99 words Prompt : Tradition – not Rule.

December 3, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes family traditions. It can be related to any holiday or situation. How does the tradition impact the story or change the character? Go where the prompt leads!

Tradition – not rule.

Mom, I can’t wear this.
So much drama for a Burqa, you have grown-up , you cannot go out without it.
Why no men wears it?
Because it’s tradition for girls.
Mom, It is a tradition you follow, and you have no rights to tell me which one I should follow, right dad?
Dad? Nobody listens to this mad man
I listen to him because, he is MY dad, these traditions are not rules, but to be followed on own interest.
He smiled ‘You are right dear!’
She frowned ‘Then you wear this’
Dad ‘She gone mad’. They both laughed.

The end!


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