The Pearl Ring


Amy is a young physically handicapped girl by birth she has no left foot, when she gets a white pearl ring she gets her wishes done but with a price to pay, sooner she realized the horror behind it.

Amy Just woke up from her sleep. She scratched her pixie head with a cute little yawn. She took her prosthetic leg from the bed corner and locked and adjusted with her left calf muscle.

Amy opened her bedroom window for a fresh air. She rubs her both palms to keep her warm from the cold climate.

Claire, her evil sister now opens her bedroom door and yelled “What the hell? Come down before mom gets crazy”

Amy nodded; she took a deep breath and started and got ready for college.

Amy tied a scarf around her neck with a white t-shirt and a denim coat and a denim jean she looked herself in mirror and looked at her leg. Again a deep breath “Sighs!”

Amy walked down to her kitchen; her mom Annie looked at her with a stern look and shouted “Get out of my house, when I need help nobody cares in this house. You are useless, Claire tried something and you? You did nothing and been washing your ugly face for 2 hours? Who do you think follow you for your toy leg, I should’ve have killed you when you born like this. No food for you, get out!”

Amy eyes welled up she knew Annie will yell at her. Amy hate her anyway for her that house is for food and sleep, no love no family bond. She is proud of herself as she got placed on her scholarship because of her good grades because she knew no one in her house wanted her to live or study. Annie will be happy if Amy is disappeared from earth. All this because Annie thought she is cursed and that is why her husband left her and she lost her government job and working in a hotel.

Amy started to walk out of her house. She looked at the sky for a minute and took a deep breath and started to walk.

She heard her sister voice “You one legged beggar I am reminding you again, why do you walk when you can get some help from your fellow beggars” Claire commented while she passed Amy on her boyfriend’s car.

Amy ignored her she saw a pigeon with a pearl ring on it. It looked beautiful. She tried to catch the bird but it sat on another part of grass ground. She took a clip from her bag and threw at the pigeon’s leg. Luckily, she got the ring. She picked up the ring. It looked so beautiful and shiny, something attracted Amy in that ring and she wore it in her left hand and looked at it. There was something that looked special. She liked it so she decided to keep it.

Amy looked around and there was no one, except an old man beggar smiled at her from the corner of a building.

Amy reached her class, late by 15 minutes. She wasn’t allowed inside she took a deep breath again and turned back and shocked to fine Ronnie her boyfriend.

to be continued…



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