Jeremiah – Part 10 – Wesley

Wesley looked at his face in the mirror. It was Jeremiah’s face. No! It was Wesley’s face. Who looked exactly like him. Except Wesleys eyes are Grayish, he looked like a devil with that eyes. A smile formed in corner of his lips and the lights turned off.

Next Morning, Jeremiah and Katy was walking by the beach talking each other and together on their flowered shirts and shorts they were having fun talking each other.

Far from beach, There was a tower made of wood, On the tower top Wesley was looking at a girl and holds the wood tightly as the triceps came out of tight tuxedo biting his lips in excitement. He called up Mike to the top.

Mike arrived in his tuxedo just like the one Wesley wear and sat opposite to Wesley and lights his big CIGAR. Mike stared at Wesley and yelled ” What’s wrong with you man? You know how many girls you killed in last few months?”

Wesley smiled looking at him “Chill Mike, I just like girls, and i also love watch them die when they try to breath for air with all the blood on their neck. No im not going to do that anymore, im looking something else” he opens his both hands and gave a surrendered sign.

Mike raised his eyebrows “So this is why you called me, not going to kill any girls? What a midnight resolution? or what exactly you have in mind other than focusing on our business?”

Wesley took his binocular and stared to stare at the woman he stares at again and gave it to Mike to look at that direction. Mike looked at it and got shocked and looked at Wesley and looked at the guy in shorts that is been walking with that woman.

Mike sat down and inhaled his cigar deep “Your fucking doppleganger? How did you find him?”

Wesley shrugged his shoulders looked disappointed “You can’t see that girl right? Now i know why you are not married. For once in life try to see a girl, your life will turn upside down. And that girl i saw is for me”

Mike replied “You just said you are not going to do it, no girl killing right?”

Wesley rubbed his both palms and took his smoke pipe “One last time, i need that girl and i am not going to kill her, or maybe i will. Its going to be easy as her boyfriend both looks just like me, and one more thing Ray wants me dead right? how about delivering this guy over there and….”

Mike said “Shit! Wesley why are you like this? For god sake we got some serious shit business running undergroud. One day i need to find a cover for your kill and now you say you stopped it and again Looking at some other girls ass. Look at that guy, anytime he will be dead roaming around looking just like you as Rays people will try to take him anytime”

Wesley Smoked his pipe and blows the smoke on Mikes face “I need that girl Mike, no matter what” He sits back on his chair and kept the legs above the table and said “Do me a favour, this is my last hunt. Get me full details of them both. I need to know everything, means everything. Got it?”

Mike rubbed his beard “What’s your plan?”

Wesley smiled “I have lot more in my head Mike. All i need first is to know everything and then make plans, i need it in two hours i dont want to lose that girl”

Mike stood up from his seat and inhaled his smoke “Wesley, we got a big business to do here on this island. Dont run behind a girl, girls are toxic than our CIGAR, they are instant killers”

Wesley looked through binoculars and tapped his legs “Such a beauty, she is a god Mike. And i need that beauty god in my bed on my lap”

Mike got angry and cursed him “you will die in hands of a woman Wesley, remember i won’t help you but watch you die, and run this business without you” and he got out from the tower top.

Wesley continued to admire, “What legs she got? The curly hair and her glasses hmm” he hits the table hardly and stood up and looked at their directions holding the wood “i am coming for you”

In few hours, Wesley got back inside a casino near the beach. He was smoking the CIGAR and stared at the little fish on the tank when he heard the door knock.

He said “Come in” A guy came with a small file and placed on his table and curtsyed him and went out. Wesley sits at his big rolling chair and looked at the file. He got shocked to find the million dollar properties “Now he is my treasure full of chest, Where were you my dear another Wesley. I’m going to be super rich” his face full of smile threw away the file and took a rubik cube and started to arrange and think at same time. He walked left and right and left and right for almost an hour inside the cabin. and he lit his big CIGAR again and started to smoke. the big Silver ring on his finger and the bracelets he wore on his body looked so shiny.

Wesley now walking slowly thinking seriously for sometime smoking and walking and said “This is awesome” as he saw the phone and phoned Mike. Mike didn’t answer. He dialled again. It got answeres he says “Mike, i got a plan come soon”

After about an hour Mike reached the place, Wesley was waiting for him, as soon as he opens the door. The two of them discussed a plan for two hours. Mike yelled “No! this will go wrong” in the middle but later after sometime Mike came out with his cigar in hand and came out and smokes again and started to walk out.

Wesley sits on his chair with a evil look on his eyes and rubbed his hands and took a CIGAR again and smokes.

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Not like the one i wrote in my laptop. Its still fun to write in mobile, except that neck hurts a lot😄 I’m getting old 😜Wonder how am i going to complete the rest of my story in mobile, again😒. I want my laptop back🤷.

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