Girl Barriers – Version 3

Hello Everyone !

If you think Version 3 means i have version 2 & 1 . Yes! You may click the below link for a hyper jump and visit and pour your thoughts.

Part 1 / Part 2

Before jumping into the topic the content of version 3 derived from the below quote. I dedicate this to All men out there.

If your wife doesn’t cook for you at home, Cook for yourself. You are not in a restaurant, You are in Relationship

How many married women out there in world serving their entire lifetime for their husband and his family?

Most of them quit their career Because of their double life, Are we talking about MPD multiple personality disorder? NO, This is Multiple life imbalanced disorder MLID.

I had some friends who discontinued their profession in a successful phase after marriage for this reason “Can’t live a double life”- Work at home and office is a pain.

Women post marriage can stay at home to take care of kids or their family or take a break in her career. It is totally their wish. But what about women with dreams, what about her career and success? How many men support it? This is the Version barrier 3 i will be penning now.

Husbands are a barrier to women dreams. They must CHANGE ! Let me tell you why.

In my country working women never gets support from her husband. She have to work at office and come home, and take care of household chores, washing, cooking and kids, in some cases Father/mother in laws will be an addition to take care of. And the so called husband calls himself hard worker come home late and take rest, order food and give his salary. This must CHANGE.

Here many still beleive that being a house husband or husbands/men doing chores at his home is a disgrace to their masculanity/less masculine. I was once mocked by a friend like i am the wife in my house, i proudly said we both work and its our responsiblity to share each others work, because it is OUR home.

They grow up that way. It is their parents mistake. These are the same men talks outside about support for women.

But they should change, start considering this working wife as a Human and help her chase her dreams? Come on she is living a super heroine life. Can these husband material work at office come home and do chores? Few men does it generations are changing.

My point is simple. If women are working support her, help her follow her dreams by starting your help in kitchen, cook on weekends, it never lessen your hormone anyway. Be proud, you are in a relationship. She is not your maid, she is not your slave. Help her and be supportive to her career. Even if she is not working a little help after coming from office, and peptalks with her while working will make her feel happy about you Try it πŸ˜‰. And be proud of her success and career.

Don’t forget to hear all those gossips and stories your wife has when you are helpimg her in kitchen 😁

There is nothing sexier than a husband who encourages her to follow her dreams

Thank you for your time …πŸ€—

Pass on your thoughts on the below seen box called “Comment”. I would love to read…😁


13 thoughts on “Girl Barriers – Version 3

  1. Thanks Jyoti, I am proud that im doing this, But sad not all husbands do this, no idea why they compare this with gender and mock other people. Society yet to change and it will very soon.


  2. Welcome Simon!!
    Yes you are right… I don’t understand why they discriminate on the basis of gender..all are equal and have equal rights.
    I also wish that the society change soon..

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  3. Let me tell you Simon that this is how real men should be and your wife should be proud to have you πŸ‘
    No the woman is not a maid at all, it’s a relationship not slave-master relation and this problem exists is many countries, here it depends on the place and level of education, some women are ministers and general managers and others are maids literally and this is sad!
    We should educate people and societies that women and men are equal in everything and marriage is a mutual relationship and mutual support! And no, helping in kitchen or else doesn’t decrease the men hormones any less!
    Great subject and great to know the kind of person you are πŸ‘ hats off πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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  4. Hi Huguette, Thanks for that appreciation. Im trying to break the meaning of being a real men. Sad to hear the way women are getting treated like this in other countries too. Hard to realise “the change” it is not easy as i thought. But eventually things will change i have that Hope πŸ‘βœ¨β˜ΊοΈ

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  5. Well said…πŸ‘Œ..let all men should understand this basic concept of gender biasis.apart from physical appearances all are equal in soul .so respecting each others feeling make sense and am proud to be your friend .and your wife is so lucky to have you..let more Simon evolve to understand the woman of the world..πŸ˜‰(i wish let all people should get your thought process )

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