Ribi! What happened – Part 1

It is 11:00 am in the morning landline phone ringing.

Tom: hey this is Tom! And you have called to the world’s safest police station. How can I save you?

Old man voice “Hey! We need your help, a young girl found dead on the 5th cross of national highway.

Tom: Dave, the duty calls hot and spicy day with a dead young girl. Let’s go! I’ll keep the engine hot and running.

A pair of black shiny shoes on the table shaking is now stopped, and a big roll of tobacco on his right hand burning so red when it’s been sucked by and a dark smoke coming out slowly. The man on the brown chair with a shiny glass slowly opens his eyes and got up and started walking. The noise of his black shoes duh duh duh duh the noisy police office is now silent as our hero Mr. Dave walks in slow motion with chest pushing out his buttons and the biceps trying to tear his shirt hand.

Tom is now started the engine long ago and waiting with an annoyed face.Hey Dave! Can you stop that slow motion walk and jump in please.

Dave now jumping inside their fortuner car front seat and replied “Tom! This is you. And this is Dave” Pointing out their reflection in the car mirror.

Tom mocked “Dave! That is the best discovery of our generation wow Dave Wow! You are the inspector and that’s the only reason you are…”

Dave snapped “you are?”

Tom replied “you are my passenger. Honestly I hate to be a sub inspector in your station and a driver and a friend Let’s go”

Dave with a smile on the corner of his lips wore his glasses and started watching the road.

The fortuner reaches the spot in next 20 mins. The old man was waiting outside patiently. Tom stared at the old man from the car “Did you called me?” the old man replied “No, I called police”

Tom quickly got down from the car and walked next to him, “Hmm… getting old huh. Can see It with your answers, now let us stop our sarcastic comments and tell me Where is the body?” the old man signaled behind.

Is this the house? why is it on the road? no parking! Why is this entire street is like that huh? Old man stood their without a reaction. Tom called “Dave! i suspect this old man” no response Tom turns back to see Dave walking inside the house. “You better stay here old man”

Tom enters the house behind Dave.

Dave stood there in shock “Omg! How pretty is she, and she died like this heartless killers.

Tom looks at the body “The show begins … uh oh! Look at this room pink and pretty and creepy Dave. I smell something wrong, Look at her she is so beautiful and, and, and it’s really creepy… Can i just stay outside and look for evidence?

Dave now walking around the body and started looking for evidence and how the killing would have happened. “Tom note down please the door is not locked she had her keys on hand and her bags are still on her shoulders. Look at her neck the red marks and it’s tiny. She strangled to death and the floor it’s only one person. She is gone uncounsious on the attempt itself. I did not see a sign of her fighting to save herself. Poor girl. That means she was from work, somebody were following her. At the time she opens the door the person followed her used some wire like substance to strangle her and pushed her to death and…. we don’t know who he is.”

Tom turned his head “Dave, how do you know its a he? may be its a she?”

Dave replied “may be” & “Tom, Call up the other teams and try to find out any finger prints can be found or any other thing” and Dave took his tobacco roll and swing in the air and looked at sky to catch it through mouth and started burning it. The thick smoke from the tobacco started covering the room. Dave silently entered the restroom and closed the door.

Tom was looking at him “Dave! can’t you do all things at home, please dont die there due to breathing issue” damn he smokes like there is gng to be a tobacco ban tmrw.

Tom mean while called his team and sat in the corner of a chair and started playing angry birds.

After about ten minutes he heard the washroom door open. Dave walked out in his usual slow motion put from the door full of smoke Tom passed comment here comes our slow motion hero from the smoke. Dave out from restroom and now looking at the shelf nearby. There was a brown diary. He opened at started reading.

To be continued…


18 thoughts on “Ribi! What happened – Part 1

  1. Touch of humor in creating the characters and a good description as well 🙂 I can see Ribana is not happy to see her name 😆
    Good work Simon 😊 let’s read what’s next!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “world’s safest police station”? REally? What’s their number? Haha 😀

    Yep. Still don’t like you Dave. But you’re funny so I’ll tolerate you.
    Quick-witted old man. Sigh. Still can’t get over the fact that these police are biased. Someone pretty can be dead hey!

    Pretty engaging story Simon ❤ Will read the next chapter tomorrow. Got more post to catch up.

    Liked by 1 person

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