Ribi! What happened? – Part 2

Dave opened the diary and started reading

Tom from behind “is that a diary? can i read it? it was a long time wish to read a beautiful girl diary”

Dave looking at him “Seriously? She is dead Tom, You can’t even call her for a date! have you called the forensic team?”

Tom sat back in his chair rolling his eyes “i didnt saw you dave!” and murmured one day i’m going to find all the clues and prove you i’m better than you.

Dave smiled “For that you should work at crime scene Tom! Not with angry birds”

Tom replied “Let the forensic team come, you will see”.

Dave shaked his head with disappointment and started reading. Tom on the other side seriously playing angry birds. When the forensic team entered, they started ignoring these two serious cops. Dave smoking on one hand and diary on his other hand and Tom playing on the other side. One of the lady examining the place started explaining “Looks like she got unconsious before she got killed, lucky. And the killer without much effort killed her. Looks like only one person involved. No footprints. Looks like it was a male and wearing socks. Maybe the dog will help, Tom you can try that. I’ll try whatever i can find from here.”

Tom turning off his mobile phone, “Hey Lisa! why dont we just go and have a cup of tea? Why dont we improve our chemistry, instead of developing the case with your chemistry?”

Lisa smiled and started looking at the places for clue “Tom! If Dave says the same, i may think about it”

Tom turned his head to Dave “Did you heard that? I know you won’t. Busy reading a dead women diary. Sigh! Lisa, ever dated a statue? Call Dave for date, ha ha ha”

Dave stood up “Tom! Let’s go and call our team for other works. Let’s go and have our lunch”

Tom stood up “Lisa, better luck next time”

Lisa smiled and doing her work

Tom started the car and Dave got in. Tom asked “What do you think?”

Dave started another cigar and replied “It’s a murder.”

Tom closing his nose “will you stop this damn thing when im driving, i know it’s a murder, you think i was not there? but why?”

Dave looked at him and smoking at his face “it’s a planned murder”

Tom rolling his eyes, “i am not ur girlfriend, stop treating me like one. And You mean killed by one guy, must be local i think”

Dave almost finished half of the cigar pushing down his seat and asked “why do you say?”

Tom reaching the parking lot of a nearby subway restaurant “Only our local people on street wear socks and pick rags. For a lump of money they would do anything, you heard Lisa also referring a sock mark”

DaveΒ  “So who is that going to be?”

Tom “Where are her parents?”

Dave “Poor girl Tom. Orphan. Not much friends she is out from hostel very few years back. She is working in this company since the day she is out from her college hostel, and there are lot fun happened till yesterday, but nothing serious”

Tom “Oh! the diary says it all.. Hmm.. What else it says? She has a boyfriend?”

Dave “No! She had some usual trouble with few people only from her office. Nothing serious usual office trouble, But let’s investigate all of them.”

Tom “All of them? so how many are they?”

Dave “Five people Tom. Just Five people. Anyone could’ve done it. You start investigating one by one. I’ll look this case from a different point of view.”

Tom “Like what? You sitting from outside and smoking. and watching me doing all the investigation right?”

To be continued…

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10 thoughts on “Ribi! What happened? – Part 2

  1. I didn’t like these 2 cops actually! They seem as if they’re in a picnic not a murder investigation but of course it’s good to add the sense of humor through your characters πŸ™‚ Now we’re about to meet the suspects I guess πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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