidents but forgot everything about the boy, are you hiding anything from me?” I had this doubt from day 1, so I asked her face to face.

She looked at me with a sorry face “I forgot that too”

May be she isn’t lying.

I am about to end my shift for the day, Let me tell her clearly “Julia, You are hiding something, I know that well, I will find that” I winked at her and challenged her “You are going to see how talented I am, I am not just a robotic engineer, I am much more than that”

She rolls her eyes and waved her hand

“What are you doing?” I asked, she replied “It’s too humid here, I need some air”

I raised my eyebrows “I discovered that ghosts breathe, please continue the story”

She gave one of the worst smile I ever saw and continued

Amira, She is my high school junior. I asked her about the previous day and told her I saw her in a group of Christmas carol group. She was surprised about that asked me how did I saw her, then I explained her that I saw her from my house and she was passing my house last night.

She then later shared her love story about how she got to know him and how she proposed to him on the last day at his school, I was unlucky, same day the place I waited there Hoping he would come, but he never came because Amira did, she went to his school itself and proposed him. She also said not to talk about this to her parents as their parents are very strict in religious part, if they know she is in love with an other religious boy they will definitely hurt him.

I had one evil idea that night to take him away from her, but felt bad myself to think that way. Then I wish her good luck with her love life. She then asked me to come with her next time when she goes to meet him, I tried to avoid it, but she was too adamant and also asked help as a senior she asked me to help by talking to her parents and make them understand. I was feeling broken and she on the other side wants me to come with her, I finally agreed to her.

After the call, I was at the edge of my nerves and broke down in my room. I cried the whole night and let out all my pains to my pillow. I was upset all week, my mom was asking what happened, I only told her it’s my usual stomach cramps. After a week, she invited me to a restaurant. When I entered the restaurant they both were having their good time, I felt heavy to join with them, or I have felt jealous, I stayed back outside the hotel, After about half an hour they both came out and Amira asked me why I didnt came inside.

I lied to her that I stuck in traffic, I couldn’t face him so I kept my head down. Amira introduced me to him. I looked at him when I shook my hands, the warm hands, I took a heavy breath and looked at him, he looked at me and paused for a moment and smiled like he never saw me before and introduced him, and I introduced myself and I said Amira I need to leave home as it’s too late, I quickly turns back and started to walk back to bus stop faster. Each step felt too heavy, All those staring and following all those years was wasted. I should have proposed him on my school days itself, now I regret why I didnt take that bold step.

As I got down the road, rain started, my eyes which was already swollen because of my crying in bus now feeling relaxed with the cold rain touched my forehead and washed my face, One sided love hurts a lot.

She paused now… “What happened then?” I asked her.

“It’s too late, we will continue tomorrow” she did not even turn back she quickly fly away through my window. Why didn’t she fly through the wall? she is just a ghost right, and what else she does all night? I should ask her this first thing when I wake up.

I closed my eyes and the strange dream started again, It was like a movie, like another memory, I could dream everything she said, It all felt so real for me, but why? Why I get such dreams, is it because I hear this from Julia “A ghost”?

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12 thoughts on “Her name is Julia – Part 6

  1. You’re doing great Simon! That is a good question, why didn’t she go through the wall?🤔 Is she really a ghost?👻 Or is she pretending?😠 Are you just dreaming this?😴 Are you going crazy?🤪😜 Try pouring water on her head and see what happens.😂😹 Why would a ghost need to breathe?🤔🙄 So many questions!😀 Have a great evening Simon!😃😺🌙


  2. “Two months of holidays passed like a song.” Beautiful 😍

    The ghost story is the MC’s future haha 😁

    And true, sometimes waiting another day can drastically change a person’s life. But change doesn’t have to be bad for all we know confessing will bring more problems… but that’s another story 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the beautiful comment Jessica ✨🤗🥰 What’s that MC 🤔😉 sorry bad at abbreviations ☺️ Waiting definitely not going to workout, let’s wait for the other part of story. Who is this boy? 😳 You’ll find out very soon, but you need to cross another chapter to know that 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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