Mistake – Part 4

Chloe childhood memories starts to run in her mind, the hand that holds her, the long walk, that old man, that house, and the day what he did to her in his house, Chloe throws her pillow on her mirror and screams, after a while she takes a pen and starts to write.

Dear Charles,

I am sorry for being a burden in your life for the last 7 years. I wish I could be normal like others to you, my past was haunting me all this time. I wanted to tell you this, but I get nervous every time and I run to work and avoided you I’ve written to you many times but I tore the papers I got no guts to give it to you. All these years I’ve worked and earned to save all this money to only save myself, yes I was selfish but I only thought about myself. I know one day you’ll leave me for the way I behave and for I need to survive I got no choice but save money and be selfish and runaway from you to give you a peaceful life and it happened now, I won’t disturb you again, and read the below mentioned and if you wish to talk to me after that I’ll always be there.

Chloe continues to write about her past and folds the letter and keeps under her diary and tries to lie down.

She feels hungry again, she gets up and walks inside kitchen. She finds the girl, she is stunned to see the same girl again. She walks around the kitchen table?

The kid just blankly stares at her. She asks Why do I keep seeing you, you are real? She walks around the table slowly to find the girl looked very hungry, and starving her ribcages are completely visible, she looked pale.

Chloe says, you have come inside I don’t know how, but just stay here I’ll get some food for both of us, don’t disappear again okay?. The kid accepts her offer, she quickly manages to come out of her house and reaches nearby hotel and gets two parcels of food and walks back home. When she opens the door the kid is still there. She sighs a relief, and gives the kid a parcel and starts to eat her food. She asks the kid to open and eat. She see her struggles to open the food, she helps the kid and asks her why do I keep seeing you? The kid points out her door, she turns and looks at the door, and says that’s a door, you want to go out? The girl shakes her head and points out the door again.

Someone knocks at the door, she startled she looks at the kid with a strange feeling, She leaves her in the kitchen and opens the door and finds a repairmen enter her house. She asks who is he?

He ignores her question, and walks inside her house, Chloe couldn’t stop him, he was thin and walked faster. The man says I’m your neighbour, I got a call to repair the kitchen sink pipes. He enters the kitchen and took a bite from her food and he asks her Looks like there are two people in this house. Nice food Mam, he starts to look under the kitchen sink and starts his work.

Chloe enters the kitchen to find the little girl but she disappeared. Chloe asks him where is the girl?

The man looks at her, asking me? He comes out and starts to search his pocket and his toolbox and removed his shoe looked inside and said I definitely, surely, absolutely did not find any small girl in here, neither in my pocket or in my toolbox, and by the way, don’t call the police, because I see no sign of a kid living here, except the food, and I am no child kidnapper maybe I look like one but don’t underestimate me at same time alright, I am a hard worker Mam. He starts to continue his work singing some songs.

Chloe starts to walk around the house and searches her house complete and did not find her she says, she disappeared again and she loses her patience again. Chloe yells at the repairman, Just do your job and shut your friggin mouth.

The repairman stops singing for few seconds and starts to speak now, I’m sorry, were you seriously searching for a kid, because I am sure I didn’t see anyone inside. It’s ok to accept that you eat two parcels of food or if you don’t mind I can give you company, the food is really delicious you know that right? did you bought at that the hotel at the end of this street? They make really good food, I always wanted to taste their food, thanks for the sample I’m feeling satisfied, you feel hungry now?

Chloe shakes her head and grunts her teeth and yells, get out!

The repairman continues, Nah, I am not going to, I got paid by the house owner and I told you I’m a hard worker already and guess what I am going to complete this in a moment, a push, another push, and krrrrr ahh… There it goes. Now everything is fine. my job is done. If you want any help, feel free to call me.

Chloe sits by the window and stares at the street and thinks about the little girl and ignores the repairmen talking. He watches her in silence for a moment and decides to walks out of her house, before he leaves he stands near the door and watches where she stares at the street, he peeks out and found no one on the street. He smiles himself and mentions her as crazy girl and walks out the door.

Chloe feels hungry as soon he left, she finishes her food and packs that another parcel and keeps it inside her fridge. After about few minutes She gets hungry again, she thinks for a while and decides to eat again, she opens another parcel and starts to eat, she continues eating and it goes on for half-hour, frustrated Chloe looks at her food and the food is still there fresh, she feels hungry again, she gets confused with the happenings, she ate the food but it appears again, she had food but feels hungry again, her stomach made noises she starts to eat again, she repeats same for next 2 hours until she realises she is doing the same thing, strangely the food keeps coming back again and again and she keeps feeling hungry again and again, the moment she realises she throws away the food and screams pulling her hair, and says fuck this!!!!!!

The door opens and someone enters…

To be continued…

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16 thoughts on “Mistake – Part 4

  1. And that little girl??!!! Oh she keeps on giving immense suspense. Is she died once and now coming as a spirit that only Chloe could see her?! Is she someone related to Chloe and her bad past?πŸ€” Many questions popping in mind. Waiting eagerly for next part..πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. With innumerable posts on my reader, I missed your post. But glad i stopped by your blog, Simon!

    First, the little girl snd now the repairman, it’s getting interesting. And looks like you’ve published Part 5, I’m heading over there immediately πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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