Her name is Julia – Part 3

She shook her head in disbelief “so what you want to know about me?” she asked

She rubbed her hand, “Do ghost gets nervous?” I commented

She made a strange reaction called laughing and says “no silly I am going to answer you”

I raised my eyebrows, strange thing as ghost isn’t it? What do you even call that? A laugh? I want to know why she is a ghost, but how can I ask her I ask myself inside the head.

“Okay I will tell you” she said and rubbed her hands again.

There she is again with her mind reading skills, which I feel a bit creepy, there is one more person I knew who type exactly what I think, he thinks he is a god and create my future in this story, who knows? He might even let this ghost kill me, he is so cruel, believe me. So let’s warn her first “Enough of your mind reading please, I feel creepy” I tell her

“Then you better ask me what you think” she says and she started to raise from my table and she is now floating; I think I will get used to all these paranormal stuff very soon, now I rolled my eyeballs and slowly lay down on my bed “oh! I feel dizzy” I acted

She commented “drama queen, please”

Smile started to come on my lips, and I rest my head on the pillow, so now she is above me on the roof, I stared at her beautiful eyes for some time “why don’t you start your story?”

She nodded and starts to tell the story

My name is Julia, out on this beautiful earth with lot of dreams and thinking mom’s shoulder is the world, reality started to hit at my head at the age of 3. I got admission in a girls kinder garden school I was scared I could still remember my day 1, I was walking inside the class room with my mom, I am the cutest girl in my class, my mom use to say that, with the puffy cheek and with the cute pink Barbie doll bag, I was the most adoring kid for all other parents too, but I was shy and silent and anxious about the new place in the class.

Wait do you spit, while you talk? I ask her

She bit her lips and looked at me angry

“nothing I just fell some water sprinkled on my skin, why don’t you continue?” I tell her, and then she continues

I will cry for my mom, I will tell her not to leave me alone, but the teachers use to force me to say bye and take me inside the class. Every day I use to wait for the time for my mom to pick me up. My training to that school life began on that day June 1st.

Kinder garden life was the best but I hardly remember few days only. My mom use to say I am super smart.

“I could see that” I commented, she came close to me, now she is very close to my face and floating, if she was alive I would have kissed her, I commented “You know what, you look beautiful”

“I’m not buying it, because I know that” she smirked and turned her face and now sitting next to me at the corner of bed.

Now I got up from my bed and took a pillow and kept on my lap and told her to continue.

“Don’t you feel bored sitting inside this house all day” she asked

I stared at her for some time, how did she know that I am doing this eat and sleep for years? Never mind, guess ghosts could read my past too. “Can you read my past too?”

She turns her head “No I don’t, I just know it that’s all”

I adjusted my hairs and got up from my bed and did a warm up “guess what, from tomorrow I am going to work, why don’t you join me?”

Her face lit up “are you sure? I can join you with your work?”

I show a stop sign with my left hand “you are not going to work with me, but you can talk, as you can read my mind, we can talk right?”

She got that beautiful smile on her face “you are right”

She looks at the clock, “how about you go and finish your dinner?” she asked

I turned my head to see the clock and rubbing my scrambled hair “I will, you continue your story”

She slowly floats to the window, “I won’t disturb you tonight, your first job, why don’t you get some good sleep”

“Where are you going then?” I ask her

“I am here all the time, stop talking and go, see you tomorrow”

Ghost can sleep? With lot of questions in my head I finished the dinner and jumps inside the bed.

Alarm rings…

Her name is Julia – Part 2

Her name is Julia – Part 1


18 thoughts on “Her name is Julia – Part 3

  1. Her: “I am the cutest girl in my class… I was the most adoring kid for all other parents too”
    Me: “Wait right there. I’ll go get an exorcist. We need to get rid your narcissism” 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi Simon, sorry I won’t be able to talk this evening, I have been having problems with my laptop since noon so haven’t been able to post anything since my daily pics. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow will be normal. Have a great day!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ha ha ha 😂😜😂 You have no clue how much I have laughed here reading this. Woke up to a stressful message and your notification really made my day ✨😍🥰 Thank you so much for the smile and starting my morning wid a laugh ✨😍 Have a beautiful day ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  4. No problem Steve, I’m sure you’ll figure out the issues or you’ll get some help fixing it. Have a peaceful night ✨ We will wait, Wish thing’s will get back to normal soon ✨☺️

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Yes Jessica, Had a good laugh 😂☺️😁 Plus I had a brief talk about the stressed message and let all my confusions out with Nisha. I’m feeling so good now after that… She is a beautiful wind that clears my foggy messy mind often ✨😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Proves that she’s the best partner for you. 👫 Nothing is better that a love one who can make things all better. ❤
    Have a great afternoon. (I think?) 1pm here and my day is just beginning. Haha 😁

    Liked by 2 people

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