Killer is… umm.. whatever

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It was my usual night at my office, and that day the rain was heavy. It was not usual rain pattern. Our rain pattern use to be high that season but not that high. Entire city was flooded with vehicles, noises of horns were increasing my blood pressure, when I couldn’t focus on my work I logged off and walked out and started to walk away without knowing my destination, actually, I know the destination, let me put it this way like I don’t know the destination.

Who ever said earth is a peaceful place to live, I wanted to prove them this is not a peaceful place to live. Earth is a lousy, noisy, and a hell of a place to live, especially with Humans. Human are a competitive living being, Human loves to be part of a competition, and the only species that can adapt into any change or train on its own to win the competition, isn’t it lovely? Human are a gifted species, not like any other gifted species on earth, crocodiles are born predators, sheep are born prey, and this species are born with all qualities, it can love, it can hurt, it can transform itself to not to be a prey and always wanted to dominate this world. I am one of this cursed species that lost on a rat race that was created by its very own species. Yes, I am a victim of this rat race, sitting there i was typing on my keyboard to create a program that can work, and I was paid for doing that ridiculous job. To do this, I had trained myself hard, without much work for my body, and more work to my brain. Please remember, you can work out your brain as much as you want, and will still end up fat, because that is not a work out. Human are born to be physically active, and mentally too. It has to be balanced, I have lost my balance in somewhere between this damned rat race, what I earned? More money? Yes! More health issues? Yes! I got sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, my life span had gradually reduced, now it is too late, my doctor just called up and said, I should walk minimum an hour a day to keep myself away from sugar and blood pressure. I am supposed to be physically active, as a human, I should be a balanced figure, when my company demands me to be online and do the coding for 18 hours, how can I be healthy? How can I balance my life? People say I don’t know work life balance, how could I tell them my bad ass boss wants me to sit in front of the system for no reason, or should I blame these IT work ethics? Or blame the leader that thinks they are a leader when they are actually practicing modern slavery?

Well, that was my actual part of life. I was an IT guy, got no girlfriends, was earning so much and got no time to spend all these money, my parents use to ask me I am an IT guy or a money making machine? I was not worried, I was more worried about how soon my life was going to end. At such young age, I listened to my doctor that my heart is going to collapse very soon if I don’t stick with a healthy diet regime, I already started to hate life, the busy noisy horns made it even worse, I shut down the computer and walked out of my busy life, from the busy horns, rainy nights, flooded cars. I walked away from everything to keep myself away from all the noises, I walked like for hours until I reached an abandoned bridge. I sat there and started to witness the real world, a dark dirty world, it was above a bridge beside a river, I know I still not found the nature, at least I could able to still see the lake beside it, and at least it felt heavenly for me, I left my phone was at my cabin I was free, no calls, no internet, it was dark, the water was shining with the little stars peeking out beside the dark clouds. Not really an eye stealing destination, but I was at least away from these busy noisy city.

I decided to walk back to my office, it was the time to get back to my home, my mind had attained a peace, I use to say that every time I walk to this abandoned bridge, sometime with my colleagues with some drinks, and I always got that peace of mind that place was a magic. I took my car and hit the road. The road was empty after few hours, it was 2 am in the morning, and my car flew through the air and reached my house by 2:45 am. It was faster than my usual drive. I walked in my parking and pushed the elevator button. The usual light that sparks in the lift button was missing. I had just renewed my peace of mind, it looked like I was going to lose it already. I lived at the 13th floor. Imagine me walking up 13 floors by leg, I wished I could fly that moment. I started to walk, then I lost my peace of mind on my way. It was not easy, by the time I felt like an hour I sat on the end of the stairs and rested my body beside a wall. I saw the sign, it said first floor, I almost fainted I had climbed only 1st floor. I still have to go 12 more.

After about like forever, I reached the hell 12th floor. I had no life left on my fat body, just fat, nothing more and few more oxygen left. I was literally crawling on the stairs, I wondered that was my last moment. That’s when I witnessed a man dressed completely in black, dragged a guy. I didn’t even know him, and he was my so called neighbor, how did I not know him? He struggled to hold his door with his hands, the man in the black broke his fingers and dragged him out of his house, I saw him shake his legs rigorously while the black masked killer shook his hands with a saw beside his neck. In moments his legs stopped shaking. That’s it! I witnessed a cruel murder, I was tired already, my heart were beating fast and my guts, liver, kidneys, even heart, all of them, almost came out to my mouth after seeing that cruel murder, with no more energy left my head started to spin, and then someone pulled in the curtains everything turned black, then, I fainted.

I woke up after what it seems a drop of water, no it wasn’t a drop of water, my wife was crying, and I was on her lap. I woke up in shock and asked her what was that all about. She thought I was dead. I was glad I am not dead, I quickly dialed my phone and informed the police officers about what I saw. Police officers rushed to my flat. While they were on their way, my wife asked me the whole story, I repeated. She couldn’t believe and she wanted to check with her own eyes, I stopped her in fear and told her to stay inside.

While we both were waiting for police I wanted to know how I ended up inside home, on her lap, because I was sure I faint on 12th floor, not on 13th floor, to drag this heavy weight body someone must have helped, my wife obviously doesn’t look like she can drag me or lift me so I checked up with her how I came inside. She replied, there was a masked man in black who tried to drag me by my leg that’s when my wife noticed and helped him by dragging my another leg together with him, and she even praised how nice he was talking and joking all the way until they dropped me at my room. I couldn’t believe my wife liked a killer, and he is a goddamn killer. I yelled at her and tried to explain her he is the killer, my wife was very strong that she didn’t witness anything like I mentioned.

There was a knock on my door, police officers had come, I took them to 12th floor and I saw the floor empty, I walked with police and knocked the 12th A block first door, and there was a man in white mask with white dress stood there calmly, I looked at the name board and asked is that Mr. Sriram. He took his ID card and showed to the police, and confirmed he was Mr. Sriram. I questioned him about the murder, poor man in the white looked threatened and his eyes welled up in tears with my behavior. Police officers convinced me to come back to my flat, but my mind didn’t rest, I kept yelling at him that he was the murderer and he was completely insane during the killing. No one believed me, and I cannot believe myself what I did after that, I repeated the same shit and blamed all the neighbors whoever looked like the killer.

Finally, I ended up in this mental health hospital and I felt I was recovered. My last words were, I am alright, okay? I am good, and I think it is time you guys can take me to home. After I said those words, I looked at the man in the black with black mask, I repeated the same, yelled he was a killer.

I realized I have not recovered from the shock yet. They locked me inside again. With poor diet, I have finally lost my weight, I spent my idle time trying push up and all shit, damn I still didn’t find the killer, I scream now, I curse the doctors.. here they come to give the electric shot.. Damn, it’s going to hurt…

The End


16 thoughts on “Killer is… umm.. whatever

  1. Wow! That was one hell of a story.

    Particularly these lines were brilliant – “Human are a gifted species, not like any other gifted species on earth, crocodiles are born predators, sheep are born prey, and this species are born with all qualities, it can love, it can hurt, it can transform itself to not to be a prey and always wanted to dominate this world.”

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  2. You made my day Nathi 🤗I feel so satisfied to read your comments 😍Its been long. Thanks for reading Nathi, Happy that you liked it 😍😍. Have a lovely weekend ahead ✨💐

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  3. Oh my…what a story Simon! And unfortunately reflecting so well our today’s reality…humans want to dominate! They’re always in competition! It is so true! But I so wish to be in competition for making this world a better place, to be in competition for finding the solutions for the environment, to be in competition for finding the right cures for the deadly diseases, to be in competition for finding the solutions for the people that don’t have nothing to eat or drink…there are so many things to work on but no…we’re in competition to see how fast we can kill each other and this world all together 😾
    And what we know to do right now? Just work and work and work…enjoying nothing…and where all this work brings us? Into a mental problems clinic 😕
    The true and real reality 😔
    You’ve found the perfect words to describe it perfectly Simon!

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  4. Thank you so much for your time Ribana, Glad you got the point of this story! I wish everyone is like you to be in the competition for the necessity, for the good purpose. World is inevitably going to an end, sad truth! Well pointed out✨. Have a lovely weekend Ribana 🥰😍✨

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  5. A lot of people are going insane lately. Mental stability is going nuts and never been so high. You perfectly captured the emotion here Simon, I got goosebumps, thanks to you. 😨

    Practice truly makes perfect, your writing got better yet again, I can see the scenery, his emotion as if I’m right there beside him.

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