Her name is Julia – Part 4

Alarm rings,

I woke up to find the entire house at peace, I turn my head to see the clock it shows 5:30 am, For real? I don’t have to wonder who did that, but I’m going to sleep back again. As I pulled my bed sheets again someone drags me by my leg “no, no no” outside the bed and ‘thud’ that’s me on the floor. I scratch my head and to search my beautiful devil inside my room but I can’t see her I ask “Where are you? Is this a hide and seek game?” No response from her I threw away my bed covers back to bed and decided to get ready. Brush, flush & Shower is done, time to think about my first day Job.

The moment I am out of my room, calls my mom for breakfast, she looked at me with big eyes and nodded but no humanly reaction on her face, She should start using those facial muscles, it’s been on rest for decades, she must have thought I have changed now right? Or should I ask her whether she feels that way. Forget it!, Anyway, Here I am, early riser, day 1. Let’s see how many days it goes with a smile I took a bite of my yummy breakfast, It’s good to feed your stomach when all your taste buds are happy. Looks like dumb beautiful ghost is missing now, I have asked only about her and look what happened, she is missing for no reason, She is beautiful, too beautiful to miss, Time to go.

I started to walk outside, the sun shines it burns my skin, I need a sun screen, I look at people rushing to their jobs in their car, bike, two wheeler and here I am walking alone steady and slow, I don’t have a bike or a car to go to my work place. I just had to stick with walking for now. My eyes still searching for her, but I didn’t find her anywhere. It’s strange isn’t it? I can see her yesterday and why I can’t able to see her today.

I stop by the park and sits on the park bench as I have some more time to get inside, I looked at my watch and relaxed myself, I look at all the people running and doing stretches and my eyes kept searching for her. The moment I decided to have a short nap, there she is, I jumped out of my bench when she said “Hi” close to my face, the usual sarcastic face clearly said she is enjoying the way I’m searching for her. I replied “Hi” and kept my face without any reaction. She stood in front of my face “Thought you searching for me”.

I rolled my eyes she knew it isn’t it? Very clever, now she is asking me? I replied “If I say No you knew the truth, why ask me?”

She nodded her head “I wanted to hear from your mouth”

Seriously? what is the difference? she could read my mind and yet she wanted to hear, Technically she is not even a Human, an unknown particle with some super senses. Oh, I am thinking…

I wanted to hit her hard in the head, I tell her “Technically I didn’t search to search you, I just searched what I saw yesterday, which I couldn’t able to see since today morning, and whatever I searched, the search item is definitely not You”

She holds her hand and sat next to me “not a clear dialogue, how about you rewrite”

“Pushing me out of my bed, look at my forearm it’s still red because of you, I searched you to… I better stop now”.

She gave her usual reaction called laughing or giggling whatever you call it and said “All the best, today is your first day, Not going in?”

I could feel that goose bumps now, first day of my job, and getting blessed by a ghost. Sounds best, I nod at her and asked “First job, with a ghost blessing! You are not planning to come with me?”

Her face is glowing now, these girls they never ask anything but expect us to ask, she says “Oh really? you invite me to join with you at work? What if I disturb you?”

That’s a good question for me to think “But no one can see you right? plus if you are not making me a fool I can totally be a friend with you 24/7”

She thinks now, Do ghost have brain? Forget it, I know she doesn’t have, a hard hit on my head “Ouch! What the, who is this?”

She is behind, I ask her “Did you hit me? and when did you fly behind me, can you not give a sign whenever you move?”

She commented “For the sake of all ghost, please stop asking questions and stop thinking, you have asked plenty of questions already and plenty of stupid questions in your head, ew! I can’t even take it, I am not going to read your mind”

A smile formed at the corner of my lips, “There you are now! Good ghost, Come let’s get to work”

My first day at the job is not so easy, I need to sweep the floor, I never ever did that job. Sigh, There she is again laughing at my situation “Can I help you?” she asked

I looked at her “No need!”

“What am I supposed to do here then?” she asked

I decided to ask her the story continuation and I say “Julia, Do you remember last night?”

Someone tapped by shoulder turns to find a big fat girl with a badge “Julia – Operations Head” I turned white.

“What do I need to remember last night young man?” She asked me

I looked at her in shock, this super brilliant ghost is smiling at me, I casually replied “Julia is one of my aunt name who passed away some time ago, I felt her presence here so I just wanted to talk about my last night with her”

Now she looks white she stared at me in shock “Like…. you can talk to a ghost? who is this guy? from when he is working” she yells at the manager that recruited me.

“No, I am not, I  just talk to my aunt, she was mentally challenged, even now I hear her laughing” I pretended I see a ghost, which I really can able to see one.

This human Julia shook her head in disbelief and asked my manager to take care of me as she does not want any customers to get scared of my superstitious activity.

They disappeared behind the office and I was alone left there with strange stares from the order guy and the cashier and the supplier, I looked at them again they all started to work back and I continued my sweeping.

I started to look at floor and thought “happy?”

She responded “Happy since yesterday after meeting you”

“I didn’t mean that dummy” I thought again

“oh! this one is funny, never see that one coming, Julia is a nice name isn’t it?”

“whatever, forget it,  You never going to tell me your story right?” I thought, I have done with sweeping before I bring the plate to carry out the dust, I came back to find everything scattered “isn’t it you?” I thought

Julia is now next to a customer hugging and Why the hell he didn’t react? Oh well, she is a ghost!

What are you doing? I thought, looking at Julia with a stern look and there the customer thought I am looking at him, I have no clue, where this is going to end, friendship with ghost is injurious.

To be continued.

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