Mistake – Part 2

Chloe wakes up in a hospital surrounded by no one. She opens her eyes and tries to move but she couldn’t, with all the machines around she realises that she is inside the intensive care unit. In a few minutes, a nurse comes inside and informs someone that patient is awake. She tries to speak with the oxygen mask but she couldn’t.

She closes her eyes back and tries to recall, but all the pain at her back she couldn’t recall anything but pain, she closes her eyes and tries to sleep.

After two days,

Chloe now feels better, after two days the doctors inform her what happened. It’s a car crash, nothing more nothing less. Chloe wants to know everything in detail. But there is no one that can tell her what happened. Chloe tries to remember her past but she couldn’t, she asks the doctor about it, the doctor explains she had a concussion in a week she will get her memories back.

Chloe asks the doctor “Then why don’t you come after a week and explain to me what happened, I need some sleep” she closes her eyes and lies back on the bed.

The doctor is now regretted to talk to a patient with such an attitude. The doctor leaves saying nothing.

After a few weeks still in bed most time with plates on her spinal cord, Chloe now tries to walk around the block with the help of a nurse. Chloe now recalls everything and she is glad her husband or no one came to visit her. Chloe starts to walk back and have her food from the hospital, a kid looked at her with a hungry face near her window, Chloe called the kid, but the kid kept looking at her food.

She calls the kid and lends her salad to the kid, she startled when a nurse calls from behind “What are you doing? You can’t stress yourself like that”

Chloe smiles at her “Who is this hungry kid, give some food to her, she looks very pale”

Chloe walks back to her bed. Nurse blinks her eyes without understanding what Chloe said. The nurse picks her salad box from the window, Chloe yells at her “Give it back to the kid, look at her poor face”

The nurse turns back and found no one “Are you okay? Because I see no one”

Chloe looks at the nurse with a confused face, “What?” She looks at the window again and found no-one. “Where did she gone?”

The nurse replies “Stop thinking too much, it’s because of the concussion in your brain you might have seen illusions, now rest” she helps Chloe to get back in her bed.

Chloe in bed starts to think “Am I really seeing illusions? No no not possible, the girl must be frightened, that’s why she hid” Chloe convinces herself and closed her eyes.

A man enters her room

Chloe opens her eyes and looks at the shadow, she knows who is that and stays silent, he stands there in silent without making any movement and takes a huge breath and walks towards her and says “I’m sorry! Here keep this and find a better place” he places a diary on her lap and a bag full of her things.

Chloe tightened her jaws and did not respond, the man disappeared. Chloe throws away that diary and stares at the floor for some time. She gets a call, Chloe answers it, it’s from a new company, they offer her a job with a good pay 200% from the previous company, Chloe face beams, She explains her current situation the company agrees to give a month of time to join. Chloe gets excited and feels proud of her.

Nurse enters the room and looks at the diary and takes it from the floor and places it next to her place. Chloe ignores and looks at her mobile, the nurse asks her ” You don’t have anyone to visit you, it’s been many days, your family was not informed about your accident?”

Chloe with a blank face stares at the floor and replies her with an attitude “I did that after I can able to remember everything, they all are worried about me, they don’t want to see me like this”

The nurse looks at her with a void face “Don’t lie, What kind of person were you, you almost died and no one wants to come here? We phoned your family and friends, only your husband came that night gave all your details and disappears”

Chloe nods her head and looks at the nurse “I don’t know, I don’t know why I am like this. No one really cares about me”

The nurse places her diary on her lap and says “Maybe this will help you understand what mistake you are doing”

A nurse walks out the door. Chloe gazes at the diary and opens it. She finds the kid by the window glancing at her again, she calls the kid inside, but the kid did not respond. She manages to get down from her bed and opens the window and finds no one. She looks outside and realises it’s an empty ground, possibly no one can come here she closes the window and walks back to her bed. She looks at the window and expects her but no one comes.

She opens the diary, the message is from her husband. It begins with….

To be continued…

For previous part click Part 1

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46 thoughts on “Mistake – Part 2

  1. Thank you Ribanna 🤗 There is no interesting story without such lovely comments from you 😍😁 I hope this story will satisfies you.😉

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  2. Come on😊! I have scheduled all the episodes, it will be continuous with a day break. 😉 And next week the story ends. It’s totally only 7 episodes. I’m working on to make it shorter so don’t worry 🤗

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  3. Thank you for your time Olivia ✨ I’m glad you liked it, hope you’ll like the next chapter coming tomorrow morning 5:30 am 😉👍 Have a beautiful day ✨💐

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  4. It will be bad if I lie🙂 I will schedule all my works a week before, and schedule it. I get up at 5:30 and that’s true but will definitely not look at my mobile, I’ll look at my mobile probably after 6 or 6:30

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  5. very good Simon! But you stopped right there?😲😲 Without knowing what was in the diary?😬 What’s in there?🤔 Is it even real? 🤪🙄Is she imagining all this?🤔😳 Does she have a family?😬😳 Where did the kid go?😳😳 Good writing as usual Simon, looking forward to the next chapter!😁😸

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you so much for Reading Steve✨😍 where did the kid go? Is she real 🤔 or is it just her imagination 🙄 or is it a dark spirits 🧐🤨 is this a ghost story? Or just a normal fiction story? I still have to decide that yet😜😂 I hope I will satisfy you all in coming chapters 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’ll guess it’s a normal fiction story.😀 Hint, hint.🤔🙄🙄
    I’m not trying to influence you,🙄 really I’m not.😄😳🙄 You’re going great right now, I know it will be great right through.😁😸

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  8. You can’t do that now😂 I’ve completed it, 😁 anyway tomorrow morning by 5 I’ll publish it, I think before you go to bed my post will be published, 😉👍 Thank you Steve ✨🤗

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  9. You’re going to publish it at 5 am tomorrow before I go to bed tonight which would be yesterday for my today which is also my tomorrow though my tomorrow is your today since I’m in yesterday today waiting for tomorrow before I go to bed.😵😵😵😵😲😲😲😲😳😳😳😳😳Got it!

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  10. Ha ha ha😳😜 You got me there, so that will be exactly the same day for you, but I’ll be in tomorrow in next 1 hour. And by 7:30 pm in your time, part 3 will be published 😉👍 I think you won’t sleep before 9pm right 😊 I think I remember too much and bad at Reading nowadays 🙁😂

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  11. That’s true 😂👍 Falling in bed is easy, and falling in bed in summer without a cooler is dangerous 🙄🧐 Last night I had power cuts and got scared by a dream that woke me up in the middle of night 🤨 awesome night 😂👍

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  12. Knife and bare hands, that character was so cruel, my heart beats faster whenever imagine that. I wanted to deliver it just like that. Sighs, why I’m thinking so cruelly 😳😜😂

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  13. You’re such a tease. Can’t you at least write how her husband letter begins with? A tease! 🥺
    I think the little girl is a ghost of her daughter, whom she starve to death! Wahaha 👺 Okay, I feel a bit evil now haha 😀

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