An usual fiction – Part 5

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Next morning when I woke up I looked at my phone “I got what? 97 missed calls from Sam!” I got panic and called him back he didn’t answer I quickly got ready and got his address from HR and reached his home. No one was there. I tried to ask the neighbors where Sam is. They replied he was hit by a biker last night and he is admitted in hospital. They tried to catch the biker but flew from the scene and they tried to catch her but of no use. I got to know the name of hospital he was admitted.


I woke up in the hospital after last night. I hardly remember what has happened. I was on bed and it was not a big hit. I prayed Thank god for keeping me in one piece.

Doctor came and told me I can leave any time and I am totally fine. I asked how did I came here, and who took me to this hospital. He said he is waiting outside will let him inside.

He came inside and I looked at him mouth open. He is none other than the man who fired me at my job.

I hung my head down in shame and said “I am sorry” he replied “it’s OK, past is past. How do you feel now?”

I said “I am feeling fine, well what exactly happened last night?”

He replied “I was driving back to home, found you lying on the road unconscious; people around your house stopped me for help. I could recognize you in that dark and I took you to hospital”

I said “I don’t know how to thank you for not leaving on road yesterday, after what I have done to you in office that day”

He replied “I’m happy you are safe now, I called your wife multiple times she didn’t answer. I have waited only for someone to come from your home, I’ll leave now”

I smiled and said “Thank you so much, and she is not my wife, she is my girlfriend. We are in love for past 2 months and we decided to get married soon”

He replied “Happy to hear that Sam, Be safe while driving” while he was about to leave Celene entered.

“Dad!” Celene called. I looked her at shock “What she is your daughter?” I asked him. Celene hugged her dad and told her that we both are in love. His face changed for a moment then smile slowly formed in corner of his lips.

Celene came and sat next to me. Her Dad said he will wait outside and left. Celene sat next to me and asked me what happened. I explained her everything. She cried I said holding her hand “it’s nothing to worry Celene I am fin, it was only a small accident. I’m here for you Celene. I’ll never leave you forever” her hold got stronger, I replied “yes Celene, forever”

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “An usual fiction – Part 5

  1. It’s beautiful. Their love that is.
    It’s starting to get hard to comment without spoiling the story 😂 But I agree with Ribby. Good people are good no matter what…

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  2. 😂😉 Thank for your time Jessica. This romance stuff is pretty hard for me to write. But it’s beautiful and goosebumps to write and imagine such scenes. 🥰🥰🥰 Thanks for being the motivator of all time 🤗🤗🤗

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