An usual fiction – Part 1


I completed my college studies and got new degree few years ago. I’ve been searching for a job since then. I love video games and I spend most of my time playing. My dad cursed me with all the words that aren’t available in my oxford dictionary, as a token of appreciation. At home doing nothing all these years, I pity myself for not getting a good job for years. But after a touch of luck, I got a dream job, as a game designing project developer. I got this job, I was too much proud of it and shared it with my dad first. He was so happy now because he can stay home after I start getting my first salary.

I’ve completed almost a year now with this same company. Today is not a special day, but definitely not a day to forget. My new manager Greg seems to look like gay. I hate gay people. He called me for a review meeting to discuss about the new project. Greg on a one corner sat left leg above his right leg. With his usual unique dressing culture and the mascara in his face he looked too much gay that day. I and my fellow team mates on one side waiting for him to explain the concept of the video game. Greg started the slide show; he started explaining about the project. He played a video and watched along with us and giving us hints and tips about how to take up this project further. Greg was standing behind me and I was too much aware of it. My hatred feeling towards this gay people made me too anxious at that situation. I had some dark thoughts about Greg that he might kiss or touch from my back, a stereo typical belief I wish did not had such thoughts that day.

I felt someone is stroking my hips; my anxious mind blew up with anger and sweat I stood up and slaps him right at his face.

Greg looked shocked, I was angry and anxious. I quickly realized what I did I grabbed a bottle and had a bottle full of water and said “Sorry!” Greg’s phone rings now he answered and his face changed he shouted “you are fired!” That was just as expected. I sadly walked out of my office without saying much to my friends and waited near the gate thinking what to do. I had a smoke and started walking back to home.

My dad was surprised to see me early that day. He kept asking what was happened today. My mom joined behind. I’ve explained what happened at the office. They both started pouring out their opinions. I wanted solitude, pure solitude. I got up and went inside my room and locked the door.

I don’t remember how long I slept, I heard my dad knocking my door.

To be continued…

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