What’s next? – Conclusion

I was waiting for my wife to get ready. She looked at me and she wanted to ask a question, I can say that for sure, that look on her face, she was blank and in her head? she was thinking what I’m going to say, finally, she asked.

“Are you sure you are not coming?”

“Yes I am not”

“And the reason isn’t changing?”

“Course it is not, you meet your brother and come back, you know I don’t talk to anyone over there, you both will talk like a non stop radio joggies and I’ll nod my head understanding nothing” I said it for the 200th time I remember. she still stared at me. I know that look, I controlled my facial muscles not to give away my joyous reaction

“Okay, I’ll go alone”

I tried hard to nod my head without giving away my thoughts. I heard the front door got locked. I’m free, Finally! I know what you thought, yes, I was waiting for that moment.

Before I let out what I was about to do, let me tell you what my friends had thought, they are some of my blog mate neighbors, let’s see what they had assumed and let me introduce them to you.

Madhangi few doors far away, she will expect a surprise, she is full of surprises, so are her thoughts too, I can’t open my door right now.

Jessica my favorite author lives in my head and next door, will definitely run out of her imagination, guess why? she is a romantic thinker, a thinker that never stops thinking and she will be busy in her own world, let’s not worry about her, she will run out of fantasy when I ask an instant question. I will have to get into nanowrimo to read part of her busy head when I am free like this again.

Next Piyush busy IT guy, hey! not the one with red balloon, definitely not that IT, he is a busy IT guy trying to pay his own debts, what he thought that I’ll do? some wise thoughts? I am no wise person to sit like Buddha right now, I got more busy thing to do right now, he he he.

Ribanna a curious blogger with so much imagination, what would I do? I am damn sure she knew me, from her flat to know what I am going to do all she have to do is see. A curious neighbor she is, let her watch me.

Shruti a wise girl, thought um.. that, I will dance, and I will.

First, I put that nice song on.. yeah.. move… MJ.. Michael Jackson… Beat it… Beat it… Oooohhh!!

and I looked at my clock, it was 3 pm, If I call now, I can taste her. I took my phone and dialed my smart phone. No I won’t say who I called, you need to wait to know that.

I closed my window first, because she will watch me. Who is she? you can refer few lines above to find that out, and I closed the balcony, there was a nosy neighbor Simon and he is, no I won’t talk about him. Because last time, he convinced my wife to… No I can’t say that to you either. He did something terrible.

Then I realized I was spoiling my mood thinking about him. I decided to get on with my mission.

First I should..Β  I was shocked to hear a sound. My heart stopped when I heard that. Luckily I realized I heard nothing, that was I thought. Sadly, the bell rang again. Then the big shock, my wife was back, my happiness disappeared when I saw her brother with her.

She stared at me, stared at what was I holding, I was holding a cup of milk with tea and sugar. She started to yell ‘How dare you?’

There it is, I am having blood sugar, after years of following society’s how men should be I grown up doing nothing but earning for my family and got some tons of health diseases. So, this is what happened, I got caught after trying to make a hot tea with high sugar, and you know what my nosy neighbor did? he convinced my wife to take me under his workout class. Now he comes home every morning and wake me up early and torture me. He makes me sweat, there is this water comes out of my skin, oh! that was so uncomfortable, I am a man, and I should not work or workout. My grandfather said it right, a lion never works, and she yelled back ‘That’s why lion dies early’ She was right. If you think you are a man and do nothing inside your home sit like a lion and treat others like a slave, think of this, one day your doctor will ask you to run and jump and you will struggle to do. You will sweat and cry, just like me.

What? I am going, Here comes this guy, Simon.

I didn’t even cared whatever happened so far, but my eyes were on fire when the delivery man came with Simon, and that fit piece of rat took my favorite sweet and ate it in front of me, and asked me to walk on tread mill. That’s the real hell, with him, working out and losing my tasty snack to him. Whatever!

Conclusion is for me. I can’t eat sweets, and I’m going to die of sugar, my soul will not rest without sugar sweets i’d rather die eating. Who feels like me? Anybody else in my situation? πŸ˜³πŸ™„. go go, workout. The end !!


14 thoughts on “What’s next? – Conclusion

  1. Hmmm…usually when I’m alone I enjoy a good book or cooking something…if it’s viceversa I would say he’ll take out that videogame that he waited so much to play and play all night long ☺️ or at least until he’s wife will be back home β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚

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  2. ha ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œ So sweet, love your content, fine all of this will be included πŸ€“ let me write continue writing with this clue and tell you what he was up to πŸ˜πŸ‘

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  3. Have you edited it? Well, perhaps I did not read it carefully the 1st time. So there was this sudden twist and one Mr. Simon eats some sweets in front of the narrator πŸ™‚
    And well, while I can advise certain “wise” things, as per some I am one of the most foolish people around!!
    I do however sympathise with this man who has to workout so much. I also exercise but just a little and not under someone’s supervision- which I would hate anyways.
    Anyways, reading this again made my day and making me feel good.


  4. Thank you piyush, definitely an edited version. Just a new try, somehow lost in between, managed to finish this. Don’t be so hard on yourself, nobody is a fool, it’s just some are wiser than us . That will not make anyone a fool, everyone is a fool in their own way, let’s not highlight that 😜. Have a lovely day πŸ€—πŸ€—


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