Life Lesson with Sebastian

Hello dear readers! How are you? hope you all are safe from COVID.

This is a news story covered in BBC. I have tried hard to find the link, If any of you have the Video link to this story kindly do share it with us.

How did I know this? Thanks to Dhanya aΒ  Podcaster in Google podcast in the name of Dhanumozhi, she makes inspiring podcast, and this is one of them.

Sebastian a 6 year old kid from Venezuela had walked 1500 miles in 6 months, let’s see why? and what happened?

Jessika Loaiza, her husband was killed by locals, she became a widow at the age of 22. Soon she got married to Javier, and found work as a florist in Bagota capital of Columbia.

Corona pandemic, lockdown impacted a large scale of people. Jessika was one of them who lost her job, and soon she was on the street. She decided to go back to Venezuela, by walk, due to complete lockdown; there was no transport facilities.

Sebastian, her 6 year old son, her new partner Javier, and Jessika, with her pregnant belly decided to walk to Venezuela to her own home, where she can live rent free and survive.

Sebastian, cheerfully walked with his mom, excited, all he knew was one thing they are escaping from something bad and going somewhere for a better life.

They slept on street, bushes, and hid from police patrols, they walked and used their money in hand for lift and reached Columbia, it was never easy, they struggled for food, in sun, in rain, in cold weather they faced everything, hoping for a better life ahead.

When they reached Columbia, their hope shattered when they have no home, but more poverty, they found nothing but more people struggling for food, being stuck between two place with no home, she thought going back to Bagota is the only option for survival at least she will have a job over there when things get back to normal, her 6 year old little Sebastian became the man of Family advised his mom to leave from that place as there was no food, he knew very well, the little kid Sebastian was very clear that there was only more hunger on that place.

Jessika decided to leave back to Bagota, Jessika was 8 and a half month pregnant, on her way back, Jessika water broke, she gave birth to a healthy son but lean due to lack of food. It was a Cesarean, she had stitches which halted her journey, in 3 days she decided to remove the stitches and continue her walk back, it was such a bold and risky move, Sebastian was one of the reason who cheerfully lead her mom with his enthusiastic behavior.

Nothing could stop Sebastian he was skinny, tanned, and his slippers almost worn, with his heavy bag on his shoulders, but his spirit always stayed up, and nothing stopped this little kids cheerful spirit.

Columbia reopened, things were going back to normal. Jessika reached Bagota, she got her job back as florist, she happily informed her son, that in a day, they’ll get a home and they had to spend just one more homeless night, and they don’t have to walk anymore.

Sebastian, walked 6 months with his mom, slept on streets begged for food, had gone through a hardship that we never dream of, replied his mom that when they get a new home, he requested to take off the roof, as his new roof cannot make him sleep like the sky and stars that made him sleep during last 6 months. That touched me.

Corona had impacted so many lives, people have lost their loved ones, some people took off their life because of depression, business people died in shock as they couldnt able to bear their business loss, in fear people have did crazy things around the world, here we have a 6 year old kid who walked 6 months, 1500 miles, he was broke, he was homeless, his shoulders carried a big large back pack that hardly stayed on his shoulders with few strings, his slippers were worn off, and yet his skinny body cheered up his mom through out the journey.

That spirit of this Little kid, who had gone through all the hardships during last 6 months with a smile, that spirit is missing among people like us. This kid will go greater heights. Every war is worth fighting for, every hardships we go through is worth as we will grow through it if we face it with a smile and with a spirit like Sebastian from Venezuela.

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11 thoughts on “Life Lesson with Sebastian

  1. It was inspiring when I heard that from the Podcaster, Not had a chance to watch the real coverage done by BBC. Sebastian is inspiring wish I could see that kid πŸ™‚. Thanks for your time Chel Owens. Wish you a lovely weekahead πŸ’

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  2. Yes it is real, BBC covered it, Venezuela. I am not sure about the video coverage as I have not seen or found it yet. try from your place, you will find their story in a website, if you found the video do share it with me πŸ€— Sebastian 😍is inspiring βœ¨πŸ‘

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  3. Wow, what a journey. No child should ever have to endure this. How lucky and privileged we are. Sebastian’s tale is humbling.

    We have a 6 year old son who sounds much like Sebastian. On our walk the other day our son was the happiest child I’d ever seen, paces ahead, pausing to admire the details of flowers and bees and trees, the biggest smile on his face and bounce in his step. The time with his family, out amongst nature, was inspiration enough for him.

    My heart goes out to Sebastian and his own family, I hope they’ve found a home and are safe and healthy there. I imagine Sebastian will share his happiness with his family for a long time yet. What a beautiful and vulnerable soul.

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  4. It is an inspiring tale, I had goosebumps first time hearing it. I later found the link, the original story was in more detail. I’m happy that I captured the best out it.

    We have a lot to learn from our kids, your son is inspiring, I could imagine how he felt admiring the beauty of nature, Pure Love.

    I hope too, Sebastian did found his way back home and her mom back yo her business. πŸ₯° Thanks for taking your time reading this heart touching tale πŸ€—β€οΈ

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