An usual fiction – Part 3

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I work at an IT company; my dad is a process manager in another company. It was just me and my mom and I. Life was good until I was 10 years old. I started to sleep often at day time and my parents or someone always took me back to my room. It was one kind of a day when I was sad and because my mom broke her promise that she will take me to Disney land. I cried and I slept all day, when I woke up I was in hospital to see my mom at bed with a spinal cord injury. She couldn’t able to walk from that day. I never talked about my sleeping disorder with my parents, as I always use to wake up in my room.

Then I grew up that way, had a lot of difficulties because of sleeping. Sometime I slept for days and skipped my classes, got poor marks. But nobody seems to bother about that.

Then after my higher studies, this thing has entered my life “Love”. I fell in love with a guy and lost him in an accident after few days he broke up with me, I never knew why he broke up with me. A very kind and cute guy though.

Again I fell in love with another guy and that was smooth, we have taken steps till marriage, but before few days of marriage, I found him kissing his ex-girlfriend in public. I broke, I lost my sense of love.

For me true love never exists for next 3 years. Then I saw this guy Sam. He looked like I have seen him before, but no idea where. Some spark in his eyes. He followed me in my office. Not the usual kind of dominating guy. A down to earth person, I could still remember the day I startled to find him stare at me like a vampire, I lost my patience and asked him “why do you stare at me?”

He kept his hands on his cheeks; he looked cute when he tried to apologize with me. I wanted to talk with him badly. I thought he will be my dream boy. I had that thought last 2 times. But this time it was a more strong feeling. Our feeling grew stronger every day; I never had the feel that I am talking with a guy. Some time he will join with me talking about other guys and make up. Together with him it was always fun. But we never talked about love or that kind of feeling at any point.

It was four weeks later, On a Sunday Phone rings.

to be continued….

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  1. 🙄 She is too Honest,😁😀 Hey Jessica 🤗 Glad you liked the way i put here. I didnt do much changes. Same to same.🙂 Will post nxt part today☺️✍️ Have a beautiful day🤗✨

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