What is special about number 8?

Number 8

We have numbers starting from 0 to 9. Why 8? what is special about it? and what life lesson it has for us?

Let us try to write down each numbers and fix the starting and ending point of each number. Number 0 starts from one position and ends at same position, 1 starts at one position and ends at a different position, and 2 starts at top left and ends and the bottom right, like wise each number has its own starting line and the end.

Take number 8, why it is special? it starts from one position and ends in a same position like 0, but, the way it goes matter, unlike other numbers 8 is different, the twists and turns it has while it returns to its same position, is what makes this number special.

There is a beautiful song in our language, written by our legend poet & song writer Mr. Vairamuthu, the life lesson he wrote with number 8 was amazing and let me make a short version of it for you.

The songs begins with, the world is inside number 8, and our life is inside number 8. The song splits one man’s life with each 8 years beautifully, during the first 8 is about the playful life we grow up, second 8 are the lessons we learn, third 8 is our experience of marriage life, fourth 8 is our experience with parenthood, fifth 8 is the time we earn more, sixth 8 is the amount and experience we traveled around the world and people, seventh 8 is the phase we experience peace, eighth 8 and above if we still live, we have no peace..

I’ve tried a little and short to make it easier to read. This is the life lesson we received about life with number 8 from our poet. What I say is, the number 8 represents our journey of life. We start from one point and the life will give us all the twist and turns on it’s way and these twists and turns will teach us what life is, and one day we will face everything again, this time we face it with our experience and travel to the end of our life beautifully and wise enough.

Number 8 is special, there are other terms about number 8 which will motivate the readers ofcourse. From our end, number 8 is special for the lessons and the journey it gives us.

Thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “What is special about number 8?

  1. Hmm, I’ve never thought at number 8…beautifully described Simon!
    You’re right…it’s twists and turns will teach us what life is! Our life is full of twists and turns, is full of experiences!

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  2. Thanks Ribana, Number 8 is special, and there lies lot of story behind it, you’ll be amazed to read more about number 8, most are superficial ofcourse 😅😅. This one is more practical and philosophical ☺️ Have a good day Ribana 🥰🥰

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