Milk Tea

It is a dark night. i am typing in the keypad of my Dell Laptop. Working serious like it is going to eat me. No i eat, i eat all the french fries next to me while i still work, because i work and my brain needs energy. May be, may be not.

I am on this sofa crouched and looking at my laptop on my left side. A weird position, but comfortable to eat french fries and work, but I started to feel the pain on my neck. I looked up and down to relax my neck, technically i am doing Yoga, but i am not an yoga expert, but i still do yoga, this head rotate aasna? i named it.😜 May be i talk too much isn’t it?

There was a noise, yes, a noise of key, click. I stood up carefully so that my french fries box doesn’t lose its grip, and looked at my shelf. My bike key is missing. I know i have kept it there, but, where is it now? I looked down the floor left and right to find the key, it wasn’t there. I searched the entire shelf again, Positively it cannot drop from a wooden shelf, unless i keep it on the edge. But i am very sure the key was in inside a cup. I looked at the cup the key wasn’t there.

I heard the noise again. Shit! I looked panic now, the sweat from my forehead slowly travels and touches my ear lobe, the silence gave me goose bumps. I started to search under my sofa and blankets. i couldn’t lift the sofa. I could eat like a hulk and this sofa is so heavy? where all my food is going?

I sat on my knees, oh my belly hurts. Hmm hmm, it looks bigger now than few days ago. i made an awkward plank position and rested my arms and head on floor and tilted my head to look under the sofa. i couldn’t find anything. It was dark as hell. Where is the lights? i looked at the shelf and took my phone and turned on the lights and looked again.

My keys were there in the middle of sofa. How can a key go there? Technically, if it falls down from a shelf that was facing the sofa, the key will go left or right. How it gone under this sofa? Sigh!!! I tried to take it. i shoved my hand under the sofa and searched for the key. It was some time. I couldn’t find the key. Damn! my hands are not going inside further, I should work on my biceps again, I kept waving left and right to find the key.

A hand, What? A hand! My eye balls almost came out. What the?? it pulled my hand outside bu it pulled me inside, i was wiggling myself to come out. But out of control it pulled me under the dark sofa, Ah!!!!!!!!! i started to scream all the way and the ghost was shaking me left and right and i scream no! no! no! leave me, leave me, leave me.

And my wife slaps me! says idiot stop screaming while sleeping and search for a job useless moron!

moron? you called me moron? how dare you, i will show you who i am, you touched my nerves, let me, fast, roll up my sleeves and ….

Where is the milk? I’ll make some tea, i said from kitchen. i hear her chuckle☺️, Its easy to calm her. Just divert and do my duty😜

Thank god, This is just a dream, reality is now i am a house husband, and what you read is just a dream and now making a milk tea, hmm hmm! the tea aroma is awesome you want some?😉

Thanks for reading!

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