Her name is Julia – Part 8

Let me surprise you Julia.

There was a boy, who had fallen in a puppy love and the puppy love grown, as he grow older, lot of things changed. Being in a boys school, getting a girl friend from the girls school after few streets was hard. But he saw a girl, he decided to travel his entire life holding her hand.

That girl, he saw very first time when he was a kid, deeply planted a love seed inside of him. He followed her everyday, hoping one day she will come alone, so that he can talk to her.

There was letters, he wrote and kept for her. Everyday he follows her and see her in the side mirror, he wishes to gave it to her, but that never happened. Her overprotective mother was so clever, she never let her daughter go alone. Every single day.

On the other side, there was a girl who followed him, truly, madly in love with him, Just like he was following that girl, she followed him. He was aware, But he tried to ignore her.

That girl was so adamant than he imagined, she did not gave any chance to lose him. One day she shows her up in his school. She proposed him, in front of entire school. The entire boys school clapped for the bold decision of that girl.

Poor him, How could he say no? the entire school was expecting him to accept her rose and say “Yes”. A perfect moment of love for her. Not for him, she doesn’t know he planned to propose someone else, he got no choice, his friends cheering on one side, with half heart, he got the rose from her as a sign of acceptance. She hugged him. He was not brave enough to tell her what he has in mind.  

They both were in love for some time, she was madly in love with him, but he did not forgot that girl, not a one night goes without thinking about her.

He acted like he was happy with her, he knows he is fake, he constantly thought about the lost opportunity, he couldn’t able to talk to her freely, even after lot of dates he still maintained a space between their relationship, that annoyed her some time.

That is when the fate played. His girlfriend surprised him on his birthday, she told him there is an important person that would help their love and talk to their parents. But when he met her, he felt like he stuck in a hurricane. The girl that is going to help his love, is the girl he wanted to propose, the same girl he followed every day, the girl he think about everyday, the moment he met her, his feelings were overwhelmed, but she ignored him. She did not even give an eye contact at him.

“I should go now”  Julia tried to disappear.

I looked at her with my eyes filled with pain, “Listen to me, listen to this story for once, and you will not regret hearing it, I promise we will meet again tomorrow” as she never going to know what is happening to me, I decided I must say this to her tonight.

“I don’t understand anything, I just can’t focus, Let’s discuss tomorrow” she replied

I will continue, I know you wanted to know this, Julia tried to disappear and then she stopped again and listened to my story.

Later that day, there are several times he happened to see her on his dates. He couldn’t able to concentrate. He was distracted, the phone calls that was exchanged between him and her was reduced, the love between them had lost sense since the beginning, girls find out such mistakes easily, and yes she figured it out and kept asking him what troubles him. But he never gave a proper reply. Then one day the little problem became a big fight, she threatened him with suicide note, He wanted to be true to her.

Then one day, they both met alone, He was expecting her friend to be also there, but she wasn’t there that night. He shows her all the little letters he had been writing to her, She demanded what special does she have that she doesn’t. She took a knife and threatened to kill herself. He was serious and told her that is the truth and wanted to be honest with her. She didn’t listen to him. She broke up with him.

After that night this boy isolated himself from everything, he knew everything was his mistake, following that girl he lost her heart to her. He made a huge mistake by saying yes to her.

She on the other side became a psycho and started self harming. He tried to call her and convince her by apologizing, she never answered, through a friend he got to know about her mental situation.

That was because of him, he falls into deep depression, he felt all of this is his fault, he should’ve said no to her, but he didn’t, he should’ve waited for that last day and stop her car and propose to her, but he didn’t. He started to lose himself to drugs.

Then one day he got a call from her, she said she wanted to meet him. He denied, but then she phoned him again and again and again, he said Okay.

He was prepared for everything, convince her, say sorry and meet the actual person he love and propose.

He patiently waited on a park and then he saw her, along with her friend and he regretted why he came there, everything happened in a minute.

That fateful day, He….

To be continued…


27 thoughts on “Her name is Julia – Part 8

  1. I’m in. Thank you so much Priyanka for sharing that. I’ve just joined blogchatter. It’s going to be fun writing the challenge A2Z. Thanks again for introducing this to me. I’m in, it’s going to be fun writing ☺️✨🤓 Have a wonderful day ✨💐

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  2. 26 chapters is not an easy task, definitely will enjoy the challenge ☺️. I will start posting it from 1st April.☺️✍️ Do check-in when you are free ☺️🤗💐


  3. Very good Simon, you’re doing great! Not giving out too much info😜, but enough to tease us 🤪and make us think what is going on🤔 And a perfect place to stop!😳 Keep it up Simon!😃😺

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thanks for your time Steve🥰 I think I have stopped at the right place 🤗 I must say Steve helped me to stop right there.☺️ Thank you for your appreciation and motivation. This means a LOT 🥰✍️ Have a beautiful day ✨💐

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yes indeed, that is the perfect spot.😀 Now you have people wondering what is going to be said next, what is happening?🤔 Watch out for that Steve guy,😳 sometimes he actually gives good advice.😂 I think.🙄Have a nice evening Simon!😃😺🌞🌙

    Liked by 1 person

  6. He does all good Steve. All good ✨🤗🐼 So good to have inner peace ☮️ 😌 glad I have someone in the mind to help ✨😉 Have a beautiful morning Steve ✨💐

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yes indeed, it is a beautiful morning here.🌞 Now I have to go out and try to figure a way to protect my bird seed.🤔 Bears will be coming around soon,🐻 so I can’t keep it outside anymore and if I bring it inside it needs to be in an airtight container so I don’t get these crazy pantry moths coming back again.😬 Sigh. Oh well, it will give me some fresh air for a while anyway.😁 Enjoy your evening Simon,🌙 I’ll be back a little later.😀 But try to get to bed earlier tonight, it’s for your health Simon!😃😺😴

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  8. I’m sure I’ll go to bed early ✨☺️ protect the bird seed 🤔 how many will you protect, you, muffin and now bird seed. Pantry moths? Oh that’s bad. Please be careful, take care, stay safe.

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  9. Yep, have to protect food for Muffin and I, so need airtight containers for our food to keep the pantry moths away.😳 Then protect peanuts for my chipmunks, more airtight containers.😬 And now the bird seed too, more air tight containers.🤪 Sigh.😄 I don’t have enough so I have another idea to hopefully make some containers safe.🤔🙄 And everything must be kept inside so it’s getting crowded in here.😳 I had to stock up on food a bit so there is more food than I normally have around.😁 Oh well, adds to the fun and makes my brain think more!🤔🙄 Enjoy your evening, I’m going outside for a while.😃😺🌞

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  10. Ha ha, 😄😄 now your is over working😁 Take care of everything, slow and steady, do it, take your time and do it. Enjoy the morning routine, don’t forget the workouts too 😉 😺 and a smile looking at the sun🌞

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  11. Can’t stop,😲 can’t slow down,😬 can’t stop thinking,🤔🤔🤔 can’t stop walking!🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️😛 Move,🏃‍♂️ move,🤸‍♂️ move!!😳😳😳🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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  12. Oh my…what a turning of events! Very well done Simon! I love this intriguing story! I’m not a writer and not an expert, I only love to read good stories and I think with every part you’re better and better! 😉🤩

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thank you so much Ribanna 😍 It’s inspiring and motivating to read such comments 🥰. We need to know what happened further, who is who, by the way what is his name? 😉 keep reading ☺️✍️

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