An usual fiction – Part 2

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I don’t remember how long I slept, I heard my dad knocking my door.

Dad was asking me to open the door

I opened the door to find a pretty girl in a glance she slapped me hard and said “that’s for my dad” she walked out of the house. I hardly remember her face now. All I remember is that hard slap. Damn that was strong.

My dad looked at me “What the hell did you do to her?” I looked at my dad in shock “Honestly! Dad I didn’t do anything to that girl and, I don’t know who she is, I swear!”

But let me introduce who she really is. She is Celene, my future girlfriend and wife. You may wonder how I say that. You will get to know in coming parts.

I will never forget that day. That was a horrible slap in front of my family members. That spread like a viral news across my streets. My mom, she is such big open mouth. You can’t keep one secret with her. The one slap happened between four walls now is been talked across the street like she slapped me on the road.

After that shameful incident I was too depressed and was searching for a job. Until one day that motivations hits right at my head “Celene”. I saw her first in the time of interview near the gate. I initially was angry at her but her face, I forgot her slap. I wanted to talk to her. But she entered the same building which I supposed to attend interview. She wore a tag has that company name on it. That was that motivation spark for me, and yes I got selected.

I joined the very next day. It was the first week of my job on the floor. She was sitting in a different cabin I somehow managed to sit next to her. She was working. I stared at her the whole day; the beauty of her working in her system, I could watch that all day. Luckily none of the team is bothered about the new comers, so it as easy for me to be with Celene, I was behind Celene watching her all day.

That evening she lost her patience because I’ve been watching her all day, frustrated Celene turned and asked me “Why are you staring at me?”

I looked at her in shock “Don’t slap me again” I kept my hands on my cheeks and asked her “Will you teach me the process? I was looking for someone to help me.” She laughed “Why don’t you ask that in first place? You scared me!”

I replied “You did that in first place” we both laughed and our journey together begun.

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