An usual fiction – Part 6

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I replied “yes Celene, forever”

Wait! What? Are you trying to? Celene!!!! what are you doing?

She twisted my fore arm and holds my neck and lifted me and dropped me on the bed. She jumped upon me and slapped me.

That same slap I got when I met her first time, my eyeballs came out “What the hell? Celene!!!” I started to scream

She tried to hold my neck and strangle; I yelled “Stop it Celene!” Her dad came inside, Celene? He called

She changed her hair loose and in a moment she looked like a different person. She stood close to me. There was no love in that eyes, she looked different. She came close and said “I should’ve killed you the very first moment I met you.” I called “Celene?” she said “Stop calling me that”

I snapped “hey! Stop playing, what did I do? Why are you behaving like this?”

She yelled “I hate you and will kill you and you old man, you ruined my life, and you  will pay for that soon“ she stormed out of the room. Her dad called her. But she didn’t turn back.

He asked me what I did. I replied “Uncle, what did she do first? She tried to kill me! You understand that, stop asking me, I swear I did nothing. I was talking and she was in cool and in a moment she hit me. She is different, I saw your daughter 6 months ago when she slapped me for no reason, I see that person today, are you sure your daughter has no mental illness history in the past?

He looked in shock with tears in his eyes “what? Nope, not at all, I’m sure she doesn’t have guts to hit any people. But I don’t see my daughter today Sam” he adjusted his throat “Wait, let me call my friend at friend at first place and let’s get some sleeping dart and find my daughter first”

I added “are you going to shoot your daughter? She is not an animal!” I said sternly

He said ”Calm down, let’s go home and find out. If she is there then will think about something else”

We have reached her home. I entered first, we could hear a loud snoring noise, it came from her bedroom, and what we saw is she was in a deep sleep under the bed.

Uncle quickly dialed his friend and informed him about the happenings from hospital; he agreed to come to house in few hours.

Meanwhile her dad was in shock. I consoled him. He was silent. I stood up and was walking outside the house. I heard a voice “Hi! I am doctor Ranson is Celene home?” I called him inside. Uncle called him inside and  explained the situation.

Ranson says” You are lucky that she is sleeping” and injected a needle “She will go into deep sleep, a state of deep sleep and hypnotic trance, now I am going go inside her head and find out why she is behaving strange, If she has a mental problem we could find it”

to be continued….

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7 thoughts on “An usual fiction – Part 6

  1. You are have a great start. I would just say work on showing more. You tell more than you show. An example is where you said “I consoled him.” I would say ‘I brought him a cup of tea” or “I rubbed his shoulder” This shows how he did it.

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  2. Hey Michelle, That was so kind✨◉‿◉✨ Thanks for high lighting ☺️ Looking for someone like u🤗 Glad you did. Sure, you can see more in detail✨✍️Keep supporting✨🤗☺️

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  3. 🤗Hi Jessica, u read again😜. Thanks for support and motivation🤗. a lovely concept in da head. working for a climax😉 wil start sharing tat soon😁 this time more detailed🧐😁

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