Jeremiah – Part 11 – A week of break

After a month of marriage,  Jeremiah fills the chairman position and as he wanted he placed Katy as one of the MD and also made her co founder of the company. Everything happened so fast in his life. But Jeremiah was hiding a vision he had seen after the island trip. Just like he hides every vision he saw, he hides that vision too and was waiting for the day to see what happens.

Before a week of vision.

Jeremiah and Katy at their house.

Katy has got ready to the office in her slacks and shirt, she kissed the sleepy head Jeremiah “Need to meet some important people today, i’ll call you once i free”

Jeremiah out from bed “So who are these important people?”

Katy pinched his cheek “Oh! the chairman and founder of GJ doesn’t know who am i going to meet, how pity?”

Jeremiah laughed “hahaha Let me know once the meeting is done and what the other directors tell us about the investors”

Katy with her hair clip on her mouth and arranging her curly hair said “hmm hmm”

Jeremiah stared at her for a while “Why don’t you try for lenses?”

Katy finished arranging her hair “How do i look? The lenses, no, not now. I like glasses. Do i not look good with the glasses?”

Jeremiah opens his hand and asked “You are always beautiful Katy, with glasses or without glasses, Can i hug you?”

Katy smiled “Not going to happen, you will make me change my dress again”

Jeremiah shows a funny disappointed face. Katy laughed and said “Bye! See you at the office”

Jeremiah Phoned “Joey, i’ll be ready in half hour, Join for workout”

Joey and Jeremiah started with cardio and then followed by bench presses and other workouts they finishes the workout tired and lies down on floor breathing heavily from last workout.

Joey wiped his face with a white turkey towel “So how was the trip?”

Jeremiah got up “It was good”

Joey nodded his head “Agnes and I was out”

Jeremiah throws his towel ” dating, dating, dating! huh?”

Joey smiled “You are a new bee on dating and i have been doing it for years”

Jeremiah “Oh! Love is something more than dates Joey. You can’t buy love by dates. Make memories, love memories”

Joey “What memories i can create without a date?” he winked “It’s time to go office, Let’s get fresh and I’ll be there in half hour”

Jeremiah threw him another towel “Always trying to escape when i start to talk”

Jeremiah in his car with Joey, Joey sits on the front with driver and Jeremiah at the back.

Jeremiah was silent, he looked at his watch and counted the days. Joey watched him, “What are you doing?”

Jeremiah snapped out of his thoughts smiled at him “nothing, just my usual stuff”

Joey turned back and asked “It’s been so long you have been this silent, anything wrong?”

Jeremiah looked at him “How can i say?” he thought to himself and answered “I am planning for a trip Joey”

Joey shocked “It’s only 2 months with Katy and you decided to run away. Back to your travelling?”

Jeremiah said “Yes, and i needed it, at least for next 7 days precisely”

Joey shakes his head in disappointment.

At the office,

Joey and Jeremiah enters inside their rooms and Jeremiah got busy with his works and Joey on the other got himself busy with other female secretaries.

Katy enters the cabin with Agnes, Joey looked at her “Hey baby! what you doing here?”

Katy replied “Agnes will work with me, and she will take care of my needed things”

Jeremiah raised his eyebrows and his eyes got big with a chuckle and looked at Joey “you got company” he winked.

Joey kissed Agnes and Jeremiah coughed “This is office”

Joey went back to his cabin and so does Agnes too. Katy walked closely towards his chair  with her “clicked heels” noise and and shared a deep kiss.

Jeremiah looked at her in the eyes “How was it?”

Katy looked at him like a cute cat “Meeting right? it was a perfect meet up. I liked it, i signed it”

Jeremiah replied “What if i don’t like it?”

Katy chuckles “I’ll take care of you at the night”

Jeremiah laughed “I know you will, see, i am going for a break, i need to meet some people”

Katy shocked “Alone?”

Jeremiah nodded, Katy asked “Okay! but get back soon. I know those people would love to see you, who am i to stop you. But from next time, we both are going to travel alright? you know well, i would love to travel too”

Jeremiah smiled “I get it, next time it’s always with you” he winked and said i will be back exactly next Monday Evening.

Katy replied “Okay! i am calling Agnes to sleep with me. I will be bored to death at that home being alone”

Jeremiah laughed “Okay, one week, enjoy the days with Agnes and i will back”

Katy smiled “You will miss a lot of fun!” she winks and started to walk.

Jeremiah watched her walk back to her cabin.

That evening Jeremiah leaves the house he turns back to looked at the house he took a deep breath and sighs and disappeared at the night.

Jeremiah left the house in order to change the future he had on his vision, Jeremiah had a hope just like the hope he had when he had his first vision, he felt his absence might change the future, but little did he know that nothing has been changed and he was not aware that he was getting watched.

That night Katy invited Agnes and Joey at for dinner they had dinner together that night in the garden area without Jeremiah.

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  1. I know from previous episode but I’m looking forward to see Katy kill Jeremiah’s copycat 😡 and for Jeremiah to realize that he’s the one who is making his vision come true 😭

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