A Child’s Play – Part I

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Few miles away from a city there is this dark forest and a river after that there is this village Steep hills. The Village of in the border of a big lake. A small river that breaks this two mountains is connected by a small bridge created between without lights this place is hard to go during night time. Hope you could imagine how this villagers struggle to go out to city crossing this dark forest and small bridge. Hence the population is very less at this place, But a community still lives their for generations. Imagine a small bridge like this.

Long ago, There was a spirit in a dark forest was controlled by ancestors in an idol and was kept nailed in a tree. That idol looked like a head made of palm frond. There was a temple between the border of the village and dark forest. Ancestors use to worship yearly in order to keep the spirit controlled. As generations passby, The story of this spirit has became into multiple stories. This kind of religious work has been happening without a reason every year.

One bad weather day lot of trees fell down from roots because of storm. There the tree and the palm frond was thrown out inside the forest the idol the temple the bridge everything was destroyed by nature.

The spirit has come out….

After the last natural disaster, Nobody did worship the temple nor they tried to recover and is almost destroyed. Now Villagers living their normal life, Somehow there was no sign of the spirit.

Then the partial lunar eclipse day happens, A kid laughed that night, Entire village could able to hear it’s laugh and no one realised what is coming into their village, It was dark, a pitch dark in the shape of a human figure passes the bridge, and a mark of a hand on each door of the village. And no one notices it. YET !

To be continued ….

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27 thoughts on “A Child’s Play – Part I

  1. Damn this is scary 😧 but it’s a nice story and interesting as well πŸ‘ well done Simon and looking forward to reading the rest of the story πŸ‘

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  2. Please change the cover art! I jolt from my seat each time I see it. 😭

    I’m weak against horror! Oh my gosh, you told me that the picture is the only thing scary. You lied to me Simon! You lied. This story just made my hair stand! So mean and you even have a part two! 😭

    Liked by 1 person

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