An usual fiction – Part 4

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It was four weeks later, On a Sunday Phone rings.

Sam called me “Hello! Celene how was the weekend? Let’s go for coffee today evening by 5 pm”

I replied “how about some sandwiches with coffee?”

He replied “Totally fine!”

We both met in a coffee shop.

Sam said “I wanted to tell you something for a long time”

I asked “How long, we met just four weeks back isn’t it?”

He smiled touching his cheeks “Don’t you remember the slap?”

I smiled and confused at same time what he was talking about “No! What slap?”

He told me the story of that day. “You walked in to my house straight and you slapped me and you left. It should be exactly six months from now. But you looked different that day”

I replied “then you must have seen my Doppelganger” I laughed

I could only recall my broke up that happened six month back. The day I broke up with my ex-boyfriend for cheating me. I’ve explained about my long story in short to Sam and also I explained about my past love and the entire breakup story. He felt sorry for me.

Sam said “it’s ok Celene, past is past, we should learn to move on. I would like to be the reason to move on, why we don’t start having our cupcakes”

I started having my cupcake I felt something on my mouth I spit and found a piece of wrap. I spit and unwrapped the paper to find a diamond ring and the paper says “Will you let Sam wear me in your fingers – Sam’s Love cupid” Happy tears welled up in my eyes, i looked at him “Yes you can, where are on earth you get such ideas crazy fellow” I laughed and cried at same time.

All of a sudden the entire hall stood up and clapped for us, the evening was made so memorable with tears of happiness. He wore that ring on my hand and we hugged each other. It was such a sweet night to remember. After two hours of eating and chatting we said bye and hugged each other before he dropped me and left me home.

Next morning when I woke up I looked at my phone “I got what? 97 missed calls from Sam!”

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “An usual fiction – Part 4

  1. Hohoho ^.^now I feel lucky to have Yesika because unlike Celene I’m fully aware of everything she does hahaha 😀
    This is not a spoiler. I’m sure other readers just think I’m a nutcase 🤪 😂

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  2. Hey Jessica! Thanks for your time😄. Yesika knows Jessica and Jessica knows Yesika, in this case, Only She knows Celene, But celene dont know her. Strange isnt it 😂 Making something doesnt exist is nice 😄😄😄 Have a beautiful weekend Jessica✨🤗✍️

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