Her name is Julia – Part 2

I am about to enter the kitchen and there she is again, “What the hell are you doing in my house?” I cried.

She is smiling now

I can’t believe am I talking with a witch, I thought she is brain dead, seems to be she itself dead. God!!

I wonder how did she enter my house, I looked at my door it is still closed, then how? Fine however she enters my house if she stays inside my mom will get another reason to kick me out of my house. I am not going to allow that I grabbed her by my hand and opens my door and sent her out, I waved a bye and closed the door.

I am hungry right? I should probably go and fill my stomach first. My mom sits beside the dining table and reading her bible. Let’s not disturb her and open her mouth, I opened the vessels to find only the left overs, I looked at my mom and think myself something is better than nothing isn’t it? I take the food whatever I had there; don’t ask me what and all I ate. Its better stays that way.

I started to wash my hand and there she stood again, I jumped and screamed at same time, my mom turns and looked at me ‘What?’ I asked her “why did you let her come inside?”

She is looking at my eye for some time “who is there? Don’t scare me with your stupid pranks” she said and turned back to her reading.

My eyes almost came out of my skull, now she is right next to me laughing because no one could see her, I am sweating and feeling dizzy right now. I quickly took a can of water closed my eyes and there a gallon of water entered my throat and I could hear each gulp. I am trying to calm myself down, okay? Don’t think about me like I have gone mad, I opened my eyes and see her gone again.

I think I sure am gone mad. I still not clear whether it’s my mom playing a prank with this strange girl.

I started to walk out quickly, my mom seems to be calm and not her usual yelling today. That’s a good sign. I’m sure she is going to be ready to yell about my first month salary next time.

I am standing in my veranda, scratching at my head and expecting to see her. But she is missing. I think I should have a good sleep so that I can go to my job tomorrow.

I jumped inside my bed, thinking everything since morning. Who is she? Is she really a ghost? Or I have started to see hallucination? Too much questions, not good.

I place a pillow above my head and closed my eyes. After few moments I have entered a dream. She was standing looking at me. I walked close to her, are you really a ghost? I asked

She said “why should I lie to you? You know? Ghost don’t lie?”

Scratching my head “ghost really don’t lie?” I asked her

She said “Yes!”

I asked again “why only I could able to see you?”

She snapped “I am asking the same to you, I need to know how could YOU able to see me?”

I raised my eyebrows “good question! Are you in my dream? For real?”

She laughed “Yes I am why you are sleeping at day time? You won’t be able to sleep at night, and I might haunt you when I go mad”

Staring at her “you’ll go mad? What ghosts do when they go mad?”

She says “haven’t you watched these Annabelle, Jessica, Mama, i will do something like that”

You sure? I asked

She hung her head down and slowly turned her head to 180% with full black eyes, I screamed and got out of my bed. She is sitting next to my bed, I jumped screaming. “What are you doing here?”

She took a deep breath “Stop asking questions. You are asking way too many questions, didn’t I told you? You are the only one could able to see me. And I’ve been roaming like this alone for a really long time. Don’t make me regret why I met you”

I raised my eyebrows “So…. uhhhhh“

She said “Fine! Stop thinking, say it you want to know about me?”

She could read my mind, damn “How did you know?  I asked her

She said “Are you joking? I am a ghost! I can read your thoughts”

My mind started to ask lot of questions now inside my head

Her face turned red and yelled “stop it! You have a dirty mind, none of the questions will be answered to you”

I laughed, oh she can really read my mind, hence proved.

She shook her head in disbelief “so what you want to know about me?” she asked

To be continued…

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38 thoughts on “Her name is Julia – Part 2

  1. Isn’t it 😜 Yeah, some crazy lazy guy could able to see a ghost 😂 so who is she? He knows her? Or what did she want from him 🤔 next chapter will be next week 🤗 Wish you a beautiful week ahead ✨💐

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  2. Be careful Simon, ghosts can’t be trusted.😠 After all they are, well, they are ghosts! Remember the ghost named Lydia?🤔 Okay, bad example.😂🙄 Still, be careful, she’s probably trying to trick you somehow.😳😳😬🙄

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  3. Is she bad 🤔 is she good 🤔 or she is really trying to take his soul 😳 who she really is 😟 Lot of suspense waiting for you 🤗😜 Lydia 😂😂 definitely not like her. Let’s see in part 3 ☺️

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  4. Yeah Steve, I think I might have to make you wait. My driving takes 3 hours in a day 😳 1:30 hrs up and down 🤔😋Still manage to upload something 😄 I don’t want to stay away from blogging 😜

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  5. Sleeping after lunch?😳🤔While the sun is up?🌞🙄My dad was like that too. I just can’t do it, even when I’m really tired, still doesn’t work. Sigh. That cold north wind is blowing again and another 4cm of snow overnight. It’s a very cold morning again, -26.🥶🙀Where did I put that shovel again?🤔🙄😳

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  6. Steve 🧐 You back to shoveling 🙄 Hope you didn’t hurt yourself this time, plus it’s too cold outside, wish that guy could help you ☺️ Yeah Steve, sleeping after lunch is terrible but, no choice left 😂😂 Today I didn’t do because I was reading a book. not going to happen all day 😁 Hope your last night was good, take care, feels like there is no end to winter. ✨🥶. Enjoy the beautiful day ✨

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  7. No, I didn’t shovel, that other guy came over and did it for me. I just can’t sleep in the day time even when I try. Oh well. Reading a book at work? Make sure you don’t get caught! Yep, winter here is long but at least it’s not as bad as last winter.🙂 That really was a bad one. 😳😬🥶🥶Guess you’re sleeping now, hope I didn’t wake you up.😂😹🙄🌙😴

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  8. Great to know you are not doing the shovel part. Thank god ✨☺️ Yup, I read book and write at work only 😁😁😁 because I have lot of time to spend on this part, except those few busy days🙄✨😉😄

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  9. That’s the way to do it Simon. Next get some glasses with fake eyes on them so you can sleep and still look like you are looking at the computer too in case the boss comes along.😁😁😂😂🙄😳

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  10. Hi Steve, Hope everything is fine now. Did you do something?🤔 to get the uninvited guest “pain” 🤔Good you had enough sleep. 🤔 Did you? 😴😴 I need to sleep but the report not delivered yet 😛

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  11. Yes, I got enough sleep,😴 almost, just a little tired.🤪🙄 Feeling okay now. I started doing my spring cleaning yesterday and guess I did too much for one day.😀😀🙄🤔 I’ll pace myself better now.😃😃🙄

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  12. I skipped my gym for nothing, simply awake at bed but lazy to wake up 🙄 Felt little weak today. You’ll never listen to yourself right 😜 always overdoing stuff 🧐 Keep in pace Steve 😄 slow and steady ✨💐✨🤗

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  13. No I’m not, today is leg workout 😜 voluntarily skipped 😂😂 Yup slow and steady that doesn’t mean not moving 😄😄 😄 Great, keep up and stay healthy and safe 🤸✨

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