Jeremiah – Part 12 – I’m Home

Katy and Joey and Agnes were having lunch that night. It was their backyard lawn, where Agnes was seen busy bringing one by one of her cooked chicken nuggets, noodles and lot vegetables and some fried chickens.

Katy jumped at excitement seeing the table filled with delicious foods.

Joey commented “Remember, this is only a day we can cheat our diet, and tomorrow remember you need to run to reduce that fats you store now”

Agnes interrupted “crap! stop that! we are going to eat, are you going to sit and watch or taste our delicious little chickens fill your stomach?”

Joey “I cheat my diet too, when it comes to Agnes cooking, she kills my diet with her delicious cooking” he cried “i need to run a lot for this” and called Katy “hey! did you see Jeremiah he was strange lately?”

Katy drops her fork and started to use her hand and started to shove the chicken nuggets inside her mouth, when she heard Joey she said “Hmm Hmm” with mouth full of chicken nuggets and laughed at him. “It’s been long I had Agnes cooking, thanks for the beautiful cook Agnes”

Agnes was busy on one side waved a curtsy with a knife as a thank you sign.

Katy continued “Sorry Joey for being rude, the chickens have closed my ears for a while.”

Joey chuckled “I’m sure their babies are going to curse you”

Katy laughed with Joey, she continued “don’t worry the entire chicken family is at the table, left no one to curse us”

Joey and Agnes laughed

Katy continued “Yes, I saw him. He is been thinking too much about something. But didn’t talked about it”

Joey asked “I think you should talk to him about it”

Katy nods here head “yeah!” and filled her plate with more fried chicken “He does that very often. No matter where he thinks, he sometimes zone out, I’m used to it, why did it bother you?”

Joey nods his head chewing one of the nuggets “Yes he does that often, but I felt something is running in his head, thought you will take care”

Katy “will find out. If a best friend like you can’t do it, I’m sure I can do it” she winked and continued  “Where is he going to go, same places and he will be back in a week, stay cool Joey, he will be back with all the fun again” she winked

Agnes joined the conversation after a while, and she started to have her food “Even though i had some chickens while cooking i still am hungry” she filled her plates with more fried chickens and nuggets.

Joey commented “Looks like we are going to finish up only the chickens!”

Everyone laughed that night and it was full of fun.

After two days,

There was a man walking slowly to Jeremiah’s house and stood at the door in a shorts and hoody jacket, presses the calling bell.

Doorbell rings early in the morning, Someone was busy inside the house brushing her teeth, she spits and washed her mouth and started to walk faster to the door, in just shorts and tank and in a clumsy hair Agnes opens the door and her eyes got wide, “You are back? Katy!” she yelled and went back to her room.

Katy came out of the room and asked Jeremiah to come inside “Why did you come so early?”

Jeremiah was silent and clears his throat “Uhhh, I changed my mind about the trip, can’t miss you for two days”

Katy pinched his cheek “Aw! That was so sweet of you to turn back in two days, Come on in Jeremiah why are you standing outside” as they both walked inside the house Katy continued “I must tell you, you know what? Agnes and I have plans today for a site visit and we need to go a little shopping on our way and we have a busy full day today”

Jeremiah sits on his sofa comfortably and puts one leg above the other and stared at both of them “I don’t mind Katy, I know you will have plans, I should’ve turned back by next week, But here i am missing you so much, so please don’t change your plans, just go ahead with it, I need a short break”

Agnes interrupted “I can call Joey to give you company, or you both can join with us, I am sure you will have fun with your Best friend”

Jeremiah raises both of his eyebrows and shakes his head “ Walking with women for shopping, that is better than doing workout Katy and Agnes. You both go and have your fun. I am little tired of travelling, so I definitely need some days off. Don’t disturb my best friend and don’t disturb me also please”

Agnes replied “Okay, he is your best friend, don’t ask me if he broke in and took you out”

Jeremiah laughed “I’ll take care of him too”

Agnes raised her eyebrows for his “too”, Jeremiah just winked at her, Agnes smiled and went back to her room.

Katy and Agnes was busy getting ready. Jeremiah on the other side walks inside the house and looked at each drawer and started to explore his own house like a new visitor.

Jeremiah accidentally opens Agnes room and she jumped in shock “What happened?” Jeremiah turned immediately and apologized “sorry I didn’t know you were here”

Agnes replied “it’s okay, I don’t mind. Wish you could’ve knocked before you come in”

Jeremiah replied “Thank you Agnes and slaps his own face and walked to other rooms”

As soon he reaches Katy’s room he heard Katy was busy talking over the phone for with one of her P.A at her office.

Jeremiah rubbed his hands out of nervousness and slowly opens to door only to find Katy completely ready to go out and she came out with a hand bag, he asked “You leaving? i mean now?”

Katy smiled “yes I am, it’s time and I don’t have to be late right” she hurried and on her way “Breakfast at the table don’t miss, Agnes preparation, you will love it”

Jeremiah replied with disappointment in his face “Oh! Sure I will”

As soon as they both went outside, Jeremiah jumps in his bed “uhhhh, home sweet home”

He took his phone and dialled a number and placed his phone on his ears “Mike, I’m home”

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