Curse of the Witch – Part 1

Part 1


Walking inside the office with her handbag on the right and reading at her mobile from her left hand. The noise of high heels “tuk tuk tuk” in that peaceful environment, made everyone stare at our young Sara.

For Sara it is only her boyfriend Zahir visible in the entire office. She wants him to look at her, very possessive cat she is. Looking at her boyfriend cabin walking slowly so she can have a look at what Zahir is doing, her eye was only waiting for his head to rise.

There he is, slowly raising his head and grinning at sara while she crossing the cabin in slow motion. After few steps she turns and looks at her boyfriend.

He smiles at her; she winks at him and whispers Good Morning! and he salutes back, as she enters her cabin.

A busy day for Sara being a person to interact with lot of people with their problems and petitions, Sara’s time usually goes faster.

Today is another usual another day. That’s when Sara notices Zahir staring at a new colleague for minutes. She is been staring at him for some time, Zahir did not notice Sara and got caught.

When a woman is possessive and her boyfriend did something that touches her possessiveness, sure he is in for a big trouble.

Sara’s eyes got red like a tomato; already lost patience, because he locked his eyes on that girl for some time. She dialled his extension number and “Hey Zahir! What are you staring at?”

Zahir startled with sara voice now turning his eyes to Sara’s Cabin “Hey Sara!” With a weird smile Zahir spoke again “Hey! I’m Just … uhhhh… wanted to call her for a work and…. Ha ha were you staring at me?.. uh…” Tennnnnnnn. Sara hung up the phone.

Zahir hits at his fore head like this action will correct what he did. Zahir waved off his hands to Sara, Sara looked at him with utmost anger and turned back to her computer. He whispered “Sorry!” and action with his hands at the same time.

He could hear some laughter sound from people around; they were noticing Zahir the entire time. Zahir thinks himself “Uhhh why did I do this? How am I going to convince her?” Zahir sits back to his seat and started looking at his computer.

Sara on her cabin was answering the requests status for people and making requests for people in system, her fingers on keyboard worked fast than before to indicate she is angry with Zahir. She must be feeling the typing is like hitting on Zahir head. The keyboard noise sounded like will you look at her, will you look at her.

Time was 12 pm. The sun is too hot on the outside. There this old woman sweating and tired slowly takes her steps with the help of her stick, slowly climbing the few stairs to enter the office.

She looked dark; her eyes white and shining looked a deep black. A sudden one close look on her will make anyone startled. She looked different. Nose ring, dark mascara, white hairs, a weird shaped stick dark in color with a brown handle, tattoos on her chin, neck, forearms and even the feet, all the cracks on her feet reflects she must be walking all her life, with a long bag made of cotton dress on her left shoulder and the stick on her right she enters the office.

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Thanks for reading.

Part 2 will come in few days…


35 thoughts on “Curse of the Witch – Part 1

  1. We have a very jealous woman here 😌 loved the description you provided of jealousy and anger and the images you draw that we could imagine the entire scene actually 👍
    Now our witch has arrived it seems so looking forward to reading the rest of this story 😊
    Good work Simon 👍

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  2. Hi Huguette, Oh that one ha ha Glad u liked the way it is and yes it is like a movie running in my mind, i think i can deliver it as it is. Thanks for the support✨😊 Thanks fot ur time✨☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your descriptions were on point which created images in the mind. I like the story and the way you hung it on the suspense at the end.. waiting for the next part ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is not horror right? Haha

    I used to be a very jealous person. One glance at other woman and I want to drown my husband. I can sympathize with Sara but possessiveness and jealousy is never good… Still looking forward to part 2

    Liked by 1 person

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