One more chance – Part 1

A little help from a friend and Voila! Enjoy the Story ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s too late. My blade already pierces my veins. The white tile floor is now red because of my blood. Why did I do this?

Last night –

I had told my dad thousand times that I won’t go to this college. He didn’t listened to me. For our current financial crisis this is the only college they can afford to. I was broken before i went to bed last night.

Today Morning

Iโ€™m in bed sleeping. My mom hit me in the head and woke me up. I woke up, silently thinking something.

She yelled “Time is 7:05 am you got only half hour to catch the bus.” I looked at her, shocked.

I asked her “Do I have to go to this college, why waste money? I can study from home.”

She said “Silly! Nobody gives you a degree without studying in college”.

I continued but Mom, she stopped me and looked at the time. I get ready for college.

I chose my orange t-shirt that says “Silly girl” and a blue shaded jeans. I took a notebook and a pen and kept it back. Kept my hair free and grab my handbag. Being first day in college I don’t think there is going to be anything else than an introduction of them. I was nervous. I heard about the bullying victims from that College. I told myself to reach the college and come back home safe, donโ€™t talk to anyone, donโ€™t look at anyone, walk away from everything. I was continuously repeated this in my head.

Mom gave me breads and salads for the lunch, I kept it inside the bag. Mom kissed at my cheek and said “go safely. Enjoy your first day.”

I looked at my mom with a fear in my eyes. She assured me everything is fine, stay strong.


She assured me, everything is fine, I repeated. But mom “nothing is fine, Iโ€™m sorry I let you down and Iโ€™m not strong” sobbing I looked at the ceiling. I couldnโ€™t sit at that tiny bathroom above faucet so I adjusted myself in the corner.

Today Morning

I waited near my house for the college bus. It was the usual kind of college bus. Everyone was busy looking at their mobile phones. I took a seat near the door. I started reading poems in a blog. Soon after half hour I have reached the college.

It was a big one, not big as my previous college bus. I got down from the bus.

I started walking; boards were on the way mentioning my class room number for my department.

In the distance I could see seniors bullying the juniors; my heart beats fast now, I started to panic.

To be continued…


28 thoughts on “One more chance – Part 1

  1. Great story, glad you could find help and your post looks even more professional after all.
    Always to be continued๐Ÿ˜

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